(Closed) Tell me your embarrassing drunk stories so I feel better =(

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I ate a doily once, but it was LONG before I was married.

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Not sure if this a is a fail or a win… but one time on the way home from the bar I was about to get sick. I threw up into an empty cup and no one else in the car noticed… some how…? 

I also got really drunk before Fiance and I got engaged and cried and told him that I was pissed that people had to have weddings. Because they are expensive and we couldn’t afford one. And I asked him “why can’t we just hang out forever and everyone can just be cool with that?” lol then I threw up in his yard. That was because of really shitty wine that hit me way too hard and quick. lol 

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ladycirtolthiel:  Haha I just laughed out loud while reading this. 🙂

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I don’t drink that much, I’ve only ever been drunk once and… never again. I was mortified.

We had just bought our house. FIs brother had come to visit and to help us finish moving in. The first night we stayed here we had a BBQ to celebrate. I had donated blood that morning and have always read not to drink after giving blood. I’d decided that it was a special occasion so it was OK to drink, I’d only had a few.

Oh boy! Did I regret it. I didn’t even drink much. It floored me, very quickly too. I went into the bathroom, almost fell in the bath, decided I needed to lay down but couldn’t find our bedroom (as we had just moved here). Eventually got there, vomitted down my front and passed out on the floor.

I will never drink after donating blood again!

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I will only say that Patron shots were involved, there were fluid emissions, I threw up on my very sexy date (on a first date), got into a bar brawl due to my over exaggerated sense of personal space on the dance floor. My brother came to pick me up and I demanded Snickers bars and to talk to “my husband” ( I didn’t have one).

I woke up the next morning in my townhouse, on my leather couch, naked with my SIM card stuck to my left butt cheek. Good Times….


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Was similar situation to you last night.  So I’m 16 and my friends and I have only been drinking for a few months.  I’ve never really gotten anywhere close to my limit before or gotten anything more than tipsy.  We went to a park and I downed a solo cup of shitty red wine, 2 vodka coolers, half a rum and coke, and two vodka lemonades a within the window of like two hours while bitching about my #issues to anyone who would listen.  It was really embarrassing but it got way worse once I went over to my friends house to sleep over.  Her dad was in the kitchen and I had to be walked by two other people down the stairs cause I literally couldn’t stand.  My friend gave me a glass of water which I immediately threw up into, then I threw up again but this time on her CREAM CARPET.  I spent the next few hours in the washroom, in my underwear since id thrown up all over my clothes, shaking and literally losing count of how many times I threw up.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch outside the washroom, thinking I was done but BOOM at like 8 I vomited 6 more times, about once every 20 minutes.  On my way home I had to wear jeans covered in puke since I hadn’t brought a change of pants, and a t shirt in 4 degree weather because my jacket was in a similar state.  It was in my hair and I had to walk past my friends dad covered in and smelling like vodka, hydrochloric acid,shame,  and partly digested pasta.  I feel so guilty, my friend says she’s not mad but I’m pretty sure I got her into trouble, and I know her parents will hate me now.  I’ve spent all day unable to even sip water cause of my stomach and shaking.  I didn’t even get a tiny headache though, so I’ll take that.  I just hope I feel normal tomorrow.  I’m never drinking again, certainly not liquor and certainly not to excess!!  I have no idea how to make it up to my friend or earn back her parents approval/trust.  It sucks cause they’re such a nice family.  Thank god my mum just presumed I was on my period instead of suffering the effects of mild alcohol poisoning.

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 Last summer I went to my friends bachlorette party. It was the first once that I’d ever been to, and I was really excited! We went wine tasting for most of the day, went to a brewery and also had a gin cocktail. In the evening, we all went out to eat dinner at a pub. Before the food arrived, I started feeling kind of sick. I stood up and threw up all over the floor and the table at the resteraunt. It was AWFUL and incredibly embarrassing. To make matters worse, we were all told to dress in white so I threw up all over my white outfit. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. I don’t mix liqour anymore! I didn’t even feel like I was drunk, ugh.

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Lololol this is a great Zombie Thread! But side bar…

amaryn :  What exactly are you doing on a forum titled WEDDING bee if you’re only 16?…

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somathemagical :  ya im sorry for commenting but I’m not sure how to delete.  I’m stupid.

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somathemagical :  What exactly are you doing on a forum titled WEDDING bee if you’re only 16?…

perhaps a bridesmaid?

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somathemagical :  Just for interest, you can get married in the UK from the age of 16. Is the age higher in the US?

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amaryn :  Oh my gosh be careful!  You could get alcohol poisoning :/ you are still young and your liver isn’t completely mature yet.  And it’s ok you’re allowed to be on this site!

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