Teeth on your wedding day – HELP

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Cass2711 :  I’m not sure it’s fair to be upset with the responses when we all simply responded to info you gave us. Of course we jumped to the conclusion that holes meant rotting – you said severe damage and poor hygiene. 

I agree that simply wanting gaps filled is not a medical issue and is simply for vanity so I wouldn’t prioritize that either! If your teeth are healthy otherwise, I’d ask your dentist what can be done. Very thin and damaged enamel typically means your teeth cannot be whitened. But double check because you should only trust a professional opinion and not just a bunch of internet replies from randoms. Honestly, I’d just have the photographer edit your photos. Or hire someone to edit your photos if you aren’t getting a professional. That’s probably the easiest! 

However, to defend the ladies here I must say he next two points:

it’s a bit dramatic to say that equating not having a wedding where you spend thousands means to not being able to start a life together. Plenty of people elope and register at the court house everyday and their marriages are the same as any other! 

Also – NO ONE said don’t get married with bad teeth. No one! We were saying prioritize spending your money on your health and not on a party. Marrying doesn’t require an expensive wedding. And we meant don’t prioritize a wedding over YOUR HEALTH not BAD TEETH (which implies vanity over health). 

ETA: how much time do you have before your wedding? That’s a big factor for the advice you’re asking 

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Cass2711 :  a few things.

1. Photoshop for your wedding pictures and your teeth will be perfect. No worries.

2. ask your dentist for the remineralizing “remin pro” – this will seriously help your teeth over time.

3. Remaining work you need done, see into a dental school near you for more affordable prices. Yes, your dental health is important as PP said and I know you know this. It can be very expensive, but it’s sn investment in yourself.

4. Happiness and confidence are the best beauty balms. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s actually true. Our culture focuses so much on perfection, but our memories of love and connections are the things we end up cherishing-,not the moments we looked perfect. 

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depending on where you live… you might consider visiting a neighboring country to do your dental work. medical tourism is HUGE for a reason, and you can get top notch care for a very reasonable price.

i have taken my grandparents and my sister out of the country for their dental care and they saved THOUSANDS.

just something you might not have considered!

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What about smiling with your mouth closed? Or, the camera can be angled in such a way that it doesn’t show the side where the tooth is missing. You can talk to your photographer about your concerns. The final step can be photoshop. 

Have you talked to a trusted dentist about your concerns? Maybe there is something that could help a lot but not cost a lot? I have a friend who has a fake tooth in the front. When we were teens, he had a cheaper solution than the implant that he has now. I don’t know the details but I do remember that the fake tooth popped out once when we were eating. So, I know it wasn’t permanent. 

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Talk to your dentist about getting a flipper. It’s a small retainer with a “tooth” that will fill in your missing tooth. It’s not an ideal permanent solution, but it will get you by. It’s should only be a couple hundred or so. Good luck!

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I think it would be really weird if you worn temporary teeth for your wedding, everyone would know you and know that those weren’t your teeth.

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mrsyoung18 :  I was going to suggest this as well.

I had a friend in school who was missing her two canines and had one of these, it looked totally normal  and she didn’t have a lisp or anything. I feel like this would be a better option than a clip on and something that you could use everyday in the meantime. 

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I know how you feel, bee. I grew up missing my bilateral incisiors which took years to fix- I had braces, those “flipper” retainers with fake teeth in them, bone grafting, impants, and veneers. It is hard for a girl to grow up like that, with absolutely no self confidence. I would talk to your dentist about your options, perhaps you could get a retainer for now and work your way up to permanent solutions. I agree with a PP, your family all knows your smile and I think it’s a little strange to just wear something only on your wedding day. Maybe you should save the money it would cost for a temporary fix and put that towards a permament fix. But it’s your mouth and your wedding, you have to do what feels right to you and what you can afford. I know how crazy expensive it is, I think all in all my parents spent like 20k on my teeth. But when my veneer cracked a few years ago and needed replaced, my dentist did have some payment options for me so maybe yours has some viable payment options, too.

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Cass2711 :  with a better understanding of your situation I will recommend looking into programs like medicard, which will finance medical/dental/veterinary services and let you pay it off monthly over the course of a couple years. Also, composite veneers are more affordable than porcelain veneers, just so u know.

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There’s a free photoshop tool online, Pixlr.com. Whitening your teeth in an image is simple as pie! Just use the “magic wand” to select your teeth > Go to Image/Adjustments > Hue or Color Balance > move the slider on the Yellow – Blue scale towards blue… just far enough till your selection looks colorless. Plenty of videos on Youtube about this edit! 

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