Tell me about how you overcame your dress regret. Need encouragement!

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  • Wedding: November 2017

Bee, your dress is absolutely gorgeous. You look beautiful in it! I would have loved to have worn that dress if I could have pulled it off!! Try not to over-analyze and stress over it because you truly look great it in it. 

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Blushing bee

It’s such a shame you’ve gone off it – you look amazing in it. I know some of what you’re feeling… I find wedding dresses very overwhelming and trying mine on always strains my emotions – if you’re in a strained situation already I can imagine it being so much harder. I just wanted to say that you look amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee

Do you still have the first dress? I’d love to see a pcture of it, maybe that one is best after all.

For what it’s worth, I think your dress is beautiful, and if you don’t want to cut off the train, and bought it for the buttons, sounds like you like those features.

Are you sure it’s a situation of hating your dress, or do you feel like it’s inappropriate for your new wedding? Are you afraid you’ll be judged? It’s your day! I think that every bride should wear a dress that is beautiful, and I think you have it!

It’s up to you what you want to wear, but I think your dress is just fine for your new wedding plans, and maybe the new accessories with create a new look that you feel good in. If the train is going to be a issue logistically, Ithink it looks great bustled, maybe you should just wear it that way ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee

Wow, I love your dress.  I love the detail in the sleeves and bodice, the shape of the bodice, the shape of the neckline, and the balance of detail with the tulle.  It’s a gorgeous dress, and the bustle is supper subtle and really nice!! I also really like the veil you paired with it.  It seems to really draw out the amazing detail of your dress while adding a nice amount of sparkle!  I hope you’re able to find a way to love your dress ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it goes well with the wedding your planning because you’re planning to wear a wedding dress to your wedding ๐Ÿ˜›  Good luck!

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  • Wedding: January 2019

I totally understand the feeling and I believe that every bride should look the way she wants to on her wedding day, but I gotta say… this dress, on you, is stunning! It’s a beautiful dress and it flatters your figure. I love the details on the dress, and I love the color of it on you. 


If I attended an intimate wedding in the mountains and the bride wore this dress with a faux fur stole, I’d think it was classy and beautiful! Of course it’s up to you, but if it’s the style/formality of the dress fitting with your new wedding venue that you’re worried about, then don’t worry about that at all. Adding a faux fur stole or some other beautiful kind of wrap will be absolutely stunning and perfectly in line with that venue and level of formality. 


Here’s a picture I found on pinterest. I love this look and I think you could definitely pull it off– or go with a white or cream faux fur color! 

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Busy bee

I saw a dress I loved from 2012 that was no longer for sale anywhere so I had a custom version made.

Shockingly, the custom version was NOT the same as how I pictured it in my head. I wanted this Satin gown with a show stopping bow and a detachable train and instead I got this thing that was really plain and blah. 

I went to a great alterations lady and she did an amazing job of pressing the satin and bringin out the pleets, plus she totally reshaped and reattached the bow, and she reshaped the skirt. It looked better, but it still looked boring. 

alterations_back1 alterations_front

I spent weeks searching for another gown to buy but they all looked pretty similar – satin a-lines and ball gowns, various trains, but none of them seemed as good as that first gown from 2012 that no longer existed. I was in love with a ghost of a dress. 

One of the reasons I wanted an all satin gown is becuse I was marrying in to an Indian family. I was not wearing a saree, but I was going to be wearing a LOT of indian Jewelry. And if you know much about indian jewelry kyou know it would snag on lace, and also it would be way too much bling if I wore a lacy/sparkly dress and then wore 5 lbs of jewelry. So I wanted a “plain” dress to work with the jewelry, but I didn’t think plain would be bad. And this dress just fell flat of my expectations. 

As the wedding got closer I was sure I had made a terrible decision and that I had failed some test of woman-hood. But buying a new dres was out of the question. 

On my actual wedding day FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I did my hari, and my makeup, and put ont he jewerly. This changed the look pretty dramatically! So the first time I *liked* my wedding dress on my wedding day. There’s even a photo of my looking in the mirror and I”m surprised that I like it. 


It turns out I LOVED my gown! It was perfect for me!! I did not botch the dress! I wore something off trend, and I rocked the hell out of it! Also – on the actual wedding day, I was so overcome with love for my husband, and with all the love of friends and family who had comed to see us get married, that I felt like a movie star! I really did not anticipate the outpoor of love having such an impact on me. 

Here is the final look with all the jewelry. 

jewelry close up



faceless ceremony


No tw dress regret stories are the same. SOmetimes, you really do just need to get a new gown. But for me, it was a matter of perspective. I know that what ever you do you will look studding on your wedding day! And you will FEEL like a movie star! 


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Blushing bee

I just wanted to say that dress looks amazing on you and is so flattering to your figure, especially love the back!! Best of luck Bee. I hope you end up loving your dress!!

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Busy bee

radgardner :  I think good alterations can make all the difference in the world!!! 

Good luck! 

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