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Sugar bee

Don’t spray or scold him when he bites.  Keep a toy with you at all times and immediately give it to him if he gets a nip in – this shows the puppy the behavior that you want him to do if he needs to chew.  If the biting escalates, make a yelping noise and leave the play area for a little bit to let them know that you’ve been hurt.  It’s weird, I know, but it really does work.  Puppies normally learn not to chew by interacting with their littermates – if they nip and hurt another puppy, that puppy will yelp and isolate the biter from the group.  Eventually, the puppy learns that if they nip, they won’t be able to socialize with littermates.

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Goodness, this was my puppy all the way! It was bad. I’ve read that it happens when they don’t spend a long enough time with their litter mates. Not that’s that your fault or anything…my pup seemed to get better when she got her adult teeth. She’ll still chew a bit when my Fiance plays with her but that’s because dogs play with their mouth. I think it becomes a problem if he bites aggresively or anytime other than when it is clearly play time. Just make sure you give him something to chew on when he starts on your hands. Rawhides are bad for dogs so I wouldn’t give him those anymore. You can get the Nylabone for Advanced Chewers. It’s really strong so he can’t bite off pieces but it will keep him occupied. Also give him those rope things. Kong toys are good too. I also found that my pup wasn’t a good “cuddler” until she was a little older (my Fiance was actually really upset she didn’t like to cuddle but now she cuddles all the time!)

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Honey bee
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My neighbors twisted up and froze a washcloth for their Akita to chew on. He LOVED it. You just have to surpervise to make sure he doesn’t swallor it. 

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@kat912:  Those little clickers at petsmart work well to get a dogs attention.  Also use a sound like “AH” instead of multiple words to get him to stop.  If you yip like a puppy does when they get hurt that will startle him too since he knows that means ‘ouch’ 

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@kat912:  You just have to keep at it. It is so annoying, I know. The best method is to replace the bad thing he is biting (i.e. your hand) with something he is allowed to bite/chew. He will eventually get the idea if you keep it consistent and do it every single time. The water thing? Doesn’t work, plus he will be scared of water.

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@kat912:  Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?

Here is what you do.
First offense, say “No” or “ah-ah” and give him a proper chew toy to gnash his teeth on.
Second offense in same play session, say “No” or “ah-ah” then end the play session by getting up and leaving! 
Ditto Bluesteel! It’s what they say to do in puppy books!



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Busy bee
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Bleisteel and Lealorali: +1 as I was going to suggest what the both of you have said.

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Sugar bee
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Have a cue “yelp” that you can repeat comfortably over and over…and over..and over haha. We’re using “OW”…Our puppy is a lot younger than yours but we’re hoping it sticks. We say “OW” when she bites too hard, and if she’s in a wild mood and does it again, we say “OW” again, and practice “being a tree” – getting up, not looking at her, folding our arms, and completely ignoring her for about 5-7 seconds until she calms down. She’s learning that biting too hard causes the play session to end…exactly as she would in a litter or with other dogs. 




Side note, the biting itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing for puppies…it’s GREAT for puppies to learn bite inhibition, essentially when a bite is too hard on skin. Alternatively, if they learn that they need to stop biting all together, abruptly (rather than gradually), then, if they react and lash out in a freak fear situation sometime in the future, they may bite too hard and injure someone / something because they don’t know bite inhibition and the strength of their own jaws. Best to teach puppies to first, not bite TOO HARD on skin, then second, only to gently mouth skin, and finally, no mouthing / biting skin at all or only on command during specific play sessions. 




Good luck! Stick with it! And feel free to share pictures. 




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Honey bee
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Put a nyla bone in the fridge for him to nom on. You can put baby oragel on his gums. Remember that chewing is normal behavior for puppies. If he puts his mouth on something inappropriate, say NO in a very loud voice. Take it away and immediatley replace it with a toy he is allowed to have and PRAISE him. If he bites your hand YELP loudly, like a dog would. Then turn your back to him and don’t look him in the face. It sounds kooky, but I learned this from my vet and it worked really well. 

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My boxer loved @lealorali: suggestion.  I would put 2-3 ice cubes in wash cloth, get it wet and freeze it.  The teething will pass!  

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@kat912:  don’t spray him. just shout “ouch!” and pull your hand away/stop playing. he will grow out of it i promise!!!

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