(Closed) Tell me what you think, was i treated unfair?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

She sounds a bit sneaky and unprofessional.

And yes, it does seem like she was pushing you to avoid the 20% off sale. I would be more polite to someone who was spending 3k at my store.

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Busy bee
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I know what you mean.  I had a similar situation, well not similar but the wedding planner I interviewed gave me a quote and would not tell me how much of it was her fee.   All she kept telling me is that her fee was built into the quote to which I kept on asking well how much is that and she would not say.

I didn’t mind paying her for her services, but I wanted to know how much I was paying especially since I wasn’t needing her to do a whole lot.  Of the 10k that you are saying I will owe, how much of that 10K will you get.   Well now she gets nothing from me because I’m not using her.

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Buzzing bee
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It totally sounds like she was trying to avoid losing 20% off the price of the dress because of the upcoming sale, so sorry :/ That really sucks. Do you have any sort of contract that says you have “X” amount of days to return it and get your deposit back? If so, maybe you could go somewhere that you’ll be treated better.

If not, at the very least, I’d have a sit down conversation with her. Tell her how you feel cheated, and you’d like to continue doing business with her (think shoes, veil, accessories etc) but you won’t if you feel like you’re just a dollar sign to her. Also, if she doesn’t back down, never underestimate the power of Yelp!

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Bumble bee
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Man that really sucks ๐Ÿ™

But honestly, thats the way things work. Once you put down a deposit you are locked in at that price. You may have had time to shop arround but since you’d been in twice I’d say it was a done deal. Definately they should show a tag that indicates who makes the dress. Maybe not always telling what style but still showing the designer. I know a bridal store in Folsom also sells made in China dresses… and I was shocked when they told me.

I would totally yelp post about the made in China and that the owner wouldn’t extend some sort of offer to you. So lame ๐Ÿ™

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Buzzing Beekeeper

That is really un-cool and unprofessional. To be honest, I would go back to that store and refuse to leave until I got some money back. Take your mom with you as back up!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

My advice: tell her you loved the experience up until this problem, and that you will calmly explain your story to warn brides all over yelp and other review sites if she does not help you out.  Even if you are locked in at that price, bridal stores will want to avoid the bad press they would get that would lead to brides avoiding their store.  I know the first thing I did when I picked stores to set appointments at was check them out on yelp and weddingwire.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Honestly – that’s how life works.  You’d already put down your deposit and locked inthe order before the sale.  Is it frustrating? – sure.  But is the shop owner obligated to give you the discount anyway? – absolutely not.  There is no point to having a time frame for a sale to take place if you give the sale price to customers who purchase outside that time frame.

And regarding her indicating that your dress is a “Sparkle Bridal Couture” dress – I believe some bridal stores have their own dress lines, in addition to stocking mainstream designers.  Maybe that is the case here and the dress you happen to have chosen is a part of their Sparkle Bridal Couture line.

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Sugar bee
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I would definitely leave detailed reviews for her shop, as PP suggested. I’m not sure you have other recourse. If you paid with a credit card, you might be able to cancel the order and challenge the charge, but I’m not sure how successful that will be.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I have to agree that since you already put down your deposit and agreed on the price, she isnt really obligated to give you the sale price that you saw ten days later. In the same way if the prices went up ten days later you wouldnt expect to pay the higher price since you already agreed on your price when you paid the deposit. Its just the chance you take when you buy something and if you hadnt see the new sale price you would have been happy with your purchase


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Sugar Beekeeper

Does the owner have to give you the 20% discount? Absolutely not.

Is it smart for a relatively new bridal boutique to build up customer loyalty and good business by telling you about the 20% discount and perhaps honoring it? Absolutely.

I am really surprised that they won’t honor  the discount, just seems like bad form in a way. I know several stores (some bridal and some not) that tell you “hey there is going to be a sale coming up…you might want to wait, come back etc.”

I would leave a detailed Yelp comment as previously suggested. As this is a newer business they need to know where their business is lacking so they can improve.

I visited Sparkle and found their customer service to be amazing but I did not buy a dress (they just weren’t my style). Regarding the ‘Sparkle Bridal Couture’ they have one or two designers that aren’t well known that provide the dresses rather than carrying all the mainstream options we are familiar with….that is probably why they said SBC rather than the actual designer. And to be fair most bridal gowns regardless of the designer are made “overseas” AKA China.

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Bumble bee
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That really stinks. I wonder what would have happened if you acted like a complete bitch initially and said frankly, I’ll come back after I see my other options. I wonder if she would have tried to solidify the sale by telling you about the event coming up.

It goes to show you, sometimes as a consumer, you have to be the assertive and brutal one or people will take advantage of you.  Granted it’s hard when the dress of your dreams is within your fingertips, but working in retail, I can say that bending over almost backwards should be par for the course. The owner was really quite dishonest with you, especially since we both know she knew of this event ahead of time. I purchased my gown at Priscilla of Boston about a year ago and at the time they did not know about their closing (at least I would hope). But if they had actually known, I would feel very deceived, indeed.

 You are only as good as your latest feedback, and I think Sparkles should learn this the hard way. Word of mouth can be lethal.

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Bumble bee
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I agree that the owner isn’t OBLIGATED to give the 20% discount, but in my opinion, she SHOULD have, especially since she talked you into ordering sooner than you wanted to.  She sounds sneaky, and it was a dumb move on her part as the owner of a new business (where reputation is EVERYTHING) to do this to you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there is anything you can do about it now – but definitely leave a detailed, negative review of the bridal shop after you pick up your dress.

Just try to remember how much you love your gown!  The negative feelings you have about your shopping experience will fade, and you will love wearing your perfect dress.

Also, just wanted to add…  I work PT in a bridal boutique, and we advertise our trunk shows/discount events like crazy.  If a bride comes in and loves a dress, we tell her right away (without any prodding from her) that we have that designer’s trunk show coming up on [x date].  There is no sneakiness and no pressuring – and we have a great reputation, and almost everyone who makes an appointment with us has been referred by someone else who had a great experience.  Shady businesses usually aren’t very successful, so maybe you can take a little comfort in that.

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