Team Green–Why?

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Helper bee
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I’m curious to see the answers to this because I am leaning towards being team green, but the hubs will need some convincing!

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Bee Keeper
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I had a couple! But first off, right around that time was REALLY hard to not find out with all the other spring moms finding out & I was actually VERY anxious about accidentally seeing… thankfully our u/s tech didn’t even check (since it wasn’t “needed” for my midwife). It gets better though, don’t worry.

Reasons why we didn’t though:

1. I found out with DS and this go round I really wanted to have “that moment” of complete surprise when baby is born… with just a few weeks left I’m SO glad we didn’t find out

2. I didn’t want a slew of clothes at the baby shower that baby would likely end up NOT wearing anyways! We actually got alot of what we needed and only had to return a few things b/c they weren’t as high up on the “Need” list as some things that were missed. <— This was a HUGE plus for us

3. I also didn’t want a bunch of pink or blue items b/c I’ve never been the kind to dress my kiddo or decorate like that anyways. People tend to disregard the wants of the parents and go overboard with those things… this way, they had no option not to. lol

4. I’m just a little bit mean & I liked being able to tell people (especially family that hassled me about it) “Oh well, we don’t know…” bwahahahahaha… lol

5. It was actually a great attributer to our “Guess Baby’s Bday Pool” b/c the winner gets babys first pic & stats txtd to them (suggested by the wonderful mwitter80) Since no one knows the gender or our name choices, everyone was right on board for wanting to have the 1st bit of info! lol

Those cover just about all of our reasons & like I said, with the day approaching I am SO excited to get to have that moment where I annouce what we had =D

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Buzzing bee
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I’m curious about this as well….I think most people just want to enjoy one of life’s little surprises!

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Bee Keeper
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We’re not to that point yet, but I already know that we won’t want to know. Just a few reasons:

-Gender neutral clothing (or at least avoiding a TON of blue/pink)

-Loving the BABY we have, rather than getting a bit of a surprise if we have a boy rather than the girl we were told, and vice versa

-And just being able to focus on the anticipation of our new baby, rather than boy/girl expectations, etc.

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Busy bee
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We were Team Green the first time around because it was, well, the first time around.  We didn’t have either sex at home already.  It made things more exciting when telling folks the baby (A GIRL!) was here.  You just get so few really good surprises in life, we thought we’d keep that one.  As a bonus, we got really useful stuff at showers.  People didn’t just go crazy will clothes.  And we were able to get gender-neutral things that we’ll be able to use with this baby (a boy).  That being said, this time around we obviously didn’t wait.  I guess I just wanted to know if we were getting more of the same or not. 🙂 

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Bumble bee
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@runsyellowlites:  Reason 4 is hillarious. Weve been talking about kids a lot and trying to figure out how we want to do these things. This is great to know all the different reasons.

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A friend of mine decided not to find out, and her best reason was so that if they decide to have more children later, they’d have a handfull of gender neutral items if the second child was a different gender than the first.  Well, that and the surprise thing,…

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Bumble bee
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I curious about the responses to this question too. I’m not pregnant but we’ve pretty much decided that next year we’re going to pull the goalie and start TTC.

Honestly, I’m the one who wants to know. I found out with my son. I like to be prepared and I didn’t have any issues with what gifts or clothes were given or anything like that. So, naturally, it never occurred to me not find out the gender if I get pregnant again. However, Fiance announced the other day that under no circumstances does he want to know until our still imaginary baby arrives. I realize we have plenty of time but I’ve been trying to find ways to convince myself to keep the surprise also.

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@Dandelion D:  You wouldn’t think, but I’ve had no problem finding everything needed to prepare for baby….. I mean aside from a full wardrobe that I don’t need at first anyways. I like our grey/red/& white gender neutral decor & such better than the blue or pink anyways. lol

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Sugar bee
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I never even considered finding out the sex of the baby. When my friends first started having babies and finding out the sex, I couldn’t figure out why they would want to know before the birth. Especially watching a friend find out she wasn’t having the sex she wanted and spending the rest of her pregnancy in complete depression over that fact, it was so sad.

Darling Husband came into our relationship feeling the same way, so we don’t have any justifications, we just have never wanted to know. Not a temptation, no doubt, nothing. If I found out the sex by accident I would be devestated at this point, because I am so excited for the big moment right after birth when we find out.

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Sugar bee
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I’m not pregnant but I don’t want to know until the birth.

The reason: There are very few true surprises in life, enjoy this one!



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Busy bee
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Not there yet, but I also am committed to not finding out. The major reason is that it’s just so much more exciting for it to me “It’s a girl! (or boy)” when the baby is actually there, than 5 months before it’s born. Like others said, there are so few real surprises in life. 

In more practical terms, yeah, I want mostly gender neutral big items– no pink strollers or blue cribs or whatever, since we do want to have 2 kids and hope to reuse everything. Not to mention, hand me downs– my sisters didn’t find out before her son, so all of his big items that I desperately hope to inherit are neutral. I hope to be able to do the same with my other sisters. 

My husband really wants to find out and claims he will slip the doctor or technician a 20 to tell him when I’m out of the room, but I say that while the baby is in my belly, I control what we find out. 

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We were Team Green with Dirty Delete, and to be honest, we didn’t really any other reason than it sounded like a fun idea.  We would’ve purchased all gender neutral stuff anyway, so it was really more just for the experience. 

However, we’re also Team Green with #2 (due in just a couple weeks!) and having such a positive experience with Dirty Delete definitely contributed to our choices for this pregnancy.  Even though it wasn’t picture perfect, that moment of having her and finding out she was a girl was incredible and overwhelming and wonderful.  We both wanted to experience that again, so we decided to stay on Team Green for this pregnancy, too! 

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