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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

ill play!

Wedding Date: October 13, 2012

Engagement Length: 1.5 weeks (we did a JOP wedding our one year anniversary is 1 week after our wedding)

Colors: Brown orange burgandy and burlap

Theme: Autumn Country

Wedding Party(#s): 5 on each side

Ceremony (where, time): NoSugar Grove Carriage House 3:30pm

Reception (where, time):  Same Place immediatly after dinner at 5pm

Dress Style: etsy sweetheart a line

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair by Galilee/ Makeup by Genelle

Honeymoon Location: GetHes planning a hog hunt in east TN

Flowers: Bridesmaids – orange roses with grape vines mine- chocolate and orange roses with wheat and fall leaves

First Dance Song: Sammy Kershaw “Love of my life” describes us perfect

Centerpieces: Votives in mason jars and other jars we collected from friends and tin can luminaries with fake leaves and fall garland on burlap overlays. Each table will be different 

Food/Menu: Center Point BBQ!

Cake Flavour: The cutting cake wll be pumpkin spice with a top anniversary layer of devils food. I am making mason jar cakes for each guest in vanilla, chocolate and pumpkin chocolate chip.

Favours: Cakes and either caramel apple bites, local apple in a bag with caramels saying apple of my eye, or idk yet lol

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ – booked! First Dance DJ Service!

Bachelorrete (when/what): None πŸ™

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Wedding Date: August 5, 2012 – our 10 year anniversary πŸ™‚

Engagement Length: 10 months

Colors: Robin’s Egg Blue, Sand, and Chocolate Brown

Theme: Beach

Wedding Party(#s): 4 on each side, including Bridesmaid or Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor

Ceremony (where, time): Gazebo on the harbor at 3pm

Reception (where, time):  Remodeled mill after ceremony

Dress StyleChiffon A-line with Beaded Lace on Empire

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair/makeup

Honeymoon Location: St. Lucia

Flowers: Bridesmaids – gerber daisies and roses, Mine – stargazer lilies and roses

First Dance Song: “Our Song” by Elton John

Centerpieces: Bubble bowl filled with sand and shells with lit candle

Food/Menu: Passed hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour and buffet for dinner

Cake Flavour: Golden yellow, we spent our money on decorations!

Favours: Personalized M&Ms

DJ/Band/Ipod: iPod at ceremony, DJ at reception

Bachelorrete (when/what): July 21, 2012 – night out on the town

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2013


Wedding Date: 16th March

Engagement Length: 1 year

Colors: Not sure yet. Lots of colours in invites, pew ends etc but haven’t pick bm dress.

Theme: Not really a theme, just want it bright and colourful πŸ™‚

Wedding Party(#s): 1 on each side, my sister and his best friend.

Ceremony (where, time): Catholic Church at 1pm

Reception (where, time):  In the stables of a castle

Dress Style: Tea length 50’s style dress with lace sleeves. The dress has petticoats so it kicks out.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair/makeup

Honeymoon Location: Vietnam

Flowers: Felt flowers from etsy

First Dance Song: The Wedding Band (Mumford and Sons and friends), ‘I Take Your Hand’. Unusual choice but the words really work, plus I love upbeat songs πŸ™‚

Centerpieces: Flowers

Food/Menu: 5 course meal with beef or cod for main.

Cake Flavour: None!

Favours: The sweets we loved as children in candy stripe bags with personalised stickers.

DJ/Band/Ipod: Really cool band. They’re gonn play at the ceremony, arrivals reception and after the meal. They’re sure to get evertone dancing!

Bachelorrete (when/what): weekend of my birthday, a night out on the towN


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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: March 2012

Why not? πŸ™‚

Wedding Date: March 3, 2012

Engagement Length: 1 year

Colors: Dark purple, Kiwi green

Theme: None, really.

Wedding Party(#s): 3 girls, 4 guys (including 1 MoH and 1 BM)

Ceremony (where, time): Large ballroom, 2 pm

Reception (where, time):  Same place, after ceremony

Dress Style: A-line with beading, pick-ups, and organza…hard to describe.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Hair – Pro (friendor) and makeup semi-Pro (friendor for the color stuff, self for some of the other?)

Honeymoon Location: TBA

Flowers: Bridesmaids – I don’t remember, Mine – white magnolia bling bouquet from bluepetyl.com (I may be remembering the name of the bouquet wrong)

First Dance Song: “Never Gonna Be Alone” Nickelback (don’t judge, lol)

Centerpieces:  DIY plate stands with edible family favorites; picture hangers; other random things (candles, flower petals, etc)

Food/Menu: Dessert & hors d’oeuvres buffet (was an afternoon wedding, but had lots of food)

Cake Flavour: White chocolate – it was absolutely DELICIOUS and I want some now. πŸ™

Favours: Personalized chocolates

DJ/Band/Ipod: iPod

Bachelorrete (when/what): February 2012, “girls night sleepover” at MoH’s family cabin in the Mtns. Wine, chick flicks, etc.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

YAY Love these wedding surveys

Wedding Date: April 20, 2013

Engagement Length: 5 months so far, 12 months total

Colors: Fuschia, Gray

Theme: Romantic/Garden/Elegant/Mediterranean

Wedding Party(#s): 8 on each side (yes, it will be a lot!)

Ceremony (where, time): Darlington House, La Jolla, 4pm

Reception (where, time):  Darlington House, La Jolla, 4:30ish-10pm

Dress Style: Custom ballgown with applique flowers, soft sweetheart, long plain sash

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): TBA, probably Mish Mucho for hair and T&T makeup

Honeymoon Location: Puerto Rico!

Flowers: Bougainvillea, Garden roses, Roses, Peonies, Maidenhair fern, Dusty miller, and more

Officiant: Our college pastor, who now has his own congregation in Vancouver–we’re flying him down, and we’re SO excited.

Centerpieces: We are DIYing all the flowers! Fresh cut bougainvillea in variety of vintage milk glass vases. Garden roses and peonies in bud vases, various other pink flowers

Food/Menu: Greek buffet

Cake Flavour: I am baking a 3-tiered cake, and two sheet cakes in Almond/Amaretto Bavarian cream/Raspberry and Chocolate/Mocha mousse

Favours: Probably bakery boxes of homemade cookies

DJ/Band/Ipod: Ipod, managed in shifts by a few friends who will also emcee. They are a bunch of quirky comedians, so I’m really excited to have them emcee for us.

Bachelorrete (when/what): No clue! We threw around ideas like a wine tasting/resort weekend in Temecula, but my Maid/Matron of Honor is planning this (hopefully!)

Shower (when/what): My Maid/Matron of Honor will be planning this sometime in the winter, when all my bridesmaids are in town!

Photographers: Anika London Photography. I love them <3

Engagement Session (when/where): Berkeley, CA where we went to school, in December (can’t wait!)


Yes, I added on some categories!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

Wedding Date: April 24th, 2013

Engagement Length: 2.5 yrs

Colors: Aqua, pink, yellow

Theme: Wedding

Wedding Party(#s): 2 on each side

Ceremony (where, time): Phuket Wedding Chapel at 4pm

Reception (where, time):  Resturant at 6.30pm

Dress Style: San Patrick Capricho

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair/makeup: Airbrush

Honeymoon Location: Japan

Flowers: Bridesmaids – Pink & White Lotus with Frangipani

First Dance Song: Not having 1st dance

Centerpieces: Pink & White Lotus, with candles

Food/Menu: Thai

Cake Flavour: Rosette Buttercream Cake, maybe cupcakes also

Favours: Unsure

DJ/Band/Ipod: Ipod

Bachelorette (when/what): Girls Day at Destination Wedding

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Wedding Date: August 26, 2012

Engagement Length: 4.5 months

Colors: Light blue, sage, and ivory

Theme: Simple, natural… river rocks and lovebirds

Wedding Party(#s): None (best decision ever!)

Ceremony (where, time): Bello Giorno Catering 3pm

Reception (where, time):  same

Dress Style: Jasmine Couture T282

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro makeup/DIY hair

Honeymoon Location: None yet.  Frown

Flowers: Blue & sage hydrangeas, ivory roses

First Dance Song: “You’re My Home” – Billy Joel

Centerpieces: Sage table runners, glass vases with river rocks and a candle.  More river rocks spread along the table runner.

Food/Menu: Italian appetizers and dessert only.  It was awesome – everyone loved everything and no one left hungry.  Big money-saver.

Cake Flavour: Vanilla coconut and chocolate hazelnut

Favours: personalized chocolates

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what): None – I spread the word that I didn’t want a bachelorette party or a bridal shower.  I just didn’t want to bother anyone.  And I wanted everyone to save their money for the wedding card.  (I know, I’m bad….)



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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

Wedding Date: November 3rd, 2012

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: Purples & Silver

Theme: Bling! (inadvertantly)

Wedding Party(#s): 10 including us.

Dress Style: AA Belle 2012

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro for sure!

Honeymoon Location: Cruise through fiji and vanuatu πŸ˜€

Flowers: Bridesmaids purple hydrangeas & roses, My flowers – white hydrangeas and brooches

First Dance Song: I dont know! My finace is picking it out and I wont know until we go to do the dance!

Centerpieces: Crystals Candleabras

Food/Menu: At the momeny a buffet… although were hoping to change this if the parents wont be so interfering!

Cake Flavour: White Chocolate with a honeycomb buttercream

Favours: Lolly buffet

DJ/Band/Ipod: Band and they are TOTALLY amazing

Bachelorrete (when/what): in two weeks, it included a pole dancing lession but not sure what else!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: April 2012

Wedding Date: 21st April 2012

Engagement Length: 16 months (plus 10 months pre-engagement/waiting with agreement I could plan)

Colors: Scarlet, garnet, gold, white, spring green and thistle purple

Theme: We is Awesome, We are Scottish, Therefore Scotland is Awesome!

Wedding Party(#s): 2 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, one best man, one bridesman and three ushers plus three readers.

Ceremony (where, time): Long gallery of Fingask Castle at 3pm

Reception (where, time):  Fingask Castle, gardens and pavilion with drinks and the wedding breakfast from right after the ceremony. There was a ball in the evening from 7.30pm.

Dress Style: Custom-made gold silk dress with three skirts (ballgown with 9ft train, 1950s circle skirt with huge red petticoats and slinky pencil skirt) all made by Emmeline Couture.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair by Gwen Avinou and make-up by Sophie Alexis

Honeymoon Location: Two nights at Cameron House on Loch Lomond followed by five nights Singapore, two nights Kuala Lumpur, one night Langkawi, five nights Koh Lipe, seven nights Hua Hin and two nights Bangkok.

Flowers: Me: Black Baccara roses with red chillies. Bridesmaids, mum and grandma: Sahara (gold) roses. Groom: Black Baccara rose, red chilli and thistle. Groomsmen and FoB: Thistle

First Dance Song: “Always a Woman to Me” by Billy Joel followed by “It Must Be Jelly (‘Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like That)” by Woody Herman

Centerpieces: 80cm silver 5 candle candelabra with a cloud of gypsophila in the middle on round mirror plates.

Food/Menu: Haggis, neeps and tatties with whisky cream sauce or leek and potato soup/Roast rib of beef or roast filled of salmon or stuffed aubergine/Cranachan (raspberry mousse with whisky and toasted oats) or chocolate brownie

Cake Flavour: Two tiers fruitcake, two tiers dark chocolate, one tier white chocolate and lemon, one tier madeira cake with buttercream and raspberry jam plus a toffee flavoured groom’s cake.

Favours: Miniature bottles of home-made spiced orange liqueur and boxes.

DJ/Band/Ipod: Ceilidh/klezmer band and DJ (plus a harp and flute duo for the ceremony and a pianist for the evenin drink reception)

Bachelorette (when/what): Joint stag and hen with casual dinner/drinks followed by many hours of private karaoke.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

Wedding Date: July 27, 2012

Engagement Length: 7 months

Colors: Dusty Rose, Cream, Silver

Theme: Vintage/Outdoorsy

Wedding Party(#s): 4 (two for him, two for me!)

Ceremony (where, time): The Alton Mill (4pm)

Reception (where, time):  The Alton Mill

Dress Style: It was a Sophia Tolli’s Alba


Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro Makeup by a friend, Pro Hair by Carusi hair salon

Honeymoon Location: Roadtrip through New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Tennesse, and Ohio

Flowers: TOTALLY SCREWED UP. Supposed to be pink roses and was a whole bunch of green and white things instead.

First Dance Song: “Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore

Centerpieces: Three cylinder vases of different sizes filled with river rock, flowers and floating candle with tea lights around it.

Food/Menu: Strawberry and spinich salad, stuffed capon with asparagus and roasted potatoes, followed by wedding cake!

Cake Flavour: Chocolate with white buttercream and berries

Favours: Small vials filled with seeds.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ– Sounds of distinction

Bachelorrete (when/what):My sister suprised me and we hung out at her place, played some games, then went to …er… somewhere I won’t post on the net!

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2012

Wedding Date: June 23, 2012

Engagement Length: 17 months

Colors: Green, brown, beige, white, gold

Theme: Midsummer Nights Dream, theater, enchanted forest

Wedding Party(#s): 4 bridesmaids 4 groomsmen 3 ring bearers 1 flower girl

Ceremony (where, time): Capitol Theater main stage 4:30pm

Reception (where, time):  Capitol Theater upstairs 5:00 pm

Dress Style: Demetrios Blue 122- huge beaded organza and tulle ball gown

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): professional hair and makeup by Posh Salon and Spa

Honeymoon Location: Carnival Pride cruise to Orlando (Disney World), Freeport and Nassau- The Bahamas

Flowers: Bridesmaids: lanterns with hanging amaranthus, ferns and stock flowers

Groomsmen: green berries, ferns, fiddleheads

My bouquet: bear grass loops, ivory polo roses, amaranthus, stephanotis, ranunculus, anemones, brown fiddlehead ferns, green and white lisianthus, eucalyptus, green hypericum berries, stock flowers and various ferns.

First Dance Song: “Oh That I Have” by Mt Eden Dubstep- it’s electronic

Centerpieces: 3 feet high cylinder vases, 10 curvy willow branches, 3 different types of hanging crystals, fake amaranthus and white wisteria sitting on top of either an antique book or a slice of tree trunk. Moss covered votives and chalkboards with moss frames I made for the table names (which are names of the charaters from Midsummer Nights Dream).

Food/Menu: lemon garlic chicken, stuffed shells, spinach mandrin salad, honey butter carrots, rolls, red skinned mashed potatoes, wedding cake, candy buffet, coffee and punch

Cake Flavour: the bottom 3 tiers are red velvet, chocolate and vanilla

Favours: candy buffet

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ/ rave style reception

Bachelorrete (when/what): It sucked. It was just my Darling Husband and I with 3 friends, we went downtown 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2012


Wedding Date: July 6 2012 ceremony- July 21 2012 reception

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: mostly all white with hints of ivory & gold

Theme: our intimate Greek island wedding

Wedding Party(#s): 2 on each side – bridal table only

Ceremony (where, time): Santorini, Greece Dana Villas 4pm (after a morning at the beach!!)


Reception (where, time): quay bar Sydney CBD (pre drinks & photos) 4pm, Aesops greek restaurant Sydney CBD 6pm – late

Dress Style: lace mermaid with sash & soft sweetheart neckline 

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): helen Savva (Santorini -recommended) Franck Provost (Sydney – not recommended)

Honeymoon Location: (including pre wedding holiday) 6 days Istanbul, 7 day Mediterranean cruise, 1 week Athens & Santorini, 7 nights tioman island Malaysia 

Flowers: White roses + baby’s breath

First Dance Song: “You give me something” Jamiroquai (jive)

Centerpieces: White roses + baby’s breath small round vases (DIY) with lots of frosted tealights

Food/Menu: 7 course sit down buffet style Greek food

Cake Flavour: Cake display table – “don’t be a stick in the mud” cake, “say cheese” cake, “strut your stuff strawberry sponge” cake, “let’s get loose mousse cake” and our wedding cake a grand mariner infused vanilla sponge

Favours: Take home cake, Fererro Rocher in clear boxes, Chivas Regal scotch for the dads

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ / MC restaurant owner included FOC with our booking

Bachelorrete (when/what): April 2012, cocktail party @ friends house – games and a naked stripper that I still have nightmares of LOL



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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Wedding Date: 10/20/12

Engagement Length: 1.5 years- too f’ing long.

Colors: navy, green, and white

Theme: I don’t do themes- they feel like unnecessary pressure to me to keep it up through the whole wedding, especially with as much as other people have gotten involved (whether I asked them to or not) with buying stuff.

Wedding Party(#s): 5 on each side

Ceremony (where, time): FI’s family’s longtime Catholic Church at 2

Reception (where, time):  A large but gorgeous public golf club at 5:30

Dress Style: It’s a DB with several fairly major alterations.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): My friend/hairdresser is doing my hair, because she’s the only one I’ll let near it (for free! Happy wedding gift to me!) and a girl who works in her salon and does makeup on the side is doing my makeup. She did my friend/hairdresser’s makeup for her wedding and she looked gorgeous, so I basically just said “I want what she had”

Honeymoon Location: St Lucia (two weeks of MUCH needed vacation!)

Flowers: BM’s will carry white carnations and green spider mums, I’ll carry the same but with blue orchids as well.

First Dance Song: Swing Life Away by Rise Against.  It was between that or Free by Zac Brown Band, but ultimately we decided why not have a punk band be our first song, it makes total sense considering the weirdo’s we are πŸ™‚

Centerpieces: Glass vaes in three heights arranged in a cluster with black river rocks, orchids (the Target special about six months ago) and floating candles, surrounded by votives.  It looks better than you’d think, since apparently water fluffs up fake flowers pretty well, and it was cheap.  Something like $15 a table or something, compared to pricing we got from florists ($30-50 for something reasonable).

Food/Menu: Cocktail hour apps I mostly forget- sesame chicken skewers, some kind of shrimp wrap thing, maybe a puff of some sort… I dunno.  We will have a mac and cheese bar that I’m basically going to park my one bridesmaid in front of all night- she’s had braces for the last six months and they’ll finally be off for the wedding, so she’ll be able to eat eewy gooey food like a normal person, and she’s thrilled. Then we’re offering a choice of stuffed chicken, stuffed shrimp, or a NY strip, or a veggie option which I think is some kind of pasta primavera, and a dessert bar.

Cake Flavour: A tier of chocolate and two of plain vanilla, all with white buttercream frosting.

Favours: Personalized matchboxes. We didn’t want to spend a lot but wanted something that would be useful to us if people didn’t take them, so these made sense.  We got 400 for like $150 and if no one takes them we’ll just collect them and take them home, there’s always use for matches around the house.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ- a friend’s brother (who’s actually a very good professional DJ, but that’s how we know him).

Bachelorrete (when/what): Atlantic City for the night, in a couple weeks.  Nothing hard and fast planned, just kind of putting on sparkly dresses and seeing where the night goes.

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Blushing bee

Wedding Date: November 13, 2012

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: orange and tan

Theme: tropical elegance

Wedding Party(#s): 6 on each side!

Ceremony (where, time): Paradise Cove, Orlando

Reception (where, time):  same

Dress Style: Can’t say, Fiance is right here, “pretending” to sleep, but I know your secretley watching honey, lol.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Still undecided ekk!

Honeymoon Location: Maui, Hawaii!

Flowers: Mom is my florist, so going to be a little surprizes! I told her my Fiance and I have been loving the bright fushia orchids and lime green orchids. We also like the stargazer lillies and orange lillies. So we’ll see what we get!

First Dance Song: OoOoOo not sure yet!!

Centerpieces: Beautiful, wronght iron candelobras that hold 8 tealight candels and a tapered glass vase for the flowers my mom decides on. Stands about 12 inches tall without flowers.

Food/Menu: Buffet style, pineapple chicken & honey ham! + sides

Cake Flavour: Having a cupcake cake, so having chocolate cake + peanut butter icing, white cake + vanilla icing & orange cream cake + orange cream icing (really delicious, not at all a strong flavor, very yummy!).

Favours: Candy bar with self serve candies and baggies.

DJ/Band/Ipod: Thinking DJ, last vendor on the list!

Bachelorrete (when/what): Was told it’s not what I was expecting/hoping for! Don’t know when yet, can’t wait to see what my bridesmaids have in store for me!

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