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I’m a full time student with a part time internship, I got to a small public university. It is kind of my dream job, my goal is to finish undergrad, finish grad school, and become a professor. 

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I am an event planner in the development office at a performing arts college in Boston. I love my job and all of my colleagues, and the organization is wonderful and growing. I have a visual arts background, so my ideal job would essentially be doing exactly what I am doing here, but for a museum or gallery. The hardest part of my day is the odd hours (events being at night) and the long commute (it takes me about an hour and a half each way).

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where do you work ? full time/part time?  I have my own shop that I work more than full time at… but I can take off as much time as I want, too.

is it your dream job? what is?  Absolutely. I love being a small business owner and being my own boss.  This situation isn’t my most ideal (I own one location of an existing company that has 3 others in my city), but my NEXT move – where I move to a new city and open a similar shop under my own name with my own policies and such – definitely is.

the good bits about your job ? the bad bits ? is the pay any good ?  Good – being my own boss, unlimited PTO, dealing with happy customers all day, people love my product, I love my product, I’m right next to ice cream shop, my parents love my shop so they’re always here.

Bad – dealing with staff (they’re great right now but we had some hiccups to get here), I pay myself very little to put money back in the business, the hours are intense and I don’t have a life, my parents are here all the time.

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I’m an attorney in New York.  I don’t want to say exactly what type of law I practice because then people will probably be able to know who I am, but it is in criminal law. 

It is a full time job. 

Being a lawyer was my dream.  For some time, it wasn’t my dream.  Now, I like it again.  I like being in the courtroom, in front of a judge, arguing the law, writing motions that argue the law, I like being on trial.  The bad parts is the stress and the inability to control the outcome.  Unless we “settle” our cases (plea bargaining), we have to rely on a jury that doesn’t always seem to do what we all feel was the “right thing.”  But, that is the justice system and there’s only so much you can do! 

The pay is not great.  I don’t work for a private firm, but I have over 3x the amount of my annual salary in student loans and the interest is so high that they just keep accruing.  If I could give someone advice or do it all over again, I would say not to go to law school unless you can go for free or for very little in tuition.  If I didn’t have student loans, the pay would be better, but I was making almost the same amount 6 years ago before I went to law school being a legal secretary for a big firm without having any student loans, working 9-5. 

Also, the hours can suck.  Sometimes you have to stay here longer or work weekends and there’s nothing you can do about it and no, you don’t get paid any extra. Sometimes, you’ll get extra vacation days or whatever, but normally, you work extra hours because that’s part of your job. 

But, being on trial is really fun. 

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where do you work ? full time/part time?  I work full-time for a defense contractor.

is it your dream job? what is?  I’m not sure there really is a dream job but I really enjoy my job and have fun with my co-workers.

The good bits about your job ? the bad bits ? is the pay any good ?  My job involves supporting the Army in destroying chemical weapons (what the media calls WMD) that are stored or either recovered in the US as well as providing support to other countries so the good bit is that we’re making the world a little safer.  The bad bit is dealing with the government and my predominantly male client base.  As a female I run into some frustrations because they’re so used to dealing with men.  Pay??  I live comfortably.  πŸ™‚

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where do you work ? full time/part time? FULLTIME i work for financial planners/stock market

                                                    Part time i work at a Renn Faire & Sell my crafts


is it your dream job? what is?          Nope & NOPE.. party planning or decorating

the good bits about your job ? the bad bits ? is the pay any good ?

 Good- the people i work with!! cant ask for a better group. 

Bad- not a lot of time for myself, not a lot of room left to grow 

pay- its good for the area i live in, i would make a lot more if i moved to a bigger city.

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Where do you work ? Full time/Part time?  I work in the athletic department of a major university. Full time.

Is it your dream job? What is?  I’m not sure. I do love aspects of my job but there are sucky parts too. Like working long hours, often being away from family on holidays. Etc. I’m not sure what my dream job is. 

Good bits about your job ? Bad bits ? Is the pay any good ?  
Good – work in athletics, being at work doesn’t always feel like work, perks like free gear and clothes, travel around the country for free.

Bad – long hours, little recognition, travel gets tiring, not having a flexible schedule.

Pay – Not horrible but not great either. I know I will never earn a lot of money in this job. 


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I am an IT Engineer for a major IT company since 2010. I work fulltime and have been promoted twice. I would have never dreamed of working with this, but I love it, everything from the SW and HW side of it. I am learning so much and it’s really a great job. Starting a new job in 7 weeks for the same company. 

My dream job would be opening a yarn/book store and knit/crochet all day, design new clothing and shawls.. mittens.. and have a stitch and bitch meeting once in a while. Book store would be okay too. I can knit and read at the same time πŸ™‚

The bad bits about my job:

Because I am a girl and I am technical, I feel that I get comments from guys alot, and they are not always positive. Some guys are sweet and really impressed with what I am doing, and some guys think I am non technical and ask for a technician etc. I hate when people don’t understand when I am pushing for a solution on their systems and they don’t listen because it’s a fact that I am a girl so I shouldn’t know these things.. you wouldn’t believe what people have said to me because I am a girl. .. insane! 

Good bits:

For my short in experience in IT I earn a pretty nice amount of money.  I have gotten so much great benefits with pension, extra holidays, dental and medical insurance, as well as I have been paid for my exams and certs. I love my job! 

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where do you work ? full time/part time?  I work in HR at a large zoo. I’m full-time – I’m responsible for the onboarding of all new staff, hiring of our season staff (about 500 people a year), planning our job fair, and interviewing candidates (along with other things)

is it your dream job? what is?  No, but it’s pretty close. My dream job would be to work in volunteer management at a large non-profit (basically HR for volunteers). I’d love to work for the Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sister, or where I am now.

the good bits about your job ? the bad bits ? is the pay any good ?  

good: My boss trusts me a lot, I get along with all of my coworkers, I work at a zoo (I mean, seriously, how cool is that?), I enjoy mediating conflicts, I get to see cute kiddos every day, it’s customer service oriented environment, I get to give people jobs (seriously so fun!), awesome benefits and a lot of job security

bad: I deal with a lot of teenagers and their drama, there’s a lot of politics involved working here, I have very drastic busy seasons and not-busy seasons (so sometimes I’m working 50-60 hours a week, sometimes I’m bored to tears looking for stuff to do), our managers can get annoying (ie: “I need 25 employees by tomorrow”. How do they expect that to happen?!?), while I work at a zoo, I only get out on grounds one or two times a month.

pay: I make about 10k less than someone with my same title would make at a for-profit. However, I get to go to work knowing that doing my job is actively saving the environment and not just lining the pockets of “the man”. Plus, like I said above we offer a really nice benefits package and lots of job security (we have done zero layoffs during the recession), so it all works out in the wash.

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@SuperKate:  ooh, do you work at Mizzou? I graduated from there!

@futuremrsk18:  FI was going to go to law school after college but was offered a full-time job so he deferred…and ended up just never going. It sucks how much money it costs and how little money you make (unless you end up lucky at a private firm). Plus the job market isn’t that good right now. I feel for you!

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where do you work ? I work for a very recognizable non-profit.  It is an international non-profit that has local chapters all across the world.  I work for the local chapter in my county.  I love the work that the organization does.  I manage the fundraising/marketing department.  It is a BIG job because I am responsible for brining in almost $1 million in fundraising dollars per yet, plus supervision of 1 full time, and 2 part time staff members.

full time/part time? full time and a bit more, haha

is it your dream job? what is?  This is not my dream job, but I hope it is a step to my dream job.  I really want to work for a corporation giving out grant money and organzing their community involvement/corporate social responsibility efforts.

the good bits about your job ? This is really cliched, but when I see the benefits of my organization on the lives of others and in my community I am really thrilled that my work has a direct impact.

the bad bits ? I do work a lot.  I often have night meetings or early morning breakfast meetings.  My boss is one of those people who is constantly making sure I am in the office and is not very lax with time off.

 is the pay any good ? Surprisingly, the pay is decent but not great.  I get a bonus if I reach my fundraising goals.

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i work as an assistant at a talent agency in the theatrical department. we represent actors in film/tv/theatre. i work here fulltime.

no, my dream job would be to be a talent manager/own my own company or work for a great company as a manager or agent.


the good parts are i love the people i work with & dealing with actors all day. the perks include dealing with famous people, seeing shows for free, getting a lot of respect from actors. my boss loves me & i have a fair amount of job security.

the bad parts: THE PAY SUCKS. like seriously, i can barely afford to live & have to work a restaurant job on the weekends to get by. a lot of people want to do what i do so they dont have to pay us much.  people will work for barely anything just to live the dream.

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@Mithralia:  I feel you on the woman in a man’s industry.

where do you work ? full time/part time?

I work full time as a project manager on IT projects.

is it your dream job? what is?

Nope, I’d be doing something more creative. I’ve been doing some work on the side with branding, website design & other graphic design work and I’ve been loving it so I’m not really looking forward to going back to work. That would definitely be my dream job!

the good bits about your job ? the bad bits ? is the pay any good ?

Good – very good pay and I love what I do I like to organise stuff & thats pretty much what my job is but on a big scale! My job generally comes with a lot of work but a degree of flexibility. 

Bad – Can be very stressful, has a lot of accountability and long hours.

Pay – at the moment pay is excellent but you are expected to work hard for it and in the end of anything goes wrong it’s on your head which is a lot of pressure!

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