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Only 8 weeks pregnant myself.  I ALWAYS am thinking about my baby.  Every thing I put in my mouth, how I move my body, it’s all thinking about the baby and ways to keep him/her safe.  I am exhausted all the time too.  lol.  I am SOOOO much more aware of my body. 

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I’m 36 weeks pregnant so I think I’ll be able to help you out a little bit;)

-My mind is completely different from when I wasn’t pregnant. I do think about the baby constantly, I’m responsible for his safety and health and it’s a lot of pressure and it’s scary to think about. Even though I’m still pregnant I can’t do anything without thinking about his well being first. But there were a couple times where I forgot I was pregnant. Mainly when my Darling Husband is raving about a new beer and I go to sip it then I remember I can’t. Oh, and I’m really absent minded. I can’t finish sentences b/c I forget what I’m talking aout. Other times I know what I want to say, but when it comes out of my mouth nothing makes sense.

-Physically: Where to begin? First trimester I felt like I got hit by a truck and probably slept 22 hours a day.  I’ve had a pretty easy pregnantcy though. No complications and no awful symptoms.

-Everything right now hurts. It feels like my body is pulling apart. My back, hips, and stomach are the main sources of pain. It hurts to walk because of my hips and I limp and waddle these days. I’m extremely slow too. My Darling Husband and I call it “Pregger Pace” on our walks. It’s really hard to go up stairs or uphill so I avoid them at all costs. I feel like an old woman. My belly is so heavy and I’m fine when I’m sitting, but standing up the baby presses on my bladder and it’s really uncomfortable. I have horrible round ligament pain (sharp pain in your abdomen) and makes it so I have to stop what I’m doing and relax and breath the puffing type breaths that you see from women in labor. Braxton Hicks get really uncomfortable later on too. Pretty much any movement sucks late in the 3rd trimester, that’s why I spend most of my time sitting on the couch;)

-My Darling Husband laughs at me every time I get up off the couch. I can’t just use my legs and core muscles like everyone else. I have to kind of roll on my side and use my arms on the back of the couch to push myself off. He also has to put my shoes on and take them off b/c it hurts to bend and I can’t really reach my feet that easily as you can imagine:) If I’m on the ground or laying on the couch and I have to get up he has to kind of pull me into a standing position. Turning over in bed is such a chore. I think it’s a ten step process so I wake up in the morning in the same exact position and makes me feel so sore!

-Baby’s movements start hurting too. Before they were nice little butterfly swishes now they’re full on punches and kicks. I’ll be in the middle of a conversation or out in public and I’ll randomly squeal or gasp and people look at me like I’m crazy. His movements are visible too and I’m always paranoid that people can see it and think it’s creepy.

I’m sorry it was so long and all over the place. Please feel free to ask me any additional questions, I would love to help! I’m sure I’ve left out about a million things:)

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I’m only 12 weeks so almost out of my first trimester.

Mentally /Emotionally- I feel the same with occasional bouts of craziness haha. There have been times where i have broken down and cried at commercials, songs or for no reason. There are times when I get easily annoyed by something but most of the time I feel the same. There was one time where i went off on my husband for not having enough food in the pantry…irrational I know! These moments are few and far between but they have happened.

Physically – at first i was extremely tired…All I wanted to do was sleep. I would pee constantly and get horrible headaches (from all the extra blood i suppose?) and my boobs! they were so sore and grew a full cup size in a matter of weeks. My sex drive decreased at first but now is back to normal. The hardest thing for me has been my changing body – I have struggled with body image my whole life and this growing belly isn’t helping. I think once i have a bigger bump i will come to terms with it but right now it just looks like i’ve but on some weight in my tummy. I’m still too small for maternity clothes but too big for my normal clothes so i have resorted to wearing dresses or belly bands to keep my pants up.I’ve only gained 4 pounds since i found out but i feel like i’ve gained 20.  My husband loves my growing belly though!

Other symptoms: I had horrible insomnia the first few weeks. I would wake up absolutely starving at times and my dreams have gotten seriously crazy. I have had a ton of sex dreams! haha and really really random dreams. I’ve even dreamt about my baby a few times. I’m starting to find it harder to sleep on my belly or really sleep at all.I haven’t had too many cravings but in the beginning all i could think about were fresh mozzarella balls! and Fajitas! since then though i haven’t really had cravings, food aversions and no morning sickness at all! (which does not only happen in the morning)

There is never a time where i forget I’m pregnant even though my symptoms aren’t always there. I rub my belly a lot already and hearing the heartbeat a few weeks ago was one of the most amazing things to ever happen in my life. This baby was not planned but we were not far from wanting to try. It has been an amazing experience so far. I never worry about being a good mom or dealing with a newborn but I’m absolutely terrified of giving birth! I have a great doctor but have been toying with the idea of a midwife instead – my dr office offers both and i can still have an epidural and deliver in a hospital while using a midwife.

Hope some of this helps!

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im a little over 37 weeks right now and at this point here are my “symptoms” i def move slower, have to ease my self of chairs, cant stnad for long periods of time without leaning on something/getting out of breath.  bending down, well i have to squat to bend down and its not pretty….  sometimes getting off the floor i need help lol….i sound like an old lady! also i waddle now. lol. also think i do everything 100 times slower. 

another huge thing for me, is that every food, activity or anything that i am around be safe for my baby, i think its a natural instint where you just want to protect your child from anything harmful. 

im exhausted a lot of the time and the mood swings are no fun and really really hard to control.  but the excitent adn love i feel towards this baby overshadow all that and even though i am realitvely uncomfortable  i am just so happy to have him and taht really overshadows all the aches and pains.

also some days i have my good days where i feel ok then others its like omg i feel sooooooooooooooo pregnant.  but i reckon now that im so close im having a lot more feeling so pregnnat days.

hope this helps!

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I am 12 weeks, my boobs are growing and I have alittle pooch in my belly. Otherwise, I am told that right now there is hardly a difference when people look at me. 

Aches…. my tailbone hurts if I start walking around alot and I have been having restless leg syndrome pretty bad. I get probably a couple hours of sleep a night from tossing and turning.  My boobs hurt and there is alittle cramping. My arm is bruised from all the blood tests I have had to do.

I will start to walk alittle funny if my tailbone starts hurting, other then that I walk normal. I try to stay away from second hand smoke and strong chemicals.

I am hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. I will eat a full meal and then be starving a couple hours later.

I think about my baby all the time, I find myself touching my stomach alot. I am nervous about being a good mom. The husband is beyond happy and in total bliss, he seems to find me more attractive then before.

It has affected my work performance. My job involves hazards so this cut down my responsibilities considerably. I also have to sit down a couple times to rest my tail bone and I drink water. I drink water alot.



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@spoiledvamp27:  Yeah the mood swings are so abrupt sometimes that they are almost scary at times.  I started to notice something was really different in the beginning when I was crying over a documentary on Star Wars.

Physically I feel heavier even though I am not really much heavier at all.

Aches in my lower back and legs.  I feel like I walk sturdier and less gracefully, but that may just be my imagination. 

I have noticed that I keep things away from my belly more.  Even when my dogs come to sit on my lap, I am just more careful of how they sit, etc. 

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I’m 27 weeks along now.

Mentally: I did “forget” once that I was pregnant. I was excited for a social event because I love  wine and then it hit me – I can’t have any I’m pregnant! On the other hand, I don’t find myself constantly preoccupied with thinking about the baby. I eat, drink, work, & make social plans without thinking about him first. However, I DO always have my hands on my belly. It’s totally subconscious, but I’m holding or rubbing or resting my hands there always. I feel such a comraderie with the baby, too. Also, I am very forgetful now. I’ll ask the husband the same question 3 times in 15 minutes. Overall I feel upbeat and super calm about almost everything (except for spurts of crying over nothing. Those last about 10 min at most and I’m very aware of how silly I’m being in the actual moment, I just can’t help it!)

Physically: in the beginning I felt like I had a huge belly right away and nothing fit right. Looking at pictures, I had no belly at all! I feel pretty mobile at this point. Mostly I’m stiff/sore in the am and loosen up as the day goes. When getting up from a low seat, like a couch, I use my arms for leverage. If I have a full bladder I can barely walk because of the pressure. Sometimes I have a hard time walking because of pain in my pelvic bones from the pressure of the baby’s weight – like I’ve been riding a bike with a hard seat for a long time and in between my legs is sore. When I stand for a long time, I end up swaying slightly side to side too. I didn’t get sick at all, but I did snack constantly (instead of meals).

I think the biggest difference with the added weight is that I’m always shifting around. I can’t  be in one position for a long time. I need to shift from standing to sitting to walking to stretching/swaying. Otherwise I’ll get sore. I think those constant movements, feeling really calm, and always touching my belly are things that are different from my non-pregnant self. 

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I’m 33 weeks pregnant. 

1st trimester: I was exhausted (I slept any chance I got), puking, no appetite, always nauseous, fairly crampy. I was too tired all the time to be particularly moody. I felt like I had a really bad flu. The only thing I was able to eat for months was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and oatmeal. Bebe was pretty much always on my mind pretty much all of the time because I was paranoid of having another miscarriage. I was constantly worried because I had (maybe still have) a blood clot between the placenta and the uterine wall, which I was sure would cause a placental abruption. I cried at every ultrasound and prenatal appointment where I got to hear the Bebe’s heartbeat. And I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of bacon, which made me sad.

Recap: 3 month flu + super stressed

2nd trimester: Pretty much the same as the first. The puking tapered off around 17 or 18 weeks, although I was still nauseous and had little appetite, although I was able to tolerate more foods. I did a happy dance the night I was able to eat two tacos. I was still really super exhausted–I never had the “golden second trimester” that some women have–where they have more energy and appetites and generally feel good. I felt better, but just barely. Mentally I was feeling more confident about the pregnancy. I was nervous but excited to share the news. I really started to show around 20 weeks, but cried when I realized my ass was spreading. I also had my anatomy scan around that time, and holy crap there’s a real-looking baby in there! The pregnancy really became real around that time…I was looking pregnant, and I was starting to feel kicks (light, happy kicks and movements). 

Recap: Still gross feeling + a little more relaxed

3rd trimester: Still very little appetite, but I get really weak and dizzy if I don’t eat every four or so hours. I lost a fair amount of weight in the first trimester and I’ve struggled to put it back on…it doesn’t help when I have no interest in eating, and really have to make an effort. I’m still naueseous a lot, and throw up a few time a week.

Exhausted all the time. I nap as often as I can, especially since I’m barely sleeping at night. I don’t have trouble falling asleep, but I wake up after about an hour because of bad pain in the hip I’m lying on. I need to flip over to the other side, but I can’t do it in my sleep anymore. I have to haul myself onto my back and then onto my side, and then as soon as I get settled I realize I have to pee. Lather rinse repeat about once an hour all night. Luckily Darling Husband is a heavy sleeper and my constant moving doesn’t wake him. 

Bebe is head down, but his butt and feet are currently all up in my rib cage, which makes it hard to breath. I feel like I’m mildly suffocating pretty much all of the time, except when I’m on my hands and knees. When s/he moves, I feel a sharp tugging, like his/her little feet are stuck in my ribs and s/he’s trying to yank them out. My insides feel like a punching bag. Sometimes the kicks and punches and rolls are so hard that I stop and gasp. My back and hips constantly hurt…the only relief I get is from a bath, and not much then. 

I’m to the point of waddling a little now, and definitely can’t walk nearly as fast as I used to/want to. When I try to I get bad cramps along my side and around the bottom of my stomach. I stuggle to paint my toenails, bend over to do anything, put underwear/pants on, shave my legs or take care of more personal grooming. My boobs didn’t grow much, but they hurt now. 

Mentally I’m all over the place. I didn’t have many mood swings before, but they’re catching up now. I get cranky when I need to eat, and I’m prone to cry at the drop of a hat. I snap at my husband more, but also feel closer to him than I ever have. I feel like this pregnancy will never end but at the same time I feel like it’s going by way too fast and that I’m really not ready for it to be over, because once it’s over that means I’ll have a newborn, which is awesome, but also means I’m wholey responsible for a helpless newborn, which is a ton of pressure. I’m getting increasingly nervous about labor and delivery, especially since I haven’t needed to go to a hospital in about 20 years, and never overnight. 

I’m shocked at how protective I am of this Bebe, even though s/he isn’t even born yet. I growl when strangers come too close to my stomach (although I have no problem with family or friends touching me). I’m desperate to keep him or her safe, and in my body I can do that, but I’m terrified of all of the things that I have no control over once they’re out. I’m more excited and anxious to have this baby in my arms than I ever thought I could be about anything, but at the very same time it’s nerve-wracking. I don’t feel like there’s anyway I’ll feel prepared enough. 

Recap: A ton of aches and pains and general grossness, excited/nervous.

Hope my novella helps some!

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@mowi322:  Oh yeah, super forgetful! Sometimes I trail off mid-sentence, and Darling Husband looks at me until I say “What?” and he’s like “You were saying this…” The first trimester I was in such a fog and was notorious for doing things like putting the milk away in the cupboard and clean cups in the fridge. 

And ditto on staying in one position too long. I feel it most when I’m trying to sleep, but even when I’m awake I can’t sit in any one position for too long, and I can’t stand for more than 10-15 minutes without needing to sit. 

And my hands are always on my belly, especially now. I rest my hands on his/her butt, right around my right ribcage. I’ve convinced myself that if I keep my hands there s/he won’t kick as much. 

Also, pulling up my shirt and watching my belly move is equal parts awesome and terrifying, like something out of Aliens. Not just the kicks, but seeing a body part push up and roll over my entire stomach…

I also have a lot of trouble getting up out of chairs/couch/bed. If Darling Husband is around he helps me up…and helps me out of the car…but if he’s not there’s a lot of heaving involved. 


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26 weeks pregnant here!

Mentally: While I do think about my baby a lot, I was more worried than anything in the first trimester. And also trying to be really sneaky. I’m a casual drinker, but almost always have a glass of wine or beer when I’m out…so hiding that was a challange. I did a lot of holding a glass of wine and then going to the bathroom to spill a lot of it out! Or my husband drank it for me! Otherwise, later on, I’ll forget things constantly. My husband asked me to go in and call for a pizza while he was mowing the lawn and I totally forgot. Just walked back into the house and started doing something else. Total pregnancy brain over here!

Physically: This is where things take a toll. First trimester I was EXHAUSTED. I mean, I’ve never felt this sort of exhaustion before. Also, morning sickness where I just felt sick morning, noon and night. Never actually got sick, but felt nauseous all the time. Second trimester, I started to feel better, but I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night, so the exhaustion still hasn’t gone away! I’m still relatively ok with my belly, so I can get up out of chairs and bed normally still. I do find that if I walk up a flight of stairs, I’m totally winded. And I’m like a little mouse while eating…I can’t eat a lot in one sitting, but I eat constantly all day long.

As for aches and pains, my hips hurt on occasion, and when our little guy kicks me hard, it startles me or tickles me sometimes. A PP said something about having to shift around a lot…that’s me too. I get really stiff if I sit in a particular position for too long, so I’m constantly standing, stretching and shifting my position. 

I hope that’s helpful! Good luck with your role!

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Everything all the ladies said IS 100% true so I can’t add on much without repeating. If I can emphasize a couple things they said they’d be:


be exhausted (& sore)!

be emotional and have your mind on your baby at all times

*I haven’t read SCND in like 10y and I don’t remember it, but if Stella has a husband, i’d say act more livey dovery with eachother. 

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