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Worker bee

Oh, man.  I’ve had some… bizarre roommates during college.

My first set of roommates were three super sweet girls, and unfortunately I have yet to have equally nice roommates again.  I had one who left the country in the middle of our lease, and two that had nervous breakdowns due to stress and dropped out of college.  

Last year I was saddled with an awful girl in school housing who did drugs in our room all the time; I tried to report her to the school so I could get permission to move in with someone else, but it turned out the person supervising our floor was actually her drug dealer so he refused to look at any of my requests and I was stuck there.  She got mad at me for trying to report her and started leaving passive-aggressive notes taped to my wall whenever I was in class.  Around the time that her parents came from out of state and staged an actual intervention, I moved out and have lived alone since, thank goodness!

So hey, it could always be worse!  I’m sure you can hang in there for a few more months.  Are you and R getting your own place after that?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I used to live with these two girls during university. One I knew from high school (we’ll call her K) and the other I met in residence during my first year of university (we’ll call her M).

One day I went with M to a bar where we bumped into this guy I had had a rendezvous with previously and he basically fed me a line and disappeared. I was really hurt. On our way home from said bar we were talking about this dude and the situation and I said “You know me though, I don’t just sleep with someone, I don’t have one night stands, that’s not the type of person I am!” and she stopped, looked at me and said “And what?! I AM?!”, walked away, got in a taxi and left me standing by myself on a sidewalk at 3am in downtown Toronto. So needless to say when I got home I nearly ripped the door off her room, tore a strip off her for putting me in a potentially dangerous situation, and for totally warping and twisting what I said. I ended up having to move out because she refused to see that what I said literally had nothing to do with her and had NO reflection on her character whatsoever. Our other roommate hated conflict and decided to stay living with the crazy chick. On the upside, I moved into my own place and didn’t have to deal with roommates any more 😉

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Buzzing bee

I had a roommate who had sex on my futon… and I walked in on it once. She was really, really neurotic (I mean, other people are pretty sure she had some problems adjusting to college life) and was obsessed with things like cleanliness–no matter if I vacuumed as she walked in the room, as soon as I left she’d do it again! She left me nasty notes about how “gross” I was (Literally, people, having dirty laundry in a hamper for a week is not gross…that’s just life) and all this wacked out stuff in the middle of me having mono. She was quite a person, I guess.

The next year I lived with two friends and a random assignment. The random girl and I shared a room, she was ok but she would literally text ALL night! I don’t know how she wasn’t tired! Also, she refused to share anything with me, which I didn’t mind (because it was my stuff)–I ordered a microfridge, I brought a TV and a futon, etc. She brought a small fridge, another TV and all kinds of other duplicates.

At that point I just gave up and moved in with my then Boyfriend or Best Friend (now FI) for a semester, and once campus housing leases were up, I moved into an off-campus apartment with my sister. UGH, roommates!

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Busy bee
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One of my bridesmaids had THE CRAZIEST roommate of all time during our freshman year of college. Her crazy roommate:

* got a health code violation because she would buy rotisserie chickens from the grocery store, pick all the meat off and eat it, then shove the carcasses under her bed

* got her nipples pierced and then insisted on walking around topless in their room all the time so she could “air them out”

* used to have sex with her boyfriend while my bridesmaid was awake, in the room, up and about, sitting on her computer or whatever

* gave my bridesmaid mono. My bridesmaid got mono out of NOWHERE and couldn’t figure out where it came from, and her roommate responded, “oh….it might be because I let my boyfriend drink straight out of your orange juice carton, and he has mono.”

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Bumble bee
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I gave up on roommates long ago for a reason!

Roomate #1 straight out of high school:

Dude was in his early 30’s with a PhD and chose to work 2nd shift at a gas station because the jobs he could get with his PhD interfered with his party schedule! We had white carpet and he refused to take his shoes off- leaving dirty footprints everywhere he walked in the apartment. He was terrible at actually hitting the toilet when he peed. I literally ended up having to scrub the toilet and the floor aorund it Every. Single. Time. i had to use it! Gross!

Roommatess, take two:

I moved into my sister’s room in an apartment, temporarily, while looking for a job and housing after just moving to Milwaukee. I had 4 roommates, none of which had any clue how to do even the simplest household chores. The place was a steaming pile of used dishes, discarded alcohol/beer/wine everything, used cat boxes everywhere (they never changed the boxes, just bought new ones and left them wherever). I wouldn’t sit on the living room furniture because during various and frequent parties people would piss and vomit on it and the roommies never cleaned it up, just piled more newspaper on top and sat down! When I moved in I literally had to clean a path to wherever I wanted to move because it was that piled with filth. (but hey, I wasn’t paying rent or buying my own food, so I couldn’t be too picky about my housing!)


Roommates, take three:

Started out okay. Moved in with someone who grew up across the street from me and a friend of hers. I learned over the next year that she was schizo. Even though I was only home maybe once a week (I worked full time, had school full time, and was basically living with my boyfriend of the time cause his place was way nicer and quieter), she decided I was trying to kill her and tried to place a restraining order on me. After the court date, where she told the judge that she was afraid I was going to shoot her in the head while she slept and I was trying to poison her (umm…I don’t own a gun and had NO reason to harm her at all!), the judge ordered her to get a mental evaluation and get medicated because she was CRAZY. that was 6 months into our lease. The landlord refused to let me move out and crazy lady refused to find another roommate (umm…if you think I’m dangerous, why do you want me around?). For the next 6 months I had to increasingly move into my bedroom (basically a closet) because she started to destroy anything mine left out of my triple locked room. And once I made the mistake of leaving my room unlocked when I went to the bathroom and she went in a trashed it! WORST. ROOMMATE. EVER.

Roommate, take four:

We were good friends. The first year and a half was great, but she decided to move out out of the blue and when she left, she took a bunch of my stuff with her. It took me months and months to get it back!

After all that, I refused to live with people for years. I always tell Fiance he’s on probation living with me until we’re married, when I guess I’m stuck with a roommate for life. ;p I LOVED living alone after all that insanity. And, well, I LOVE living with Fiance too, sometimes. ;p

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Bee Keeper
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Ours was pretty decent.  We roomed for 2 years with FI’s best friend.  His friend has a LOT of money, so didn’t really relate to us in terms of budgeting, etc.  He always came home with some weird techy device, but had to ask us every month was day rent was due. . . the FIRST – always the FIRST!

He and his now wife would always cook in our kitchen, but didnt’ know how to clean, etc.  I came home one day, and they were using 2 of my chefs knives to cut through wedding gift boxes. HELLLLLOOO!! These are $200 knives….


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Bumble bee
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My roommate freshman year started with “borrowing” (without asking) my boots and worked her way up to wearing my undies.  Yes, my UNDIES! (I hated her…)

I moved in with my friend sophomore year which I expected to be much better.  We ended up living together for the rest of college, but it wasn’t without it’s problems as well (which may be why once we graduated, our friendship IMMEDIATELY dissolved…haven’t seen her since!).  The one that comes to mind is the day I came home to check our answering machine (the old school mini-tape kind) and caught a message of her chatting with our other friend (one of my BMs) about what a pathetic relationship my bf at the time and I had, and how we were both so immature, insecurity and selfish.  He’d “lavaliered” me (fraternity thing) and her bf in the same frat hadn’t done the same for her despite having dated longer.  The lavalier had been a gift – yes this all happened on my birthday!

I had a roommate a few yrs ago who was quite the prankster.  Most of the time it was awesome, and he really did crack me up.  Of course, the night I stumbled in drunk at 4am after losing my coat and wallet, having the old “bucket of water propped on top of the door” trick pulled on me wasn’t quite as appreciated.  He ended up having to replace my phone.

Living with Fiance has been a blast, and I’ve only fallen in the toilet ONCE!

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My last year of college I shared an apt with a girl who I had 1 class with the year prior. I needed a roomate b/c my other roomate had just bailed and dropped out of school. So this girl was great and stepped in for her. Things started great. Then I realized how off she was. She had a strange obsession with a male celebrity that she would talk about like they were friends ex: “Hey did you see that X was at Disney today? Yeah he loves Disney, especially space mountain” or something just as crazy. Also she would shave her lady parts in the shower and NOT rinse them down the drain. It was DISGUSTING. Also I got really ridiculously sick not once but twice because at that point I didn’t know that she was washing dishes in cold water and not getting all the soap off so I was unknowingly eating dish soap.

I’m so glad I live w/FI now. He doesn’t always pick up clothes or dishes but at least he doesn’t poison me!

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Bumble bee
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So I haven’t had any crazy roommates, but I was an RA in college so I saw some crazy people other people had to deal with.

  • I had a girl on my floor who’s room had to be inspected once a week (by me) for cleanliness because she was soo dirty she couldn’t keep a roommate.
  • There was a quad room that in their roommate agreement it stated: “Try to make it to your own bed/desk/chair if you are going to have sex, but if you can’t, it’s cool if you use someone elses.”
  • When I was moving into my one-bedroom apartment after living with four other girls, one of my roommates offered me her dishes (she’s the only one who had dishes) because she was getting married in two weeks.  Awesome, except she forgot to tell me that they were dirty in the sink and our dishwasher was broke.  So I carted dirty dishes to my new house and ran them all through the dishwasher as the first thing I did when I moved.

Do work office-mates count?  Because I have a lot of stories about that, lol.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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haha oh man. I’ll tell you about THE WORST one. 

See… I was best friends with my then-bfs best friend’s gf. got that? 🙂 So it was perfect… then-bf and his best friend were going to live together and the friend’s gf (my best friend) was going to move to our city and we were going to be roommates, and we were all going to live in the same building 1 floor apart. This is what great teen sitcoms are made of, right?? Yea… then like 2 months before we were all supposed to move my friend broke up with the then-bf’s best friend and decided she wouldn’t move here and I had no roommate, I lost my friend, and everything got all crazy. I flipped out bc I couldn’t afford to live alone and everyone else i knew already had roommates, and told her I wasn’t letting her out of the lease unless she found me a new roommate, so she went to roommates.com and found one. I met with the girl before we signed the lease and she seemed super nice so I said ok. 

Then we moved in. And she was a nightmare. I am not a super-tidy person at all… but I draw the line at oh…. leaving raw chicken sitting in the middle of the living room floor? Loud sex with strangers? Said strangers walking around naked but-for her short silk robe? Turning on the AC (it was in her room), locking her door, and then leaving for a week? Not paying our cable bill for months until it was turned off (it was in her name, I’d write her a check, which she cashed, and she would not pay it). I mean… it got BAD. Every time I would try to ask her to not do something crazy she would shriek at me “I’M SORRY I’M NOT SO FUCKING PERFECT LIKE YOU ARE. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE SO FUCKING PERFECT ALL THE TIME.” yikes. I was constantly scared she was either going to 1) commit suicide (she was super unstable), 2) destroy my stuff, or 3) kill my cat (she was crazy!). I actually went to lowes and got a doorknob with a lock/key so that I was sure she wouldn’t hurt the cat. 

In the end, I made it through the lease, she did owe me some money but it wasn’t enough to take her to court over (i’m thinking like a few hundred), and I never have to see her again. I did see her once waiting tables at applebees but I saw her before I was seated so I just left and didn’t go back there for a few years. No idea what happened to her (except I did find out that she ended up marrying the robe-wearing/loud-sex-having stranger (that she apparently met on hotornot.com)).

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Worker bee

Some of these roommate stories are crazy!  The worst for me was in college when I had a roommate who would bring in random people from the street and let them sit/sleep on my bed.  Or she would invite her brother or her boyfriend to live with us for several weeks without telling me. 

My fiance had a roommate freshman year who turned out to be a pedophile.  He got busted by Perverted Justice and was on one of those Dateline operations.  Creepy. 

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Sugar bee
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Um let me see….

Oh I know. I use to share an apartment with my cousin who was a total slob. I of course didn’t know this til we lived together. Food left sitting for days, clothes all over the house. Piles upon piles of mail EVERYWHERE!! I could go on but I wont.

You get the point. Ugh!

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