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That’s funny! The cute version of my story is – He took me to the place we had our first kiss and then got down on one knee and proposed!

the rest of the story is, I walked to pick him up from work and asked him what he wanted to do. He vaguly answered “I want to take you somewhere” or somehting like that on the walk there I kept saying, where are we going? I really need to pee. Are we walking far? Should I pee first? I need to know where we’re going. Finally he said we were going to the peir, and I laughed at him. Saying things like, well if we’re going there you should have just said so (since we go frequently). So we walked to the peir and I kept saying I have to pee, wheres the bathroom. And then the bathroom was closed for cleaning so we had to find the other one and then there was a lineup so there was a solid 15-20 minute time where I was just talking about the bathroom! haha. After that we walked to where we usually go. It was around x-mas but he hadn’t given me a xmas gift yet and he had been taunting me about how he had a good gift for the past few months. And I jokingly said, so when do I get my xmas gift? And he said do you want it now? I sort of laughed it off and made things awkward. Lol. Then he kept saying things like “Do you remember this place?” and I said, of course we come here all the time and we had out first kiss here” and then he proposed and I freaked out. Hah!

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Those are such adorable and funny stories!

Mine isn’t nearly as funny. DH’s birthday was mid-week, so we made plans to go visit a state park, do a long hike around a lake, and have a little picnic, for the following Saturday for his birthday. Little did I know, DH decided to hijack the plan for a proposal! So while we were resting on a bench by the lake eating picnic-strawberries, he started saying such romantic things, and popped out the ring, and proposed.

I was totally shocked… (I hadn’t even had any idea that he had bought a ring yet) and I’m pretty sure that after I said yes, I kept repeating “But I thought we were celebrating your birthday!”

I really felt sheepish that poor DH cheated himself out of his own birthday celebration, and ended up giving me a ring that was orders of magnitude fancier than my birthday present to him!! Also, when someone hiking around the trail realized that we just got engaged and offered to take our picture, we both had to do the strawberry-seed-in-the-teeth check for each other. So much for romantic picnic food! πŸ™‚

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I love these! I’ll never get tired of hearing proposal stories.

The last time I typed mine out it got a bit lengthy, so I’m going to try it in bullet form:

  • We had gone ring shopping but somehow I was weirdly chill – I never expected date nights to turn into proposals. Might be because that’s about the time I started on my anxiety meds lolol
  • His sister, her husband and their kids come to town one weekend. He calls as I’m leaving work Friday and says, “the kids really want to go paddle boating at the Boat House,” which is a cute little restaurant and paddleboating spot in a beautiful park in my city
  • The weather is cold and rainy (it’s March 18 in the midwest), but I suck it up for the kids
  • We paddle around, I’m freezing but trying to not be a debbie downer but super ready to go eat then change into sweatpants
  • He paddles the boat backwards the whole way back to the dock/restaurant – for a good while. Somehow I did not find that suspicious at all?
  • We get out of the boats, his family rushes ahead into the restaurant. Still not suspicious.
  • The host at the restaurant says, “girl you look fly as hell!” I think “there’s no possible way that’s true, I just sat in drizzly cold weather for a half hour” but I’m still not suspicious.
  • Finally we turn the corner, and it all happened so fast: I saw a room full of our family and friends, and was down on one knee. 
  • I don’t remember his cute speech because I kept saying “omg yes. omg shut up. omg stop. omg omg. yes. omg. i love you” like an idiot
  • The rest of the evening was a celebratory dinner with our favorite people. It was perfect. <3


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I love these! Everyone’s has so much personality, you can just tell how much it reflects you as a couple.


I was finishing my dissertation and preparing for my final defense for my PhD. The gap when my committee was reading the final manuscript fell over my 30th birthday but I was too busy prepping my presentation to celebrate, and we had a friend’s wedding anyway. We live out of state, so the week after my birthday we make the almost 9 hour drive home. My defense was on Monday, so I’d asked if we could go hiking over the weekend. There is a pretty impressive trail near us that I’d always wanted to do. I used to be really out of shape and would never have been able to climb it when I was younger, so it felt kind of symbolic to summit this just after turning 30 and on the eve of my greatest accomplishment (ya know, if I passed and all…). Well of course I came down with a head cold but dammit I was going to do that hike. So we hiked. My pup practically had to drag me up it, but we made it. I was kind of suspicious because he had told me like a year before that he would want to propose with our dog present, and when we were planning the hike, he asked if she was joining us. It was kind of weird because duh she does everything with us so of course she’s going to go on the birthday PhD celebration hike! When we got to the top, there were some other people around so we kept walking to the backside where we kind of just sat and had a quiet moment together. And then we were getting ready to head back and he started saying sweet things and somehow the ring box appeared! We were basically both just grinning like fools at that point and he forgot to ask lol. So I said yes and then he asked me to marry him!!! Our pup was not impressed and I could barely breathe anymore, but whatever, it was magical. We told his family because we were staying with them but we didn’t “announce” it or anything until after my defense, which was awesome because it was like BOOM all the good news. He timed it so perfectly and it was so us! He said he almost didn’t because he was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it enough with not feeling well, as if some sinus congestion could overshadow a proposal that epic. πŸ™‚

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It started off with him suggesting us getting dressed up and going out to dinner. He told me however, not to meet him at his apartment too early, and when I drove up he made me hop right in his car instead of going upstairs first. After dinner and live music, we get back to his place where there are numbered balloons all over the living room. He tells me to start popping them in order. Each one saying a reason of why he loved. As I got towards the end of popping, he began playing the song “Cherish You” by 98 degrees. The last balloon said something along the lines of not wanting what we have to end. I immediately busted into the ugliest cry ever as he got down on one knee and proposed. I couldn’t even tell you what he said haha. I just know I YES!

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mine was funny/romantic and awkward all in one! It was always my dream to go to walt disney world since i was a child I had the opertunity to go with my bf and bff on the first night we went to watch the wishes fire works they kept trying to move our spot but i didnt want to risk ending up with a worse view, well little did i know they were trying to take me out of the crowd so he could propose!! So he accepted we werent moving he leaned in and said “These fire works are beautiful what a moment! Not as good as the jays winning game 5 though, but I know what could make it better” I was having a hard time hearing and thinking wtf about the baseball comment and turned to say “what?!” and he was on his knee! and asked and I being ihn the crowd and having anxiety order froze and started having a panic attack! LOL I kissed him instead of saying yes cause I couldnt talk and then told him i couldnt breath lol he guided us out of the crowd to the side of the castle and we re-enacted it away from the crowd which is good because i basically had blacked out lol so I essentially had him proopse twice in less than half an hour very romantic under fireworks by the castle and funny cause of course he threw in a sports reference and i blacked out lol

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April fool’s day 2015… Wed been dating for 6 1/2 years. 

Fiance is a prankster so I was waiting all day for him to do SOMETHING. he texted me and told me he had to go to his sister’s to help her move furniture and I responded with something about how hes always willing to do everything for everyone else but we have eighty things that need done at home. 

So I get home from work, he’s there, and all I wanted to do was change my clothes. He kept trying to get me to sit down, relax, chill out. So he sits me on our bed and pulls out a ring box (closed) and I said “April fool’s, hahah you’re hysterical.”

Well I was right. He had put the most awful piece of costume jewelry in the box. Then he got down on one knee and pulled the real ring out of his pocket and asked if I would marry him. I said “shut the f*** up, you’re lying. How many more rings do you have?” And accidently swatted it out of his hand. It almost fell in the air vent in the floor and the dog almost ate it. 

And I still didn’t believe him. He called his sister to confirm it! 

Turns out he was going to propose at my graduation from Graduate school in May and ended up buying the ring on April fool’s day. The lady at the jewelers made a comment about how funny it would be because it was April fool’s day and he ran with it. 

Soooo the moment I waited 6 1/2 years for has gone down in history as a moment I did not take seriously at all. And no one believed our engagement because it was April fool’s day! πŸ˜‚

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somathemagical :  After a passionate love making session, I was proposed to butt- naked followed by dancing naked in our room, hugging and praying. I wasn’t wearing anything but the ring! 

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Mine was so incredibly low key I didn’t know it was happening lol. 

We were hiking down a creek, I climbed way up on a rock and it was beautiful. When he got up there I said something to the effect of “this would be a beautiful place to propose”, meaning like…someday. He straightened himself up and looked and me and said “Desert Gypsy, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” and I snorted and said “are you SERIOUS?” And he said “absolutely” so I said “YES!”  We are getting married in December ! 

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rinnerrabbit :  I love that story! Mine is sort of similar. 

DH and I are not huge fans of valenties day. On our first v-day we got french fries and sodas from this italian restaurant, drove up the hill (eating fries) and tehn parked at a view point overlooking the resevoir, like a bunch of teengers making out in a car (we were both 30). 

2 years later, on valenties day he said he wanted to take me out on a date. I’m not going to turn down date night! So I say “it’s not fancy is it? I want to wear my jumpsuit! It’s like pajamas I can wear in public!” and he says the jumpsuit will be fine. 

As we are driving, I’m totally rambling, talking about the songs on the radio, complaining about traffic, the usual. Finally I’m like – where are we going?? There’s no restaraunts here? And he says that our reservation is for later, but he wanted to bring back to the same make out point from our first valentines day. Still, I don’t think anything is going on. 

We get to the make out point and I’m like “cool, let’s make out now!” (apparently I nearly grabbed the box in his coat pocket – he told me that later). And he’s saying he doens’t want to kiss with the arm rest in the way, and maybe we can take in the view, and I actually thought he was mad at me. Then he says “hey – I heard that the ocean wind comes off the resivoir and it smells like sea air” and I tell him that’s rediculous. We’re about 10 miles inland, and there’s no way you can smell the ocean. And he’s like “well we should get out of the car and smell the air”. So I get out of the car and I’m like “I am going to totally prove you wrong, there is no see air here!” and he’s says “maybe you should close your eyes.” 

NOW I understand what’s happening!!! 

So I close my eyes and I stick out both hands, because I suddenly forgot which one the ring goes on, so I just put both of them out, and I’m trying really hard not to interupt him because I want to say yes before he’s even asked me. Once he does ask, and I say yes, he stands up and we kiss, and I’m crying a little bit, and then – just to ruin the moment – I say “so… we’re engaged now, right?” Like I need to confirm this with him.

Then he took me out to dinner at the Italian restaruant where we had purchased the fries and soda 2 years prior. Cherry on top!! 

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I love these stories!! So sweet, funny and amazing!!

I have a lil bit of set-up for this:

Fiance and I had been talking about marriage seriously for about a year when he proposed and went to go see a jeweler about 6 months prior to the proposal. Needless to say, I knew a proposal was imminent.

He had told me that he was planning something extravagant and that he would NEVER propose in a restaurant. There had been a number of good opportunities and I knew he must have the ring, so I was feeling like it would for sure happen on our 2 year anniversary.

It comes to that day and I’m sick. Fiance offers that we can cancel our anniversary dinner, but there was no way I was giving up that chance! πŸ˜‚ So I meet him for dinner and as the evening went on, he starts to panic. He tells me his parking garage closes and is getting anxious about his car getting locked in there. I had him call security for the garage…they told him he’d be able to get out.

We finish dinner and at that point I had put a proposal completely out of my mind, as I knew there wasn’t time for anything in addition to dinner, given our parking garage situation. He has me come sit next to him in the booth. He tells me over and over how much he loves me. I thought something was wrong!! Then suddenly he says he’s sorry and that his heart is beating out of his chest – then I knew and was in complete shock! In my mind I was thinking “but we’re in a restaurant and you said you would never do it that way!” LOL

He pulled the ring box out and put it on the table in front of me. I commented on how gorgeous it was. He finally summoned the courage and asked, I said yes!! Then he says”well, are you going to put it on?” And I told him that he was supposed to put it on me. Haha! πŸ˜‚ That was so us!

Immediately after he said “now we can get married and make babies!!” Um, what?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it was so sweet, we were both just so ecstatic! πŸ’‘

Thanks for this thread – I loved remembering/typing it all out.

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He tied the ring to the dog’s collar and then said go see momma..I finally clued in as he said it so many times and I was like what’s the big deal if the dog came to see me or not and then spotted the ring at the same time noticing that he was on one knee..,it was how we became a couple because we were both petting The dog and ended up holding hands. πŸ™‚

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It was such a rainy and cold day, but I’d had my heart set on going hiking for a couple of weeks. He woke up that morning feeling pretty crappy and I thought the plan was off. So after convincing him to at least hike a short distance, we finally get ready to leave, I had extra clothes and shoes packed in case we got too wet or muddy, get in the car and head off to hike! We had just hit the main road when he got a call from him mom, who had just been in a car accident! So we went to take care of her make sure she was all set, went to run errands around town waiting on her to be released from the hospital. Eventually once they get released his brother decides he would get her from the hospital since he had her keys. So me still thinking ‘man I guess hiking is off the table today’ it was about 4pm getting later in the day, the sun would go down soon. We hopped in the truck I have no idea where we are going, but I love just taking random car rides to anywhere with him! Once we get down the road a little ways I realize he’s driving to a local state park where we go hiking, and I couldn’t be more happy!

As we pull into the park, it starts raining even harder, I decided to put on my favorite ball hat to keep my hair from frizzing beyond what it already was. We drive up the hill into the park, park over by an overlook that looks over a river valley with so many trees in the peak of their leave changing color, it was perfect. Nobody else was there, just him and I. The first thing I did was take out my phone and took a couple photos, he suggests I take a panoramic picture, and I’m scanning from left to right, in my head I’m thinking ‘this is too perfect, I bet he will be on his knee when I turn around’. (even though in my head I honestly didn’t think we would get engaged until at least next year). Once the pan was done, I turned around and he’s standing there with his hands in his pockets freezing, wet and shivering, I turned to show him how pretty the picture turned out, we exchanged some hugs and kisses, since we were the only ones around we didn’t care about the PDA. Somewhere in the middle of the exchanges and ‘I love yous’ he dropped to his knee (I thought he was playing some sort of joke at first when I almost said ‘get up thats not even funny’) but before I could get the words out, he pulled out a blue box tied in a white bow, opened it to reveal the most gorgeous three stone ring I’ve ever seen in my life and looked up at me, looked me in the eye and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ I of course said yes, cried and hugged and kissed a bit more.

The rain, wind and cold temperatures didn’t bother us one bit, we were the happiest people in the world. I will never forget that day. It was so perfect I’m the luckiest girl to have him as my fiance πŸ™‚

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