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gingerkitten:  it really truly depends on where you are putting it. The tattoos I have on my shoulders and arms were a cake walk – doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you think it will. But the tattoos I have across my spine and on my chest hurt way worse. The chest piece took 3 sessions and by the last one I didn’t think I could do anymore so it’s a good thing it was finished. The most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my life, it felt like someone was taking a power drill to my chest. 

Make sure you eat and drink something before your appointment. Don’t take any pain relievers as they’ll thin your blood and make you bleed more. Bring water and someone with you if you can ๐Ÿ™‚

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gingerkitten:  I have two. First one took 8 mins and is near my hip bone area. It was fast and didn’t hurt. 

Got my second on top of my right foot…peacock feather and it took like, 5 hours… Mainly because my foot kept twitching in pain. Never. Again.

Where I went they give you a chewable sugar pill beforehand so you don’t pass out.

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gingerkitten:  I am deathly afraid of needles. I have 2 tats.  My first one is on my upper back inbetween my shoulder blades. I was the last person for that tat artist that day.  He told me at the end that I was by far the best client he had that day. I didn’t cry or pass out.  Now the one on my ankle hurt worse.  I almost passed out after the tracing of it was put in even before he started with the needle.  

Like the PP said it all depends on where you are getting your tat

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I went after work one night to the shop by my house…I was really excited, because it was something I wanted for a long time. I sketched out what I was thinking font wise… he transferred it to a sheet, took a razor to the spot I wanted it, and got to work. It took about 20 minutes. Everything was really clean. He and his assistant (wife) were really sweet. He had a really light touch, so nothing hurt even though is was right at my collar bone and didn’t even hurt after. It was a little swollen, but not too bad. Even 6 years later, I love what I have, though I do need to get it touched up.

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I checked with a lot of ships and actually went with one of he most expensive because they were the most sterile and the best with first time tattoo goers. They customized the design for me and had me approve it about a week before they actually inked me. Don’t drink before hand (even 24 hours before can cause issues) or take asprin because it thins the blood. 

He did one  dot and asked if it hurt and it didn’t. About halfway through he asked how it was going and I thought he was talking to someone else who walked in so I didn’t respond and he laughed. It really didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. I made it out in my head to be awful so it wasn’t a bad experience and he talked my way through and asked if I wanted a break several times (take it if you want it). I tipped him well at the end and went to see him after a week to show him how it was healing. Follow their advice for after care!!  They all have different advice so listen to what they say. If you go by what you read online they may not want to help as much after the facT.

Good luck and take photos!

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I have a fairly large upper-back piece that I have had touched up a few times over the course of 10 years… I once had an AWFUL allergic reaction to some organic lotion (lack of a better word, idk what it was exactly) that had aloe and pomegranate in it… so my advice is to ask that they only use petroleum jelly on you during the process and before they wrap you up.

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I have two tattoos and I definitely recommend eating and drinking something beforehand. My first tattoo was on my wrist and very painful, but surpisingly didn’t cry as I still cry when I need to get my blood drawn or get a needle stuck in my arm from a nurse, and I’m almost 25 lol. My second tattoo took way more time and I think the outline of the tattoo was much more painful than the shading. Both times I tried to think about something else to distract myself or count numbers. It helped a little bit. 

But I think you ll be fine! With anything else in life, the pain is temporary and will pass ๐Ÿ™‚

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Vegas….. Girls weekend….. Got my one and only on the top of my foot and it hurt like hell! All bone there!!! I thought, “I’ve been through childbirth twice, this will be a piece of cake!” Lol!! It did hurt, more than I expected but I did not pass out. Now I have my daughters’ initials on me, so it was worth it in the end!

Relax, breathe and follow the instructions of after care!

good luck!!!

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gingerkitten: I got my first tattoo 2 months before my 18th birthday, it was an early birthday present from my brother as he was getting one at the time too. Because I was under 18, my dad had to go with us to book it, to sign consent forms, which he was cool with. On the day, I was nervous as hell! But also excited, because I’d wanted one since I was 12 and it was going to be a good bonding experience with my brother. Just before we were about to leave for the appointment, my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time showed up to my house and decided that he was going to come along and get a tattoo as well.  (Despite being massively hung over, which he lied to the tattooist about, and me saying how excited I was to be getting a tattoo done with my brother.) 

So, the three of us went, I’m pretty sure they did my brother’s first, then mine. It was a little awakward because the tattoo is very low on hip, so the tattooist head was in my crutch while my big brother and (ex)BF were watching. For me the pain is more of an irritating burning kinda pain. It stings and gets itchy as it heals, so be SURE to listen to their instructions on how to heal it properly; moisterizer is your BFF!

I now have 6 tattoos; left hip, left wrist, right foot, back of my neck and two on my lower back, with plans to add on to the tattoo on the back of my neck and get one on my left ribs and maybe on my right thigh. The one on my left ribs will be very meaningful to me, so I’m really nervous about that one. 

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gingerkitten:  I have three tattoos and I agree with pp, it does depend on where you put it. Also it makes a HUGE difference if your shop uses a topical lidocaine cream before hand. The first two I got were about 45 minutes to an hour each. One on the top of my right foot and the other on the inside of my left wrist both times, lidocaine cream was applied and while slightly painful it was mostly annoying, like taking the tip of a sewing needle and dragging it down my skin several thousand times. The last one I got (about 3 months ago) was on the top of my left foot at a different shop without lidocaine cream. It was a bigger piece by probably 50% and the location more central than side foot but this time … damn… it was crazy painful. I also made the mistake of not eating for 7 hours beforehand and I stupidly had a couple of shots while I was wating. Needless to say, the pain combined with an alcohol filled tummy made me nearly hurl, twice. We had to stop after the outline and I had to return a month later for the finished product. Truth be told, after the first two I was looking at more tattoos within the day.  After this last one, I definitely will not get another without the cream. Outside of ghat, healing isn’t really painful unless you get bruised during the process. Use either A&D ointment, coconut oil,  vitamin e oil and don’t cover it. It needs air to heal. Wash it with the orange dial soap and do your best nor yo scratch. The itch is the worst part. That said, good luck! I love my tattoos and will get more ๐Ÿ™‚

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I think a lot depends on how big it is and how much of a baby you are. I have no fear of needles and I can generally handle pain. The pain isn’t horrible but it’s uncomfortable. It’s an irritating pain that makes you want to punch the person giving it. However, on larger/more complicated designs it gets much worse. They will keep going over the same areas and wiping them off and the skin gets very sensitive. People always say the outline doesn’t hurt, well that’s because the skin hasn’t been rubbed on and wiped and needled for an hour yet.

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