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I have a month vacay in 4 weeks 2 days and I can’t wait!!!lol . We’re going to pick a last minute package. 

We have done alot of wedding prep as we are both on contract, so it’s important to knock it off asap. 

Dress shoes veil jewelry  – done

Bouquet done. 

Deposit on venue photog officiant. 

Rings done. 

Fh just took a new contract that is very specific, so now we aren’t exactly sure where that will leave is in a year, as there are a few different directions it could go. 

So our house hunt  and relocation depends on the outcome. It’s nice to know those things won’t impact the wedding because we will have it all set n paid before the contract ends.

And it gives us something nice to focus on. 

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desertgypsy :  congrats on the accomplishments and the trip sounds awesome!! 

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That all sounds amazing! So happy for you! 

I too have a new job. I started the first of the year and love it. 

My SO and I have come up with the ring I want, together. We’re currently diamond shopping and looking for just the right one, which he will be able to pay for in full by April. After that, he’s going to have the ring designed! 

I have my house listed and am currently house shopping in the city where my new job and SO are. Fingers crossed I can make the move soon, as he’ll be moving in when I do and my commute will be cut in (over) half. 

We have vacations planned for both his birthday and the week of Easter, so that will be great. 

Also, SO’s huge project at work will be ending today, so we’ll get to spend the entire weekend together! It’s been weeks since we’ve done that, and I’m so excited! 

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desertgypsy :  Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you! That’s amazing.

I have basically hated my job almsot the entire 2 years I’ve been here. The job itself is awesome. The bosses…not so much. So I was just offered another job and I start in a little under 2 weeks. I’m so happy to start a new journey. 

I love seeing everyone’s good news! 

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Congraulations, Bee!! 

I am in a big wedding in a couple weeks for one of my besties and I canʻt wait to see everyone 🙂

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desertgypsy :  Congratulations!! That’s so exciting!

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desertgypsy :  Congrats on the new job! That’s amazing news. Isn’t in wonderful what the love and support of a few people can do for your mental state? Where are you going backpacking?? 

Our good news: Hubby and I are kicking butt on paying down our debt. We hope to be debt-free by the end of this year (ahead of schedule!) and then start saving agressively for a house. 

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desertgypsy :  Congratulations, bee! I don’t know you but I feel like I do after beeing on the bee for a couple years now, and I actually teared up reading your post. So happy for you – this sounds so well deserved and I’m so glad that a technicality didn’t hold you back from pursuing a dream job! 

There have been some challenges lately, but I’ll focus here on the good stuff. Aside from some family turmoil, the rest of my life is going pretty great. My first year of marriage has been happy and healthy, with some great opportunities for travel and new experiences. My husband also got a significant raise & bonus this year, so we’re saving as much as possible in the hope of moving to a lower COL area & buying a house within a couple years. I’ve hit some milestones in my career and am really enjoying it at the moment. 

Also, my Brother-In-Law recently started a new job and got a huge raise (like 50% more!) which makes me really happy because he is one of the hardest working people I know and was working for way less than he deserved for a long time. 

Yay for good news! 

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That’s fantastic news!

Things at my work have been tough recently so I’ve been cheering myself up buying bits and bobs for the wedding. Mainly to remind myself why I need to work lol. 

Today I brought a tiara! Last week some personalised acrylic table confetti and place name cards for the tables, and just before that a guest book and table numbers and table number card holders

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desertgypsy :  That all sounds so incredibly amazing! Yay you!

I know how hard winter can be (hello, I live in germany?!) and my winter has been terrible, especially healthwise. There has just been so much stress and when you’re not feeling well the whole winter thing and crappy health can really get you down.

Buuuuuuut….on the happy side: after years of housing search in a terrrible market we are close to closing on our dream house. And this week, the old dream house we were waiting on called to offer it to us “for realz”. So now insteand of zero dream homes we’ve got two to choose from. Well, we love the new offer so we’re going for that, but it was so affirming to know that things just fall into place if you give it time (and yeah, stay positive and work it)

I am so happy to see the end of this winter tho’. No joke. 😂


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desertgypsy :  yay I LOVE a feel-good thread

My news: After seemingly never ending training, cleaning up widdles and constant vigalence, our puppy is toilet trained!!

He’s a good boi. Here! Have some pictures!!


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