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sassybeee :  I’ve always gone by the rule that if there is a disagreement in this area than the one who has to grow a baby and push it out after 9 months gets her way! Lol

But in all seriousness, we were Team Green (DH didn’t care either way) and it was the best ever! I loved everyone trying to guess, I loved talking to the baby and not knowing and thinking of a future with either sex and I loved the surprise. Most importantly I loved that Darling Husband was able to tell me in the delivery room what she was (even though he got it wrong initially 😝).

We would have done a gender neutral nursery either way so that wasn’t an issue. The only things I didn’t like was that I had no girly stuff when she was itty bitty. I bought a couple things after she was born.

Another reason I think team green is a great idea is it diminishes the possibility of gender disappointment. Once your baby is laying on your chest, I can’t imagine ever being disappointed. I’m pregnant again and we will be team green.

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We were TG with both. Partly because I had midwives and made the decision not to have any ultrasounds unless they were deemed medically necessary. I guess I just didn’t care about the sex, to me it was…a baby. I would raise it the same way, in overalls and camo lol. We never did a nursery, they slept in our room until they were ready to move into a regular bedroom It simply didn’t matter as long as the baby had 10 fingers and toes and no gills. Although, gills might have been cool.  

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sassybeee :  I’m Team Green for my current (first) pregnancy. Darling Husband would like to find out but he accepts that I get the final say since I’m the one that has to grow this kid inside me. I also told him I wouldn’t let him come to the 18 week ultrasound if he insisted on fighting me on it (yup, probably a bitch move, but I don’t care) so that also shut him up. I have left the option of finding out for future kids on the table, but I’m hoping he sees how awesome waiting is lol. 

We want gender neutral stuff and I really want the extra motivation of curiosity while I’m in labor. My friends that have children and didn’t find out the sex said that the desire to know the gender helped them muster up that last bit of energy while they were in labor. I also have a slight preference for a daughter and I am worried that if I found out it was a boy at the ultrasound I’d be disappointed and then feel guilty, whereas in the heat of labor I’m not going to care so long as it’s out of me and healthy. 

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sassybeee : We’re team green. My theory is that during the painful part I will find motivation to push to meet our surprise and I iike the traditional aspect of not finding out. 

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I’m 11w and we’re team green! This is our first child and we want a couple more so getting everything we need in a gender-neutral design will be beneficial for us in the long run as we can reuse it with the next few.

I have also read it’s extra motivation to get through labor…you get your special surprise at the end 🙂

Not that this matters but I find all the gender reveal parties kind of weird. I also feel weird when people call the unborn baby by its full name or get monogrammed stuff before it’s born… what if it comes out and doesn’t look like that name?! lol

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sassybeee :  We are team green, this is our first child. Darling Husband was the one who initially wanted to find out the sex. I was willing to compromise since we plan on having multiple kids. I suggested team green for the first, and then we can find out the sex on any subsequent ones. Basically I want to be able to focus on getting all the practical things for the first kid, that can be reused for later kids, so it made sense to be team green first rather than with a subsequent kid. Darling Husband agreed since it appealed to his practical and frugal side. 😝

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We were team green for reasons that have already been posted. My husband wanted to find out but respected my wishes. We agreed that for the next child we would find out. He has now changed his stance since the birth of first. He thinks it was far more exciting to find out at birth than via ultrasound so we will continue to be team green for the future.

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We were team green and I absolutely loved it. I loved that people in our lives (and complete strangers) kept guessing whether baby was a girl or boy. I loved that we got a lot of really useful things and gender neutral items at our shower that we can use for future babies rather than tons of clothes (which she wouldn’t have fit into anyway- she’s 3 weeks and wears size 3 months!) I also really loved that our baby wasn’t burdened with gender constructs before she was born. We loved not knowing what our family was going to look like.

I thought the idea of finding out the sex would be a motivating factor during my labor, but I was just excited to meet the baby and probably would have felt that way as well if we had found out the sex. 

It was also fun to have people bring us gender-specific clothes when they first came to meet her in the hospital and at home. She has tons of gender neutral clothes that I mostly put her in, but it’s nice to have a pink onesie here and there from her aunts/grandma when we go out so people don’t have to guess she’s a girl. 

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I was lucky that my husband and I both wanted to be team green. It wasn’t until I was about 37 weeks pregnant that I had a mini freak out because I felt like the nursery and all the clothes I had bought were very ‘boy-ish’ and what if I had a girl. 

I had a beautiful little boy so got lucky in that aspect!


I had a friend who wanted to be team green but her husband wanted to find out. In the end she said that because there isn’t much that he would get a say in when it came to the pregnancy and birth they would find out so that he can start to bond more etc. It worked well for them. 

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sassybeee :  I haven’t had mine yet, but we’ll be green.  I guess purely for selfish reasons. I despise pink from the bottom of my heart and have attended enough “girl” baby showers to realize that if I am having a girl, there is no escape.  That half of the baby store makes me want to gag between the ruffles, pink, sparkle and disgusting phrases. As team green, I can get colors I actually enjoy – green, yellow, gray, blue, orange… and then if a little girl comes along, I’m happy to buy one or two items that are a bit more girly (or at least when she’s old enough to ask) but at least I won’t be inundated by it.  It’s probably a boy anyway – my husband is one of 6.  My husband had no argument, I think he’s just looking forward to the surprise but also is rather expecting a boy.  It’ll be a girly girl for spite, lol.

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We were team green for our first baby who is now one! We both knew we wanted to not find out the sex. We are both extremely type A, life-planner-outers to the extreme which is what made it so fun! We had two ultrasounds – one at 8 weeks and our anatomy scan at 20 weeks. We told the tech at our 20 week that we werent finding out the sex so we only had to look away from the screen for approx 5 minutes and she didn’t even document the sex anywhere in the chart so it was never brought up by anyone as no one knew! It was so fun not knowing the sex. I also felt like people were more excited about my pregnancy as they were curious what i was having. I  really liked how crazy it drove everyone that we didn’t know. HAHA. Finally pulling my baby out and my husband shouting “it’s a boy!” was AMAZING! I can’t wait to do it all over again with baby #2.

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