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My fiance and I have been together for 5 years, 3 of which have been spent “semi long distance” (FI travels for work for months at a time).

This July, I had a small gathering at my house to celebrate my birthday. Mike traveled home to be there, and spent almost the entire night hanging out with my dad (Hmm, I wonder why). Of course, I was completely oblivious to this as I was busy hosting. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

At the end of the night, Mike and I get in the car to head back to his place, and he starts asking me things like “are you tired? Did you have too much to drink? I have a letter I want to read to you for your birthday, is tonight a good night or do you want to wait until tomorrow?”

Somehow his intentions remain completely unbeknownst to me. 

So we’re heading back to his place but we miss our exit. I notice and ask where we’re going. He says he wants to stop by his mom’s unnoccupied property in Plant City, FL to check on the cats and hang out outside for a few minutes (there’s no light polution in that part of town, so you can see all the stars at night.)

So at this point it’s like 2:15 am, we get to the house, get out of the car and head out to this field behind the house.

He starts looking around for this patch of even ground in the middle of the field and we both stand on it.

He takes my hand in his, and begins reading the letter he wrote me for my birthday. I’m an instant mess of tears, as he makes his way through this beautiful, heartfelt expression. He nears the end of the letter, and gets to the “I want to ask you a question” portion and I go into a full on ugly cry.

And with that, the love of my life gets on his knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my entire life and asks me to be his wife.

It was beautiful and private and everything I’d ever dreamed it would be. 

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beachbumm105:  It was the best night of my life!

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Love this thread. My boyfriend of 3 years…we went on an all expense trip paid by his work (he worked his butt off and won his first yr as manager!) we went to Jackson Hole Wyoming and he took me up to the top of the mountain and proposed. we spent the week having adult time (we have 3 kids) getting massages, going white water rafting, country bar dinner, fine dining, hiking and so much more. it was AMAZING

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beachbumm105:  After a day on the beach snorkeling and picking up sun, we had pizza for dinner and went back to the beach for sunset from an old railroad bridge.  He said my mom should take pictures of us at sunset.  While she was taking pics he said his foot itched.  My mom is like get back up and he pulled the ring out and proposed.  It was amazing and I had no clue it was going to happen and neither did my mom.  She was visiting and he had asked her permission over a year earlier.

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My Fiance proposed while we were on vacation in Italy celebrating my birthday and our two-year anniversary. We spent part of the trip on the Amalfi Coast and decided to splurge on a one-night stay at Palazzo Avino, a restored villa perched in the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. We had finished dinner at our first Michelin starred restaurant and walked back to our hotel. Instead of going back to our room, he suggested we head to one of the hotel’s gorgeous terraces to sit outside for a bit. 

There we were under a gazebo dripping with wisteria vines, Italian jazz drifting down from the hotel bar, lights twinkling on the beaches below, when he told me how much he loved me and how wonderful his life has been since I came into it. He got down on one knee in the grass and pulled out the sparkljest ring I’ve ever seen!

Unbeknownst to me, he had arranged for an international phone plan so that we could call our parents afterwards. He had asked my parents for their blessing a few weeks before and they were waiting patiently by the phone when I called with the big “news”!

This is the spot!

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October 2014, my now DH and I were sitting in our theater room watching a movie. I was drinking (DH was not drinking) and taking a lot of bathroom breaks. During one of those breaks, we just started talking about our future while the movie was on pause. He stated that he would like to get married sooner rather than later. I asked “Well, when? Should we start planning now?” He said yes, and we agreed that his spring break (he’s a teacher) would be perfect, since we didn’t want to wait until summer. We picked out my Ering together within the next week, were engaged for a total of 5 months, and are now happily married newlyweds πŸ™‚ We had dated to 2.5 years before our wedding, and had lived together for nearly 2 years before we got engaged.

Our “proposal” was definitely us. We’re not people for dramatic moments, and prefer practical discussion. It didn’t make the whole thing any less exciting for us, we had a badass wedding πŸ™‚

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Congratulations on your proposal! i have been engaged for 8 months and I still find it unbelievable sometimes! My story is simple and sweet. It was New Year’s eve and we were at the house of one of my oldest and dearest friends and her husband, along with several other of my oldest friends. Just as the ball dropped, he whispered in my ear all the things he loved about me. New Year’s Day is my birthday, so I thought he was just being extra sweet until he dropped on one knee to finish his speech (which he had been practicing in the bathroom right before the ball drop!) and I did a very ugly cry. He gave me a beautiful ring, we called my sister and aunt, and his mom and sister who were eagerly waiting by the phone, and then had champagne with all our friends. We stayed up till 5 AM just staring at each other and giggling and yelling out songs we HAD to play at the wedding! Amazing! I loved that he did it with the people who had been there for some of the very hardest times in my life, and who could now be there for the happiest!

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I should have seen it coming…I don’t know why I didn’t.

I planned to propose to him. He found out and decided to beat me to the punch. He disguised it as us going out to dinner to celebrate me in a new position at work. He dressed in a suit, me in a dress. We went to my favourite place where he had invited our closest friends and family. As they all walked through the door, I turned back to him and he was asking me to marry him. It was so sweet!

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I just got engaged yesterday! πŸ™‚

We’re both still in college and I had a really late night class that interfered with us celebrating out four year date-versary. I asked if we could go out and get some pizza to celebrate instead. He wore my favorite red shirt that shows just enough chest hair. (mmmmm) There is a little pizza joint near campus so we went there and hung out in the back next to a concert poster. He spent the whole evening explaining football since I was interested in the Patriots game overhead. (I finally know what 1st and 10 mean!) He had asked me earlier if there was something special he could get me for our date-versary and I told him to write me something. I am a fool for a handwritten letter. I begged for him to give it to me while we ate but he said no.

After we ate, he took me to the park and gave me the letter. The stars were so pretty and shiney but it was almost to dark to read the letter. (I eventually used his phone’s flashlight.) He stood up to hug me and I noticed his hands were all twisty. I didn’t want to stop hugging but he slipped down on one knee and whipped out a ring. He looked in my eyes and said, “Felicity, will you marry me?” 

I have to say that it was DARK and I didn’t see the ring. I thought he was just messing around so I said no and laughed. He never moved. I think I said no a total of 3 times before I realized my love was being very serious!

It’s not the most magical proposal in the world but it definitely does our relationship justice! 

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It was his birthday night and I had planned a night out with our close friends to go to a comedy show and a bar. He told me he had booked a room at a hotel near by so that we didn’t have to make the long drive home at night. He ended up booking a room on the top floor over looking the city. I thought he had just wanted to spend the night in a fancy hotel since it was his birthday. 

While I was facing away from him I asked if he had a good birthday and he responded saying “yes, I got everything I wanted except one thing, you”. So I said “what do you mean? You already have me”. And while I was turning around he got in front of me, got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and said “no, I want you forever. Will you marry me?”. 


I teared up to say the least and was totally surprised! πŸ™‚

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My hubby and I met online. We first met on a Saturday afternoon at a coffee shop downtown. At the end of the date he walked me to my car. He gave me a hug and I knew I would be with him the rest of my life!

We went ring shopping when we were thinking about getting engaged. I was kind of on high alert on the weekends for it to happen. The weekend he asked me Friday and Saturday had come and gone. I didn’t think he would do it on a Sunday, so that threw me off big time. We went to my parent’s house for lunch and on the way back to his house he said “hey let’s stop for coffee”. I’m like “sure I love coffee”! That should’ve thrown me off because we never randomly get coffee on a Sunday afternoon. He decides to park in a spot waaaaay far away when there clearly were a million other spots closer. Ok, not super weird, but I didn’t think anything of it. He ends up parking in the exact same spot that I parked on our first date. We get out of the car, and I’m waiting for him to put his sweatshirt on (the sleeve was inside out). He was taking FOREVER and I was giving him crap but that’s because he had the ring box in there and he didn’t want me to see it! We start walking, he puts his arm around my waist as we’re walking, and then he stops and turns me around. He says “this is where our first date ended and this is where I want the rest of our lives to begin”….ahh!! He planned to have our parents meet us at the coffee shop afterwards. So, my parents knew about this all the time over lunch!! πŸ™‚

Love all of the stories on here!

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I fixing to propose to my long time Girlfriend. Let me give you some background. Im a long distance runner and quite competitve when it comes to it. I also love building legos. My Girlfriend and i both enjoy the past times. I however enjoy it more than her.

My future proposal goes something along these line….. There is a place called jacobs ladder in a nature park in Waco, tx. I plan on going for a walk like we usually do back home. While visiting waco i plan on challenging her to a race up the stairs and win of course. Along the way up I plan to point out messages I will write on the concrete stairs in advance. The first one will say “Don’t Stop” ( so she won’t suspect its me). The next message will read ( Hope you don’t get tired of me). The last one will read (will you marry me). They will be written one or two words per stairs along the way. The last message will be the last 3 stairs. 

Once she finishes and is a little out of breathe I’ll be waiting on the top with a Lego made ring box down on one knee.

I feel this is more for me then her lol


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I was pregnant and our 1 year anniversary.  We went to Olive garden.  He had a 16 oz steak and I had lasagna. Before that night, he had a box about 5 by 5 inches on our bookshelf.  I had no clue. Anyway, before our food came, he asked for me to close my eyes. He moved the ring in the box. He was so nervous. After eating,  he was too full to get on one knee.  Haha. But it was a great night.  

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