(Closed) Tell me y your last-minute "disasters". I'm five weeks out.

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  • Wedding: October 2016

I ended up buying a new dress with only 7 weeks to go. I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but it is adding a bit of stress while tying things up.

Good luck with your situation! Have you checked grocery stores or restaurants that might be able to bake?

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  • Wedding: September 2013

We didn’t have any vendor issues, but we had random minor issues within the wedding party.  We had a room for the girls and another for the guys to get ready at the venue.  One groomsman decided to wear his own suit and just rent the matching vest/tie combo…he was just a thorn in my side during the whole thing.  Another groomsman forgot his hair gel.  I had someone come and do the girls’ hair, but we all did our own makeup, and girls forgot to bring random things. One bridesmaid forgot deoderant, another forgot her mascara.  lol  

Luckily for me, my aunt had given me this huge bag of “emergency supplies” that she had made for her son’s wedding earlier in the year.  I HIGHLY recommend having one of these.  It had a travel size deoderants for my bridesmaid.  Small travel toothbrushes and toothpaste for everyone to brush their teeth after having brunch while getting ready, hair gel for the men. 

It also had things like packs of tissues, wet wipes, floss picks, hairspray, white chalk (covers marks on your dress), a Tide pen, a bag of makeup touch-up items, a small hairdryer, a crochet hook (we used this to do the buttons on my dress), bandaids, lotion, just any random toiletry type items that someone might need/forget to bring. 

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  • Wedding: August 2016

MaybeEventually : 

-Our officiant wasn’t answering our questions about the ceremony, so we had to find a new one a month before our wedding.

-I was stung by a jellyfish the day before my wedding (about an hour before the rehearsal ceremony).

-Our wedding venue never cut our wedding cake and didn’t put out plates for the dessert table. We didn’t find out until the end of the night when they handed us a large box with our entire cake in it, minus the piece we had cut during the reception. Luckily, it was a small 9″ cake, so we passed it off to my family to take home because we were leaving for our honeymoon. Also, we had mini cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and cream puffs which were eaten; otherwise, we would have been a lot more upset.

-The staff at our wedding venue threw away guests’ wedding programs and bookmarks, which had been wedding favors, as guests left their tables to mingle and dance. This was disappointing because we did not have enough extras to give each guest another copy.

-Lunch was supposed to be served at 12:30 while we were still taking pictures, but by the time we arrived after 1 pm, it was still not ready. We did have hors d’ouevres and salads though, so no one was starving.

-The last thing that was upsetting to my Darling Husband and I was the photography. We splurged on the photographer and went with a recommended vendor of our wedding venue, who is very reputable and one of the best in the area. Our wedding was only 3 weeks ago so we haven’t received any professional photos yet, but we gave her a must have shot list a week before the wedding (as she requested) and she maybe took a handful of them. She was out in the hallway taking detail shots of the wedding venue/reception space for over a half hour and barely took any getting ready photos of me with my bridesmaids. Those had been some of the most important photos I had requested for the day. There also were barely any pictures taken of just my Darling Husband and I (and little variety in poses/background). We are worried the photos won’t be what we envisioned, so hopefully they turn out okay.

ETA: None of these things ruined our wedding at all. They were upsetting when we first found out, but it was truly a wonderful, magical day. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, our wedding venue was our dream venue, our closest friends and family were there, and now I’m happily married to the love of my life!

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  • Wedding: February 2016

I don’t know if this is the type of story your looking for but I have a nerve damage issue in my pelvic floor which courses bladder issues and just as they announced the bride is here I needed to pee really bad and rushed to the loo and my poor fiancé (hubby) started panicking because it went all quiet and no one told him what I was doing. He was standing in the frount of the Hall sweating and all the guests started to look around,  like where is she? Everyone said the atmosphere was really tense.   I think it took me about 10 minuets  to get myself sorted which felt like forever for him. Also my page boy looked disgusted in the pictures of us walking down the Isle as he didn’t want to hold the bridesmaids hand and I laugh everytime I look at them. Then our best man dropped both of the rings and all of us were looking on the flore trying to find them mid ceremony, fortunately it got filmed so we can keep watching it and laughing! but I wouldn’t change our day for anything! All those things made our wedding ours and make good story’s after for us to tell people and laugh at. 

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  • Wedding: February 2016

Oh I forgot, we never got to cut our ” cake” it was made of cheese. Everyone decided that after dinner they wanted cheese and crackers and everyone just started dismantling it and cutting into it, it probably started with my nan though, she used to make wedding cakes and she always used to cut it up for the guests and hand it out. But she now has dementia and gets a bit muddled up. During our first dance my hubby’s little autistic cousins thought It was funny to run around us while we was dancing and run into us, we didn’t care though we were to busy singing along to the song. And last one our dj was a friend of ours and was meant to be doing the music but his wife said he couldn’t last minute so my brother took over and he played nothing from our list. But like everything else it didn’t bother us,  we were to happy to finally get married, it just went over our heads. I’m sure your wedding will be gorgeous! Just remember what it’s all really about and you will be fine! 

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  • Wedding: October 2015

WEATHER! I NEVER intended to do ANYTHING outside because I don’t trust Mother Nature. She’s bitichier than I am. I was convinced to have the ceremony only outside so for about a year that way the plan. When I went to visit the venue 4 weeks before the wedding I saw it set up for dinner service outside and fell in love. Changed my mind. Which means I now had an ENTIRE room (the reception space) to decorate. It wasn’t necessary before as it was going to be a transitioned space, but at this point it was a blank canvas. Trying to get a last minute decorator and DIY ideas was stressful. It also called for severe thunderstorms all week which has me so stressed out. It ended up being a gorgeous day, though!

Music! I thought it would be super easy to iPod DJ and i was, successfully, but time consuming. I was I gave myself more time to complete that.

Ceremony script/organization. It took me longer than it needed to because I’m a perfectionist and I wish I didn’t stress over it so much because some will be changed to fit the mood, vibe, etc.

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  • Wedding: September 2016

I’m now 10 days out. On Saturday my mum decided she wasn’t coming to our wedding. 

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  • Wedding: July 2016

Well.. I lost too much weight, even though the scale was telling me that I was going up in lbs!  My dress didn’t fit, and I had to have some last minute alterations.  Unfortunately by the time the wedding rolled around, I was in the phase of my monthly cycle where my boobs are at their smallest and with the least amount of belly bloat, and so the dress still didn’t fit.  Probably only noticeable to me, but in the photos you can see that it is sitting lower on my hips than it should be.

That, and the local power plant had a huge fire the week before the wedding, and power was off and on the whole week.  The power went off again the night before the wedding.  Was ok in the end, but definitely one of those moments that was overwhelming!

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MaybeEventually :  Wow, that’s really a shame! Have you tried calling some restaurants that you know have good desserts or other places that might not be obvious wedding cake places? The bakery I ordered from said they only need 1-2 weeks notice, so I wouldn’t give up. Get your relatives and friends to make calls too. Poor baker, sounds serious.

Well, none of my last minute disasters were things I knew about in time to do anything. So if this is your disaster, and let’s assume you fix it, be grateful! My dad ended up hospalized for 2 nights on the way to my wedding in the random city of his lay over. (He wasn’t supposed to have a layover at all he had a non stop flight that missed because of an emergency procedure and then to get to the wedding he took a not non-stop the day after where his health problems cont’d) He did make it to the wedding tho, and barely to the rehearsal dinner. 
The night of the wedding our shuttle bus didn’t show up, that was a huge disaster that made my Darling Husband and I miss the last part of our wedding trying to help our guests. (Eventually ubers and cabs showed up and took them home.) 

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  • Wedding: September 2008

My cake baker had a falling out with our day of coordinator and canceled all of the coordinator’s clients’ contracts THREE DAYS BEFORE OUR WEDDING. We had to get a cake shipped in from out of town too, but it was so much better than our original cake would have been that we were extremely pleased. Here’s hoping you have a similar outcome! 

I’m not terribly familiar with Canada (only visited British Columbia once, as a preteen), but do you have big grocery store chains with bakeries inside like the USA? They are like my go-to source of kids’ birthday cakes. Worst worst case, you can do what my friend did when her cake baker went into labor two days before her wedding day and order a basic white, tiered wedding cake from the grocery store. It was inexpensive, looked quite nice once she put her topper on it, and was surprisingly delicious (chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and whip topping icing)! 

Other last minute things that went wrong… Darling Husband and I both lost too much weight and needed rush altereations after our final fittings, and… I had to pull the our ring bearer from the wedding processional because he got stage fright and had a total meltdown. I told him it was okay, he dind’t need to do it, and I gave him some candy. When he kept sobbing with a mouthful of candy (haha!), I ended up having my Bridesmaid or Best Man who was a nanny and is great with kids help him get seated up front with his stepmom.

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  • Wedding: August 2016

My DJ got stuck in another country. His assistant was working on finding us a replacement but didn’t bother to contact us and let us know what was going on. I was trying for over a week to contact our DJ with no reply and was completely freaking out. We ended up seeing a review from a wedding he was supposed to do the weekend before ours saying he had an “emergency” and they got X as a replacement. I then called X and asked him if he knew what was going on and he gave me the assistants number. They did find us a replacement and he was great but it was very annoying and unprofessional for the assistant not to contact us and inform us of the situation.

Also, the bakery lost our two payments! It wasn’t a huge deal as we could prove we made them and they did find them but it pissed me off. Especially because when I called to confirm our favors they said they hadn’t been holding our date because they didn’t receive payment but I saw the check was cashed months befor that. Luckily no one else had taken our date. They also called a couple days before saying they hadn’t gotten our final payment. I was already in the middle of the DJ crisis and pissed off at this point so I was a bit of a bitch and insisted that they look again. They found it in 5 minutes of looking.

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  • Wedding: August 2015

We had day-of disasters.

One of our two handmade $750 indoor trees fell over twice. Once during the ceremony. I was mortified. One of the decorators had to stand behind the tree holding it up during the rest of the ceremony.

Our photographer double booked himself, and the wedding prior to ours was outdoors and rained out. So he was late and sent two random people to shoot our wedding. He said he would come finish up after the other wedding. When he arrived at 5pm he didn’t have his camera and told us the other two were doing a great job and he wasn’t going to take any photos. I was LIVID.

The florists forgot our junior bridesmaid’s bouquet. I made them use the toss bouquet for her. All of our bouquets lost flowers and stuff too. The florists were gluing them together after the ceremony for photos.

Our venue was too scared to cut our cake. So they called the cake company and the owner came from 40 minutes away to cut our cake at 10pm… Sigh.

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  • Wedding: October 2015

MaybeEventually :  Here the “minor” issues that happened at my wedding:

  • I planned 15 minutes between each “thing”: ceremony, pictures, etc. because I figured with as big of a wedding party as we had and how . . . um, *annoying* people can be in big groups (like herding fucking cats to be honest), that we should cushion everything with fifteen minutes. The only problem? Everything was completely on time. My DJ said it was the most punctual wedding he had ever been in in over fifteen years of DJ’ing. So there were a couple of periods of “down time” where it was too early to do something else.
  • Attire: The best man (DH’s brother) did NOT have his wedding attire the morning before the wedding. I had made a point not to pester people about it and trusted that a grown ass man would have gotten his wedding outfit prior to the wedding. He didn’t and dragged Darling Husband out to Macy’s the morning of the wedding to buy it. 
  • I forgot to set out plates for our vendors to eat. 
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  • Wedding: May 2014

DH’s dad forgot that he was supose to bring Darling Husband to wedding venue.  The vehicle situation was a bit of a ballet that day, as we were taking my parent’s SUV to the reception, but our vehicle to the B&B where we were spending the night.   Our vehicle needed to be at the reception, which Darling Husband was to drop of and Father-In-Law was to pick him up from and take to the church.  Father-In-Law completely forgot, and Darling Husband had to bring car to church, which Father-In-Law and Brother-In-Law drove back to the reception venue, and then because Father-In-Law has his own internal clock that runs 10 minutes late, were back at the church in time to cut it close for the wedding.  The whole car to reception and back should have been 10/15 minutes, ended up taking 45.  I had built an hour of the day to keep Father-In-Law on time, and because he forgot his son on his wedding day, that whole hour went to the way side.

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