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    All the doors have to be open. Closet, bathroom, and bedroom. All open. No where for the monsters to hide if everything is open 

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    Dog needs in.

    Dog needs out.

    Dog needs back in to sleep on the bed for 5 mins.

    Dog needs to go walk up and down the stairs.

    Dog needs back in to stare at us.

    Dog needs to go downstairs for drink.

    Dog needs to come in and roll on the floor, jump on the bed, sit on me and roll on the floor again.

    It goes on.

    So door stays open.


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    slomotion :  DH and I have to sleep with the door open despite the risk of ghosts, vampires, and other creepy things. We have handles on our doors and our cat can open them. We have a linen closet that has a door which swings directly against our bedroom door. If our big male cat is locked out of our room he opens up the linen closet and slams it into our closed bedroom door until we let him in… it might be time to switch all the doors to knobs.

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    slomotion :  I prefer to sleep with it shut, but it’s kind of a wonky door and my daughter has pinched her fingers in it a couple times so now I leave it open in case she makes a middle of the night appearance (which has been happening with increasing frequency since quarantine started). 

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    Funny people are saying they keep theirs open because of pets, that’s why I keep mine closed. I don’t want my dog roaming around doing who knows what while we’re asleep

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    I first read the title as “Tell me anout your bedroom floor” and was about to go on a rant about my husband leaving clothes on his side of the bed…

    We used to sleep with our door open, but our cats are too rowdy so we close it at night. Timing worked well to get them used to it because I’m 5 months pregnant and the door will definitely be closed while the baby is sleeping in our room because I don’t want the cats in her bassinet. Also, apprently sleeping with your door open is a fire hazard (I just learned this like two weeks ago). 

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    We leave it open at all times, but we don’t have kids/pets to keep out and I always get up to pee at night so keeping the door open means one less thing I have to fumble with in the dark. If I lived in a house with other people from whom I needed privacy, or if we had an en-suite bathroom, I’d probably keep the door closed. 

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    We leave ours open cause of the cat. If we shut it she will literally scratch at the door and meow at the top of her lungs for HOURS all fucking night. Much less disruptive just to let her come and go as she pleases.

    Also so we can hear our toddler. I hate hate hate using the baby monitor because even on the quietest setting I’m hearing way more than I need to and it keeps me up and on edge all night. Leaving our door open allows me to hear if she’s awake and starting to lose it, but I can’t hear minor squawking…. which is ideal.

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    We leave the door closed. We have a cat who is allowed total access to the bedroom expect for when we go to bed for the night. He will chew on things and knock things over for attention and we just don’t want to deal with that all night. He does promptly wake us up for his breakfast though.

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    If we close the door the cats scratch and scratch and scratch  

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    It’s just the 2 of us, no concerns for privacy, so our door is always open.  My son comes home once a year, for anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days, and it is a huge adjustment to close the bedroom door.  Plus, then I can see the monster dust bunnies that have been lurking behind the open door just waiting to be set free….oh, the horror! 

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    slomotion :  I feel weird when the bedroom door is open so it must be closed for us all the time even though it’s just me and him at the house. My SO doesn’t care either way. 

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    Ita slightly ajar. I’d prefer it closed but the cats would never go for it.

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    When I was little, I had to sleep with the door open and the blankets over my head with just a little air hole for me to breath (I thought my parents could get to me faster if the door was helpfully open during a monster/ghost/zombie attack). Now, it’s all doors closed, eye mask and ear plugs and white noise and/or a fan (and other beauty related stuff). Sometimes, my husband watches me doing all of my bedtime things and he’s like “Are you still doing stuff to get ready for bed?!”

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