(Closed) Tell my husband what he can expect! Please haha. *ingrown toena*

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I had this problem and had to have both of my big toes ingrown nails removed all at once.  Really wasn’t too bad had to go to the podiatrist and they numb up your foot – they covered my view but my mom was watching.  Basically they take a big scissor and cut off a portion of your nail – like the entire nail including the bed and then they use a big toothpick looking thing to push medicine into the skin that basically burns it so the nail doesnt grow there anymore.  After the numbing medicine wore off it was sore for about a day or 2.  I tried to wear sandals if possible – and then you have to make sure you rince it in epsom salt a few times a day.  Now its back to normal – doesn’t look any different.

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I have had, wait for it, FIVE ingrown toenail operations. One for each corner of my big toe, plus an extra because someone screwed up once. He should ABSOLUTELY go to the doctor – if it’s starting to look real ugly and angry, or starting to ooze, it could be infected. When I finally got in for my first appointment, I had to use a cane because putting any weight anywhere on that foot was excruciating, and he said it was so badly infected that if I’d waited much longer it could have gotten into my blood, meaning sepsis. 

Yes, there’s a needle and a scalpel, but the needle isn’t big, and you can’t see it. They put a screen up, and the needle is to numb your toe. It’s not exactly fun times but once the needly parts are over, that’s it for pain, you can’t feel anything except a little tugging. They slice out all the nail bits that are ingrown and make your nail smaller on that side, then add some kind of chemical that stops it from growing anymore. But it doesn’t hurt, and it only takes a few minutes. 

Afterward, they wrap up the toe, and then you take care of it however they tell you for a couple of weeks. (I had to do saltwater soaks twice a day, add an antibiotic cream when it was dry, and then put on a new dressing.) I’m a big wuss, and I didn’t think it was gross or anything. (I freak out when someone gets an IV on television, for perspective.)

IMPORTANT: If you can, PLEASE go to an actual podiatrist. The time that someone fouled it up and I had to do it again, it was a walk-in clinic. The four times I went to a real podiatrist, it went swimmingly. If at all possible, I highly reccommend a specialist. 

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