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Honey bee
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Well…mine is probably on the opposite end of what you are thinking, but I’ll share. I still feel bad about this.

Last year I was late for work and really upset about it. I was under a lot of pressure at the time, and I was exhausted and late everywhere. I pulled out of my development and my windshield was fogged up, but I was blasting the air and trying to get it so I could see.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang and realized I had hit the neighbors’ car. I got out, looked at it and saw that it was fine (not even a scratch), and got in my car and drove off. I was super late. I then spent the rest of the day sick to my stomach about how I didnt tell the neighbor about hitting their car, just in case.

A week later, I was driving to a work meeting and slid on ice and my car went under a bus. I totally believe it was karma, and the first thing I thought was “you deserved this for not telling the neighbor!”. From now on I give myself more time to get to work, and I will never, ever again not ring the bell if I do something to my neighbors’ stuff! They do, however, still have the car that I banged into.

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Busy bee
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When I waited tables during highschool in my hometown, we had a customer that was always really, really rude to me. She would even request not to have “Pocahontas” serve her, which was her snarky nickname for me. Apparently she’d mistaken me for a different server that had messed something up for her before I was even hired there. Whatever.

One day she came in and was sat in front of the hall that leads to the restrooms. A little boy from one of my tables got sick and didn’t quite make it – threw up right behind her chair and I think some of it splashed onto her feet or her purse.

I took extra good care of that little boy and then took a sweet, long time to inform the busser of the mess to clean up.

It’s probably not good to revel in something like that but still, that incident was like a gift from baby Jesus to me.

Also in the same restaurant, we had a waitress that was being picked on by management – they called her the worst waitress and generally gave her stress over things that really weren’t her fault. One night things were going kind of rough for her and she opened one of her ticket books to find a $100 tip. We all said that of all the servers that could have gotten it, we were glad it was her.

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Honey bee
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We know a couple that got pregnant on accident, she was on the BC pill. I said something really stupid to my husband, “She probably stopped taking them on purpose!”

A year later I get pregnant while on the BC pill. That will teach me!

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Sugar bee
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I don’t really believe in Karma, in the way most people do. I do think that what goes around comes around in the sense that, the energy you put forth is the energy you get back. But, I think good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people, just as well as good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.

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I totally believe in karma. It bites me in the butt sometimes!!

There is someone in my graduate program who is a witch. Apparently, in undergrad she took some clients who were underage out drinking and wasn’t kicked out. She continues to exhibit the same poor judgement with clients now. Today, I heard through the grapevine it has all caught up with her and she was fired from her job.

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Buzzing bee

I do believe in karma.

I think the reason I’m so happily married right now is because my horrible ex treated me so badly.

I think that the universe just decided that it was my turn.

I can’t prove any of this, of course, but I believe it in my heart!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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not sure if i ever called it karma but i believe that bad people will get their punishment at some point. 

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Bumble bee
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I like reading these stories but I don’t believe in karma at all.

I think good things happen to good people, shitty things happen to good people too..just like good things happen to “bad” people and shitty things happen to bad people too..

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Busy bee
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I had one boss a couple years ago who was aweful to me! So mean, changed the schedual on me without notice, wouldnt give me time off even when I asked a month in advance, made me work when I was almost passing out from a fever, yelled at me infront of customers for nothing. So I finally found a new job and quit, I heard from an old coworker that she got fired for verbal abuse and well plain told being a horrible boss!! So many customers had complained about her they had too! 


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