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onceuponadream:  I usually do laundry on the weekends, unless I really need something washed right away. I find that’s when I have the most time. I sometimes put a load in on Friday and don’t get to folding it until Saturday.

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I generally load and turn on my washing machine at night. I let it work while I sleep. I set my dryer on a timer so it dries the clothes just before I wake up. I wake up, take a shower and retrieve fold the warm clothes in the morning. I generally do a small load everyday. 

On weekends a clean and wash all bedding and bathmats

I also run my dishwasher at night. Where we live we get extra savings for using electricity at night – off peek hours. 

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1. How do you get caught up on laundry when you are so far behind? Just one load at a time. A couple loads a night, maybe one before work.

2. Once you’re caught up, what is your typical routine? I do laundry every Sunday. That’s my routine.

3. Do you and Fiance do laundry separate or together? I do all our laundry. Approximately 3-4 loads every Sunday for 2 of us. I work in a hardware store, do I really can’t repeat pants or sweaters.

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I do all the laundry in our home. We are currently a family of 3 and I generally have about 6 loads/week. I do one load of baby stuff every Wednesday, and the rest on the weekend. All of our sheets and towels are white, so I can do those together in 2 loads. My son usually only has 2 loads of dirty laundry during the week, then my husband and I usually have 1 each. I combine our clothes and sort light vs. dark. I handwash my delicates and other unmentionables every couple of weeks and let those air dry on hangers in the laundry room while everything else is going in the machines. Most of my husband’s clothes are dry-cleaned. It’s no fun but the only way to not get behind on laundry is to make it part of your weekly routine, and get in the habit of putting everything away as soon as it’s folded. 

I started using alpaca balls in the dryer so I don’t have to worry about softener or dryer sheets anymore. It sounds funny but they do work and it’s one less step I have to worry about.

Not sure if this is helpful but we also reuse our bath towels during the week. My husband used to grab a new towel everyday and it drove me crazy. So instead of having to wash 15 towels a week I only wash 6 or so. 

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I’m really good at doing laundry…washing and drying. I am TERRIBLE at putting them away (folding/hanging up). I work from home, so I mostly wear sweats and pajamas all day, every day. So I tend to leave all that in a laundry basket and pick through it. I’m getting better at hanging up clothes though lol 

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1. How do you get caught up on laundry when you are so far behind?

I try my best to keep up with it. Doesn’t always happen. Loads throughout the week. I have 3-4 baskets to help separate (darks, lights, towels/whites). Then handwashing (bras and ‘fancier’ underwear. Sheets are monthly after AF. At one point I was taking work tops to the cleaners because I didn’t feel confident in doing them. Now I handwash except DH’s dress shirts which I take to the cleaners. I always make sure I have soap and stain remover stocked. We use front loaders so HE soap that comes in a big bottle with a pump. I don’t usually do laundry in off peak times at night because I will forget and don’t like to fold late. Darks and lights I fold immediately, towels I can fluff up the next day if I’m tired. Don’t like doing laundry on weekends if I don’t have to. 

2. Once you’re caught up, what is your typical routine? Fold ASAP and put away.

3. Do you and Fiance do laundry separate or together? No, lol. He doesn’t really know how (his mom did everything), and he’s still mastering folding laundry. He helps with other household chores.

sorry if this is bolded, I’m on my phone  🙂


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No set routine but I try to stay ahead by doing a couple loads each week. It helps to wash a load at night, dry it in the morning, if I’m not doing stuff “laundry day” style. 


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onceuponadream:  I feel your pain! When we get really far behind we usually take a full Sunday and lounge around while we get all the laundry done. Our laundry routine is that I sort, he does all the washing and I do all the folding and putting away. It works for us : )

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I do my husband’s laundry and my own. I highly prefer he doesn’t do my laundry because he has dried one too many things that I didn’t want put in the dryer. Certain materials or clothing with beadwork I lay flat to dry or hang to dry. I also have mesh bags to wash bras or very delicate clothing so the bra hooks don’t damage other clothes, and the delicate clothes don’t get damaged by other stuff. Yeah I’m super picky about laundry. So is my mom. 

I try to wash clothes on a weekend day so it’s done for the week. Sometimes Darling Husband will do a load or two during the week of his own stuff. 

I really try to keep up with laundry on a weekly basis so I don’t get too far behind. I also fold/hang up clothes immediately so they don’t pile up. It’s awesome to fold/put on hangers while watching TV. Just pull up a laundry basket and a bunch of hangers and get her done! 

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I usually do all of the laundry on Saturdays. If I’m behind, I may do towels/blankets/sheets loads on Sunday or during the week. I mix Darling Husband and I’s clothes together and separate by whites, dress clothes colors, casual clothes colors. 

I hate folding laundry more than any other household task. I would rather scrub 100 toilets than fold a basket of laundry. So usually the only thing that backs up is the folding and putting away. If it doesn’t get folded on laundry day, it generally doesn’t get folded until the following laundry day. We just have to pull from the basket and de-wrinkle during the week. 


ETA: If it can’t be washed and dried in the washer and dryer, I don’t buy it. I don’t have any patience for handwashing or taking things to dry cleaners. 

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I do laundry on Wednesdays; usually just two loads sorted. Socks, sheets and towels go in the dryer, everything else is line dried.

If I feel generous I may do my husband’s pile that gathers in the bathtub (SERIOUSLY, there’s a hamper RIGHT THERE!) all of his goes into the dryer. 

I use Arm and hammer with oxyclean. No dryer sheets. No bleach. 

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1. How do you get caught up on laundry when you are so far behind?

Never get behind

2. Once you’re caught up, what is your typical routine?

We do our laundry on Sundays, but Darling Husband does a load of jeans sometime during the week. Unless we’re gone on a weekend, we usually keep up and do this every Sunday. If we are gone, we just get it done some evening after work that week.

3. Do you and Fiance do laundry separate or together?

We do them the same day for the most part, but do our own.

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1. To get caught up when behind on laundry you just have to hunker down and do it.  There’s no magical formula.  I’m very behind right now because we’ve been traveling, and then I was sick over the weekend.  The only key to me getting caught up is that I have to be home.  If I try to do it on a day that I’m coming & going with errands and stuff it will, without fail, get derailed.  I’ll end up with a dryer full of wrinkled clothes and a washer full of smelly mildewy clothes that were forgotten for three days.  I’m home today so laundry detail it is.

2. Once I’m caught up: We used to have a big 3 compartment sorter & that was not a good method for us.  It held so much laundry that I was perpetually behind.  Now I use one very small hamper that gets emptied every 1-2 days and that makes me perpetually caught up instead.  Bath towels & day clothes go into that small hamper that gets dumped often.  Dish towels, dog towels, dog blankets, throw blankets, etc. get thrown directly down the basement stairs.  When I empty our small hamper I often just whip the clothes down the stairs.  Then the next time I’m IN the basement for something I will sort the laundry into a couple different baskets and run loads every 1-2 days.  I fold as soon as it comes out of dryer.  But sometimes the folded laundry hangs out on the folding table for a few days.  If that happens I just put it all away when I run out of space on the table.  

3. I do all the laundry.  

It took me a while to learn but it is no harder to stay caught up on laundry than it is to stay behind on laundry.  In fact it is easier.  I have pretty severe ADD and have my whole life so little things like this are big triumphs for me as pathetic as that is.  

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When I get behind I’ll wait till saturday morning and I collect up every single item of clothing that is remotely dirty or wrinkled and make a giant mountain of laundry on the living room floor. I sort into 3 piles: towels/sheets, lights and darks. We usually end up with 2-3 dark loads and 1 for each of the other piles so I start with a dark load and just keep moving it through until there’s no more laundry on the floor. As stuff comes out of the dryer it gets tossed on the sofa so we’re forced to fold it if we want to sit down, it gets folded into his/hers piles and at the end of the day when the last load is done we carry the piles back upstairs, his to be put away, mine to sit in piles in my closet floor until they get dirty or wrikled again and the cycle continues.

Darling Husband is good about keeping it moving if it’s presorted and I warn him what can’t be dried but he won’t do it on his own anymore, he ruined a couple of my tops so he’s afraid of my wrath if he screws up lol

I’m majorly behind right now, none of my socks match, DH’s dirty pile is as tall as his nightstand and I can’t get to my side of the bathroom sink without walking on clothes. I also made the mistake of buying laundry baskets to toss clean stuff in instead of the sofa so I have two baskets full of clean but really wrinked clothes in the bedroom that need to be dealt with. We’re going out of town this weekend too so I’m going to have to do some emergency loads tonight with the essentials.

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