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FreckledFox:  The blood for the MatnerniT21 was optional. It was offered to me at the same time as the NT scan. (The NT scan was optional as well.) So, I made the choice to have that one done, mostly because of my age.

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Enjoy! I loved my NT scan because it was my first real chance to see the little one where he actually looked like a baby. I went in with a full bladder because of research (not that they told me to) and the tech asked me to pee when I got into the room – but there’s a bathroom right off the scan room at my hospital for just that reason. You should get pictures – you can ask if not. It’s usually just a button they print off the machine so it’s nearly effortless on their part. See if they will let you take video or photos onto your phone of the screen. Many facilities don’t but we had a cool tech who agreed to “turn the other way.” Those photos / video were some of my favorite things!

The tech likely won’t be allowed to give you a definitive “everything is healthy / okay” and you may have to wait for the doctor to come in afterwads, so don’t stress if that happens – they aren’t saying nothing because something IS wrong, it just may have to the the doctor who is allowed to communicate that everything is good after they take a glance. 

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Some of the other ladies in my month group were told to have a full bladder, but they hadn’t told me anything specific–so I actually called and asked and they said it really didn’t matter.  We got a couple great shots at the beginning of the scan and then poppy spent the rest of the time hiding behind the placenta which was actually really cute (but would have been sad if they hadn’t gotten the other shots).  The tech bounced the ultrasound on my tum a little to try to get poppy to wiggle around and when the tech left and the doctor came in, they had me stand up and move around a bit in between which also woke the baby up a little (and got us a little hand wave on the u/s).

I think some of the equipment may be more sensitive than other machines and that’s why some people have to come full and others don’t…but that is just a theory.

Also, when I went for the anatomy scan I was pretty dehydrated and there wasn’t a problem, so I don’t think full bladder/empty bladder makes that big a difference.

Maybe you can bring a little juice box with you and have a sip mid-scan if they need the LO to wiggle more?


I had blood drawn at the NT and then had to have a follow-up blood draw a few weeks later, and didn’t get results until they could compare the values–that’s the “integrated” part of the integrated screening, I believe…the NT scan itself is measuring the nuchal fold and is just the u/s part.  (Again, I think–not a doctor!)

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They never said anything to me about eating or drinking but I did have a few pieces of candy before my appointment because I have a major sweet tooth and our little guy was having a party in there!!! My Darling Husband even asked the tech if it was normal to be moving so much! I know you’ve had a few u/s’s already but the 12 week one is fun because they actually look like a little baby by then!!! Good luck!!

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For my scan, it was abdominal and lasted I think 30-40 min.  My baby was active at first, then decided to go to sleep so I had to empty my bladder and lay on my side for a bit to try to get her to wake up, since they still had a few measurements they needed to get.  Other ladies in my month club were told to have a full bladder or given specific instructions on how much to drink beforehand, but I wasn’t given any such directions, so I didn’t worry about it (and it was fine).  After the scan, I had a finger-prick blood test done in-office that they sent off to some lab – it wasn’t MaterniT21 or one of those, but a test that they routinely do in my practice in conjunction with the scan to get more accurate results (maybe the quad screen? I’m not sure what it was called).  If there had been signs of any issues between the scan and blood test, I would have then been recommended for more thorough testing.

One thing to be aware of is that you may be sore/crampy afterward – having them pressing the wand into your belly for so long and moving it around trying to get the right shots can irritate you a bit.  It wasn’t exactly comfortable for me while it was happening, but I was quite sore that evening.

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I wasn’t told to do anything special. I just showed up and they did the scan. Mine was abdominal scan, too. The u/s tech would just take measurements of the nuchal folds and look for any indicators.  I was able to take home a few more pictures but baby wasn’t cooperating so most of them were fuzzy.  blah.  I also did a genetic blood test which was just a prick and a few blood drops.  Overall it might have been an hr visit.

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FreckledFox:  They did both abdominal and transvag for my NT scan. Our little bit wasn’t cooperating to get the right info from the abdominal one.

We did get a slew of printouts to take home.

First: I went in and they did the scan and took the measurement, then sent them off to the radiologist to interpret. My husband was invited in and the tech basically just showed us the baby and took more images to print out for us to take home while the radiologist was doing his thing. He came in and told us the preliminary results and gave us the envelope to bring to my OB. Then we went upstairs and met with my OB to go over the results with him.

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FreckledFox:  I was told full bladder! It’s abdominal. They do the scan and gave us pics. Then they did the finger prick. Ours even guessed sex based in the nub! She was right!

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Hmm I was told a full bladder and then at my scan they actually said it wasn’t quite full enough so they were having difficulty.  They also didn’t offer any comments such as things looking normal, but it was a 12 week scan so maybe too early to say.

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