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Sugar bee
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Well this was back in my teens but still the worst job ever..

I was working at a tele survey company. People would curse, yell, insult… ugh..

One time I spent 45 minutes on the phone with this guy on a survey about 18 wheelers. At the end, I just had one more question. He didnt want to answer it because he didn’t like the question. So I just made up an answer for him. Well my boss pulled me into the office and reemed me out for lying on the survey.

Worst. Job. Ever…. and that says a lot because I worked as a janitor for quite some time. 

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Buzzing bee
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My worst job was through a temp agency. I was placed for a “mailroom” gig. My job was to open all the mail for this credit union to ensure that nobody was sending anthrax through the mail. This shortly after the whole 9/11/anthrax scare thing. It was an easy enough job, but I felt like it was morally wrong. I was a contract worker with no health insurance being asked to take the potential hit so nobody important got anthrax? Not right. They gave us latex gloves and those paper masks, but that wasn’t reassuring to me.  When I requested reassignment and explained why, the agency told me they had no idea that’s what it would entail.

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Busy bee
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I was a CNA in high school. I went to a voc tech school which means in our senior year we could spend every other week working. I was so excited to finally land a job…until I got one. They spent 1/2 a day training me…to take care of elderly people. I had no idea about the facility or any special requests of patients. All I had was my schooling.

Also half my patients that I was given spoke Spanish and I do not, at all! Most of the other people at work spoke Spanish though. I quit after they tried making me work 3-11 on the weeks I had regular school. So it would be out of school at 2:30, go to work until 11 and be at school 7:30 the next day! I was 18!

I gave up on health care completely after that. I work in Marketing now.

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Sugar bee
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My worst job was with a lighting industry rep. Basically the company represented big wigs like GE, Wattstopper, Philips, etc and our salesmen would sell those lights to architects and engineers in PA, OH, and WV. I was the sales assistant. I wiped the asses of 9 salesmen, some of which treated me like their personal slave and acted like their stuff was more important than other salesmen. Most of them were awesome dudes tho and if I could have worked with only them, I would have loved that job. However….

I had 3 bosses. 2 of which treated me like complete and utter shit. I had to do the most mind-bogglingly stupid tasks including:

Teaching them how to use their own Blackberrys. They ordered Storms, put them on my desk and said “learn this device then come teach us”. It’s a fucking telephone. Not rocket science. You could have figured it out whilst taking a crap in the john for 5 minutes. 

Booking flights thru travelocity. Except I was to look up the flights a week in advance, get one approved then wait a week and book it later. They NEVER understood that those flights rarely stay avalible that long, then blamed me. Like I bought out all the tickets, ass. 

Print out huge electrical diagrams then help the salesmen color in the symbols that were relevant. Ok, so I liked this part. Except they wanted HUGE printouts and our printer never worked. They always wanted their printouts yesterday. I spent alot of time out of the office across the street at the printer’s, usually on my lunch break. 

“Pull cuts”. Basically I’d read an electrical parts list and stalk the competition and pull their equivalents off line and print them. Retarded. Waste. Of. Time. Half the time they got thrown out. Why did I even have to bother? 

Run teleconferences. I’d set up a projector and the internet site. Then I’d have to waste all my time that I could be spending “pulling cuts” sitting on my ass making sure the screensaver didn’t turn on during a webinar. B/c I was the sales assistant and “needed to be there”. 

Oh my god I could go on. What made it bad was it was really stressful plus there was this out of control woman that made my life a living breathing hell 90% of the time. She was so cruel to me that she made me cry on several occasions until one day I freaked at her. Cool boss had my back. She was never allowed to speak to me again. Awkward. The whole 32 person office was like an anger management clinic. 


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Helper bee
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My worst job was in a children’s clothing store… I mean it wasn’t hard- there was just a lot of rediculous work that you had to do. The backroom was so stocked up that it was a fire hazard, and the manager wound up holding a check from me and screaming at me, then throwing papers at me when I asked for her. I needed medications, and her excuse was “well we all need medications, get over it”


walked out right then and there. I know it doesn’t hold up to some of these stories, but to 16 year old me, it was torture!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My worst job was when I was a “walking telemarketer”. I’d pretty much just man a kiosk in the mall and try to get people to enter to win a “free” security system. It was a total scam since it certainly wasn’t free. The system itself was “free” but it cost like $899 for installation. I started to feel bad about scamming all of these cute little old ladies who would sign up in hopes of winning so I stopped asking people to sign up and started just stuffing the box with bullshit entries. Do you know how hard it is to come up with fake people after weeks of doing this? There were a few “Harry Johnson’s” and “Ivanna Blowee’s” thrown in there, lol. Apparently they weren’t scamming enough people so one day when I showed up to work, the kiosk was gone. They screwed us out of our last paychecks too. Assholes.

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Busy bee
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My worst job ever was at a Cattery.  I look back at it and think I really should of reported the place to the RSPCA.

I worked one day a week.  The cattery berd Burman, Himalayan, and a British Breed.  They had the cats housed in seperate sheds (as I call them).  They were essentiall 4×4 foot structure, made out of fybro and sitting on a concrete pad.  They had a window made out of wire with a ledge the cats could sit on.  Inside they had a couple of plastic chairs, a couple of shekves, and two litter boxes.  Each one housed 4 to 6 cats.

I only worked once a week, and I am pretty sure thats the only time those cats got cleaned out.  They never had human contact aside from when they were being cleaned and fed.  To clean them I had to walk in (hold my breath) and try and catch each one seperatlty in a carrier.  Then hose out and scrub the house.  There were 14 houses.  There is nothing like trying to catch a cat, while it is climbing the walls, and spraying urine everwhere.  I still shudder thinking about the smell.

IT WAS HORRIBLE.  I lasted all of about 6 weeks.  One day a week.

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Sugar bee
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Mine was doing research for a university.  We were doing a study that required daily injections for 4 months.  My boss told me that I would be the only one doing them since he wanted everything to be consistant.  I understand that, but they also said I wouldn’t get a day off until the study was over and there would be no overtime pay.  Um, no.  I refuse to work 7 days a week for 4 months straight with no compensation.

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Sugar bee
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It’s a tie for me.

One of my least favorite jobs was in a stationery store. I had been shopping there for years and loved stationery so it was a dream come true for me when they had a job opening and I could quit my grocery store cashier job and work there instead.

Yeah, uh, I realized this was not going to be all it was cracked up to be the first day I worked while the owner was there. She had been perfectly sweet and nice during the interview, and was equally syrupy sweet to the regular customers, but she was a complete cow to her employees and any customers she didn’t like. She was insanely racist and age-ist. My best friend at the time, who was Asian, butch, and in her early twenties, came to visit me at work once. Until I introduced her to the owner as my friend, the owner literally followed her around the store glaring at her, thinking she was going to mess up the displays or steal something.

I only stayed there as long as I did because they paid better than my other job and I was leaving for grad school soon anyway.


My other crappy job was sanding airplanes to prepare them for painting. I had to wear paper coveralls, goggles, and several types of uncomfortable face masks depending on what kind of job I was doing. One day we got a helicopter in and I spent hour after hour sanding around a zillion rivets. I would get home dusty, achy, and my hands would feel like they were still vibrating for hours after I’d stopped using the rotary sander. Needless to say I didn’t stay long.

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Bee Keeper

During my period of unemployment I took a job as a temp for the county election’s agency where I lived in Georgia during the 2008 presidential election. They treated us like cattle. I got paid double time (over 80 hours) every week. We were only given a half hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks for shifts that lasted as long as 20 hours. Very illegal, but the agency I went through turned a blind eye and I desperatley needed the money. They fired people for trying to sneak a bite of food at 8pm when they hadn’t eaten since noon. They fired people for going to church on Sunday and coming to work after church (again, very illegal). It was so miserable.

On top of the terrible office environment people would call and SCREAM at us about us not processing their absentee ballot yet. Most of the time they’d sent it to us only days before and we didn’t even HAVE it yet.  It was horrible. People get upset when they think they’re not going to have their vote counted and will go ballistic on anyone they get on the phone.

I was told that I would be one of the two they kept on after the election to do office work but some other girls started bringing the supervisors food and I was not kept on past the election. I really needed the money, but looking back, I’m glad they let me go. My sanity is worth a ton more then they could ever pay me.

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Busy bee
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I have two, and neither lasted very long at all.  The first was my first real job ever (excludes babysitting).  I worked as a hostess at a chain restraunt and I didn’t really get the training I needed.  The girl training me was more worried about boys and horses LOL So it was bad.  And I got yelled at by an older man for calling him sir!  Seriously? What would you rather me call you?  (he said I am no better than you don’t call me sir!)

The second was for a property development company.  I worked there for 3 weeks was all.  My first day I drove home crying it was so bad.  The boss was seriously a paranoid weirdo, I don’t know how else to explain him.  And there wasn’t a lot for me to do, but there was a lot of work to be done that they wouldn’t let me do…Again, it was just totally wierd and I had to get out of there as quickly as possible.

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Sugar bee
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I worked for a total slob once. looking back on it, I think he might have been a mild hoarder. 

the “office” was a detached garage that was uninsulated and was only heated by space heaters.  there was trash all over the floor (including food wrappers, cups and used kleenix) plus tons of dog hair, caked mud…..you name it.  the place reeked of wet dog all the time.

every morning I would clear the trash off the desk that my boss left there the night before. I would also have to sweep mouse poop off the desk & keyboard every single day.  

any surface that was not currently in use was completely covered in messy piles of paperwork and trash. there was a kitchenette off to the side, and some of the drawers were always open, with trash and papers just kind of cascading from them to the floor. after 6 months, these waterfalls of paper never moved.  the sink was full of debris, including dried up old food and moldy things. 

on top of how gross the office was, it was super cold, even if I had two space heaters pointed at me.  I would wear coats, hats and fingerless gloves in there. 

the furniture was old thrift store crap. like, plastic folding chairs or wobbly rolling chairs with one broken wheel. one desk was too low so the keyboard was always sitting on a box of kleenix to raise it up. 

my boss was a total jerk who would always argue with us. he would act totally suspicious and question everything we did to make sure we were never ever slacking off. he chewed with his mouth wide open and sometimes took naps in the middle of the office floor on a lawn chair. he was disgusting. I could not stand him. 

I only had this job because I was previously unemployed and desperate. I had to work there for 6 months! this was a professional job, but I got paid $11 / hour and no health insurance (a typical salary should have been about $50,000 for my experience level). it was so humiliating to have to work there. 

this is not a picture of the office, but it is a really good example of what it looked like. picture this but with mouse poop and food trash, clumps of dog hair, splintery unfinished wood floors and exposed drywall with water stains… I am not exaggerating:


let me add that I am a neat freak, so of course that didn’t help 🙂

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Sugar bee

I think it’s a tie between two, so I’ll talk about both:

My grandparents used to run a testing laboratory, and I worked there a few summer/winter breaks during college to earn extra money. The first 3 times I was there, they had me doing office work which I loved, was very good at, etc. The third time, my boss (also my uncle) blindsighted me with the news that I’d be working in the basement as a bottle washer. Yep, that’s right: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I was standing around in my REALLY nice office shoes on bare concrete floors washing bottles out with acid solutions, running them through the dishwasher, dumping out smelly samples down the drain (many of their customers were wastewater treatment plants) and – my LEAST favorite part – scraping labels off the glass bottles with a paring knife so they could be reused. It still sets my teeth on edge to think about the sound the knife against the glass made. Ugh. It was exhausting and boring as hell, so I found jobs near my college campus the following summer and winter.

The other was working at Claire’s for about a month and a half before I found my current job. Anyone familiar with Claire’s can pretty much imagine the environment: shrieking little girls and their bored brothers, teenage shoplifters, a horribly cramped store stocked to the gills with crappy plastic bits priced 10,000x more than they cost to make.

I was hired for a “third keyholder” position, which sounded pretty cool until I realized it was code for “has all the duties and responsibilities of a manager, except none of the pay/benefits.” I was barely 2 weeks out of training when they were leaving me alone for 8 hours shifts. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, and the mall I worked at was in the process of dying so we barely had any customers which didn’t seem to matter to corporate: I’d get blamed if my hourly/daily sales numbers were lower than the expected weekly average. Ugh.

Fortunately, I quit just as they were getting ready to make me start doing piercings on live humans. I was hopeful things would pan out where I work now, so I kept fumbling with the foam ears so they wouldn’t make me do it lol.

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Helper bee
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My first job was working at a Pretzel place. I lasted one night, bc the stench of the place made me feel so ill!

Then a few years ago, I was working a nanny job. It was a great job at first, but there were nanny cams in virtually every room of the house minus the bathrooms. I slept in the baby’s room too. They had a nanny 24/7. It was intense. I constantly felt on edge in fear of doing something wrong, or something looking bad on cam when it really wasn’t if that makes any sense. 

They went through nannies like no other. I got ‘laid-off’ a few days after Christmas. I eventually found out the reason why they didn’t want me anymore. A friend’s friend interviewed and trialed for my old position, and the mom mentioned why every other nanny didn’t work out. She has a super sensitive nose, and she claimed I used too many perfumed scented lotions and body washes. In reality, I switched to everything unscented for when I worked for them. I guess I still smelled like a perfume counter? 

I do not miss that working environment! I’ve been very fortunate to find great families to work for since .

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