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    ^ Freaky. o_O

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    My BF is moving out of his nearly 100 year old house in a couple of weeks and I think it knows. He’s had a lot of weird problems there, mainly with hallucinations waking him in the middle of the night and things whispering in his ear when he slept in the spare room. He always thought that maybe it was him, but it didn’t freak him out any less.

    Since he’s decided to let the house go into foreclosure over the last year, his plants (flowers, vegetables, vines, etc) have gotten a terrible blight disease, other plants have been eaten by gophers, our pet chickens were horribly killed by another animal, the basement flooded, bee infestation, etc. Just a lot of “it’s time to move” stuff has happened. We thought that it was weird, but maybe it could be supernatural… maybe not.

    But in the last few DAYS in prep for his move… the trash compactor has broken, the fridge stopped working, the water heater stoppped working, the microwave fan starting turning on by itself, ants are starting to invade, one of his favorite steel swords he uses for martial arts snapped right in half (he’s used it in sparring for YEARS and it breaks now?)… I don’t know. It’s freaking me out. I don’t know what else the house is going to do before next Saturday….

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    I’ve read up to the 2nd page on this thread. Even though I’m sitting in the middle of a college building surrounded by people in broad daylight, these stories are giving me the heebeejeebies. I’ll post a couple of my own later.

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    I’m on the fourth page and I’m still getting goosebumps, but I need to quit reading so I’ll be able to sleep tonight. But I wanted to add in my experiences (I apologize ahead of time for the novel!):

    I’d just started my freshman year of high school when my maternal grandmother passed away. She was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, and we brought her home for her final days and kept her in a hospital bed in the den. I remember the night she died, my brother poked his head in my room to talk to me, and there was a swirling mist around him. Just a little, and it was very fleeting. It happened three or four more times over the course of the night.

    The next day my mom had gone to the hospice morgue, where they’d taken her, to make arrangements to have her body sent back to her hometown for the funeral. My dad was at work. My brother and I were sitting in the living room; I was sitting on the love seat. Perpendicular to me, on the right, was the couch where my brother was sitting; directly across from him was the doorway to the kitchen (there was no actual door). Well, at certain times of day, because of how the sunlight would come into the window, a lot of times you can see someone’s shadow before you see them if they come in the living room for the kitchen. We’re sitting there watching TV  and all of a sudden I see the shadow of a man walk into the kitchen and stop, as if he was just out of sight behind the doorway. He stood there for a few moments- this was no fleeting glance- before slowly backing back out of the doorway. I thought my dad had come home and asked my brother if he saw Daddy in the kitchen; he didn’t, so I insisted that he go check that side of the house. He went all through that side of the house and even checked the car port, but Daddy hadn’t come home.I talked to a friend’s mom about it, years later, and her theory is that my Pawpaw came to get Nanny; in her last days she was confused and often saw my Pawpaw and my uncle and would talk to them (my Pawpaw died before I was born; my uncle died a few months before Nanny). I wouldn’t be surprised if she was confused when she first passed and had to be led away. I think the white mist was her wandering around, confused.

    Also, for months and months after she died, I refused to walk over the spot where her bed had been. I avoided the den if I possibly could. The spot where her bed was was ice cold; I even asked a friend to walk over that spot of the room and tell me what she thought (she hadn’t been over since Nanny’s bed had been there, so she had no clue that was the spot where she died); she told me it was freezing and hurried into another room.



    There was also one time (this was before Nanny died, but after my uncle did) when me and my sister were sitting at the kitchen table talking and we heard the carport door open and close. This was a heavy door, and there was no mistaking that sound. Plus it’s just down a hall off of the laundry room, not even teen feet from the kitchen table. We waited for a moment, and when no one came in the kitchen, we checked- there was no one in that bedroom or bathroom. Creeped out, we locked the door- deadbolt, doorknob, and chain; even with a key someone wasn’t getting in without us knowing- but agreed it likely hadn’t been shut right and the wind moved it. We sat back down and hadn’t even been talking for five minutes when we heard the door slam shut, as if someone was mad. We poked our head into the hall, but the door was still locked- we took off to the other side of the house! My mom has a theory it was my uncle playing tricks on us; nothing like that has ever happened again, besides small things like objects going missing and turning up in strange places.


    One time my neice and I were sitting on the couch playing (she was around three at the time) when all of a sudden she went silent and stared down the hallway. She wouldn’t look at me when I said her name; I yelled and finally had to shake her before she looked at me and smiled, and continued playing. This was also around the time she had an imaginary friend named “Buddy” who, come to find out, was her great-uncle; she pointed him out in a box of pictures her mom had. And my sister-in-law also swears she saw a white light coming towards her from the end of that hall one time.



    There are a couple of stories about my grandfather; I think he’s mine and my siblings’ guardian angel. Before I was born, my mom had a dream that my grandfather told her she was going to have a “blue-eyed, blonde-haired little girl” but it wasn’t time for her to hold me yet, so he was keeping me safe for her. (This story brings tears to my eyes). She shrugged it off, because she didn’t think she could have anymore kids, but she ended up getting pregnant with me.

    When my sister-in-law was expecting my nephew everything seemed to be going wrong- she had no way to support a baby, there were issues at the doctor’s office, and she was scared he was going to be taken away. She had a dream that my grandfather told her “everything is going to be okay.” She had no clue that was who it was until Mama hung a picture of him on the wall and she recognized him.

    Once, I was sitting at the computer when I saw a shadow fall over me, as if someone was standing behind me. Thinking it was my dad, I took my headphones out and turned around to see what he wanted, but there was no one there. I like to think this was my grandfather checking up on me, even though I never met him. 

    And finally, one memorable night, my uncle got really drunk and mad at my brother. They were on the carport and my brother turned his back on my uncle to go back in the house; he says he heard my grandfather tell him to “turn around” as clearly as if he’d been standing right next to him; my brother whirled around to see my uncle had pointed a gun to his head. If he hadn’t turned when he did, he might not be here now.

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    Bumping for more!


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    Here’s mine. The house I grew up in was a Colonial style home, built in the early 1900s. I would return to the door leading downstairs being cracked open, just slightly, even when I clearly remembered it being closed by either one of my parents or myself. Even my mom remembers talking about that stubborn door always opening itself. For some reason, I would never go downstairs without one of my parents with me. Being an only child with no siblings to play with, I always had friends over. They had the same feeling that I had: an uneasiness being downstairs. After just a few minutes watching TV or playing with my Nickelodeon flash-screen (any of you 90’s kids remember those?), we would always find ourselves upstairs again. The strange thing is, not just one, but several of my friends told me that they thought my house was haunted. One friend even said she saw the figure of a little girl near the fireplace, pointing directly at her! I found that friends started inviting me over for sleepovers more, while I wondered what was causing this eerie feeling in my own house. Even though I never saw anything suspicious down there, I always had that strange feeling in my gut…

    Flash forward several years later. It was the end of my seventh grade year, and we had moved 30 miles away. The family who had bought the house from us didn’t stay there for longer than two years. We thought that a new job opportunity had taken them elsewhere, but found out that they just didn’t like it there. My mom learned this, because the woman who administered her allergy shots years later was the one who had bought the house from us! She and her husband ended up finding a smaller but newer home near the city. The newer home was more affordable to maintain, she said. She told my mom that as soon as they moved in, their children refused to go downstairs. My mom told her the crazy story about my friend Stephanie’s claims of seeing the little girl near the fireplace. The allergist found it strange that one of her kids said that they saw the same thing.

    My mom didn’t tell me until I was a junior in high school about this talk with her allergist. I had been curious to do research on the history of our old house, but never really gathered the courage to do so.

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    I had to revive this thread. I am spooked from reading all of your stories!

    In my old apartment, my bedroom was at the end of a long hall which leads into the kitchen/dining/living room area. I used to always hear movement coming from the other side of the apartment. I just chalked it up to noise from neighbors in the outside hallway, but it just freaked me out so badly that I slept with the door closed. One day, I decided to take an afternoon nap when I heard my name out loud and I shot up and looked around. I must have dreamt it, but it sounded so real. It happened a second time in the middle of the night and scared me so bad that I had to sleep with the lights on.

    Now I am living in an old railroad style apartment in a multifamily house that is almost 100 years old. When our landlady took us on a tour of the basement, the fiance and I immediately felt this heaviness in the air as we reached the bottom of the stairs. There was an old piano with cow horns on top of it and it sat practically keyless in front of a boarded up wall. The landlady mentioned that it is a shame about the state of the piano because someone keeps stealing the keys. That creeped me out and I vowed never to go down there by myself.

    We spent the day unpacking and finally settled down for the night. As my FH was pulling up the sheets, he froze stiff and exclaimed, “That was so weird. I felt something touch my toe!” I freaked out and squeezed myself closer into the middle of the bed. He jokingly said out loud, “Ok, if you touched my toe, do it again!”. We waited for a couple of minutes and nothing happened. Just as we were laughing it off, we hear this soft rattling noise coming from behind my dresser which was next to my side of the bed. The noise stopped and started up again a few times until it completely came to a halt. I made him change sides of the bed and couldn’t sleep that night!

    I am often home by myself at night as FH works the night shift and doesn’t get home until after 1 AM. One night, I was surfing the web on the laptop in the corner of the couch and I see movement from the corner of my eye. I turn my head slightly and see a white misty fog in front of my door grow larger then dissipate just as a firework would. I completely froze then ran to the bathroom and locked myself in until he came home.

    There have been many more strange happenings in our apartment from time to time. The FH swears he heard a man moaning from our kitchen/bathroom area and I’ve walked into the living room while I was home alone one night and the television was unexplainably turned on after I had it off the entire evening.

    The fiancé believes in ghosts and swears to have seen a man dissipate into a wall in the famous 133 year old building he works for during his night shift. As for me, I’ve always been the type to find some sort of logical explanation for these weird happenings, but as more things start to occur I am starting to run out of explanations!

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    I’m copying and pasting my story from another board because its long-ish and I don’t feel like re-typing it lol.  But it was pretty scary and I think the scariest thing that has ever happened to me paranormal wise.  I’ve had TONS of experiences in my life but this was like horror movie scary.

    In college I lived in an apartment with a roommate.  We had a cat (named Mandy but that was the name she came with lol just had to throw that in because I think its funny that I’m Mandie with a cat named Mandy) anyway this cat would be the cutest, funniest thing ever.  She liked to run down the hall, jump over the 2 steps that led down to the kitchen, landing on the rug and slide across the floor.  The cat used to sleep with me and one night I woke up to the cat staring at a corner of my bedroom and hissing.  All of a sudden my cat took off out of the room.

    There would be times I’d be alone in the house and the volume on the TV would turn itself up.  Or the volume on the radio would turn itself up.  NO ONE believed me.  One day I had a friend with me and it happened.  The cat started staring at a corner of the living room hissing and then took off out of the room, immediately after that the volume on the TV turned all the way up.  My friend was like “OMG I thought you were making those stories up, that’s weird.”

    One night I woke up again to the cat freaking out.  I opened my eyes and I saw the creepiest thing ever (think Star Wars Darth Sidious) standing right near my head.  I was so freaked out to say anything and just stared right back at him.  It seemed like forever of us just staring at each other and he turned and walked out the WALL.  The thing about the wall is that there was a window right there but my apartment was on the 2nd floor. 

    After this thing left I ran to my roommates room, told her what happened and said I wasn’t sleeping by myself again.  I started crying and shaking and told her we needed to find Mandy because this thing torments her.  We found my cat in the bathroom, we slept in my roommates room and shortly after we both moved out.

    Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/spinoff-where-my-medium-bees-at#post-

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    Okay, I just killed an hour and a half at work reading through this entire thread! Love it! I have 2 stories to share, one happened to me, the other to my mom.

    Mine: I was about 22/23 and I had started dating this guy, so naturally I was spending the night at his house often. I’d get these weirdo feelings sometimes like someone was watching me, or like someone else was there other than he and I. It made me uncomfortable, but, ever the skeptic I brushed it off as me being silly.  I woke up one night because I heard what sounded like a stick being dragged down the outside of the house and woke the bf up to come with me and hurt this person that has so kindly chosen to scare the buh-jeezus out of me.  Go outside, nothing. I figured it was kids thinking they were funny.  

    Few weeks later, I’m awakened (bf had left hours before to go to work and was “alone”) by this loud bang that sounded like the front door being slammed.  Friends came and left a lot so I called out and said  I would be right out.  The house is older and up on stilts so it’s very creaky. Even a ninja cat couldn’t walk through this house without being heard. Once I called out and didn’t get a response, I got quiet listening for footsteps. Nada. Then I hear this crash in the kitchen. I walk out and see plates, bowls, model cars and motorcycles (yeah, he was a bit of a kid) scattered all over the floor.  They had been up in cabinets safely on the shelf.  I freak and leave. There’s no way they all fell off like that on their own. It’s a physical impossibility due to several factors that I won’t list, just trust me. I brought it up to his family and some friends, who used to live in the house before him, and they said “Oh yeah, that’s just Bob (or whatever the hell his name was) he visits that house, and 3 or 4 more on that side of the street.”  Umm, THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!?

    Mom’s: She and her 4 brothers and sisters grew up in an older house (think 1940’s?) with her mom, her mom’s mom, stepdad and family dog.  Mom would occassionally see this shadow go across the floor and dart from the water heater closet to underneath furniture and into the hallway (very little light so it was always dark there).  She brushed it off as maybe a bird flying by a window casting a shadow and all sorts of other scenarios.  But she started noticing the dog would not enter the living room while the shadow was there. She even tried to get the dog to sit with her on the couch (which was always a big treat and something he was VERY happy to do!) but he would refuse if the shadow was around.  

    She didnt’ say anything because she didn’t want to be ridiculed endlessly for being crazy.  So one day she’s walking out to the back yard and hears her oldest brother and mom whispering just outside the back door and she stops and listens (sneaky brat!). They’re talking about this shadow thing.  She gets all excited and jumps out and asks if they’ve seen it too.  They denied at first, but she told them she’d been noticing it as well so they finally fessed up to having seen it as well and noticed the same thing with the dog.  Later, my great grandmother that lived there asked mom when they got a cat. Mom said they didn’t have one and asked why? Great grandma replied that a stray must have gotten in or something because she kept feeling it run by her legs.  Mom found this VERY odd because great grandma was in a wheelchair and had zero feeling in her legs due to severe diabetes.  She then sees the shadow go from underneath the couch next to great grandma and back into the water heater closet.

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    So I LOVE a good ghost story and I’m going to be honest I just read every post on this board …so much for a productive Wednesday, huh? 🙂 Since tomorrow is Halloween, how about we get this thread going again! I want to hear more!

    I have had many experiences; some visual but not scary, some terrifying, and some just questionable.

    When I was about 8, my Gran Gran passed away. Gran Gran’s sister-in-law, Aunt Alice, had passed about 2 years before that; I had not gone to her funeral because I was only 6, and my sister was 4. We stayed with other relatives because Mom and Daddy didn’t want us to experience it, since we had just loved Aunt Alice; they thought it might be too hard. Aunt Alice and Gran Gran were very close their whole adult lives, just best friends. At Gran Gran’s funeral, I had walked away from my parents and gone to the next room to get a donut (I loved food, even then…). As I was walking through a crowd of my random relatives, I passed Aunt Alice. She was wearing a blue dress, and as was her signature look: a bit too much pink blush on her old cheeks. 🙂 I smiled at her, and she said clear as day, “Hi MrsHalpert,” just like she always had. I kept walking, and so did she. I didn’t pass her again, and as far as I know she didn’t pass me. Later that day I told my mom I saw Aunt Alice and that she spoke to me. Mom asked me to describe what she looked like and was wearing, because I think Mom was a little skeptical of an 8 year old’s story. I described in detail the blue dress, the blush, the necklace she had on, even her shoes. Mom got really quiet, but told me to go play. It wasn’t until several years later when we were looking through Mom’s old cedar chest for something that I came across Aunt Alice’s obituary/photo. Any guesses as to what she had on?


    I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis like some PPs have described. The last time it happened, I felt pressed down to the bed while being wide awake, and there were demons all around the edges of the bed. They grabbed me by my arm that was close to the edge and tried to drag me with them; when I would make eye contact with any of them, they turned into black slime and it just coated wherever I had been touched. I tried to will myself back to full sleep, but I couldn’t do it. Then I heard my mom’s voice whisper, “MrsHalpert get up, come on,” and when I opened my eyes the entire apartment was still. Quiet, nothing. However I was so terrified that I woke up Mr. H and made him cuddle me while I cried for an hour about what he thought was just a bad dream. Which, I guess it was (because I don’t believe we have demons in our apartment) but sleep paralysis is worse than just a dream.


    As far as ghosts go; I used to work in a haunted antebellum home, and would hear boots thunking on the hardwood floors when it was just me in the house. I’d see motion detectors go off in empty rooms. Small pieces of furniture would be moved overnight. Once, I got Mr. H to take a tour with me for fun and I didn’t tell him anything about the house beforehand. I wanted to see what he’d see/feel. We get to the children’s bedroom and he walks in and walks right back out. He won’t go back in, so I’m like what’s up, why are you standing in the hall? He tells me that he feels like something bad happened there and that it’s lingering. Ding ding, point for Mr. H! One of the daughters of the first owner of the home died there, on that bed (yellow fever). It was also about 2 months before her wedding that she died, and her trousseau was delivered just a few days after she passed. Her family was so distraught over her death that they never even opened the box; they sent the entire trousseau straight to England, where she had a cousin who was engaged as well. Within a week of receiving it, the cousin had passed away as well. 

    Mr. H and I love a good ghost hunt…we break out the night vision goggles and go for it! Although I will say this: I’ve never been in contact with any spirit that I felt intended to harm me/possess me/etc. I think I’d probably shit myself if I felt like something truly evil wanted to get all up in me.

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    Ok so I’ve literally wasted every free second at work reading this thread over the last week and i cannot get enough! 

    I’m a little worried, because I feel like the more I read, the more accepting I am of these thoughts. So I feel like the more open I am to the idea, the more likely it is I will have some sort of experience. And I’m terrified of that!

    Anyway, does anyone have anything to add to this thread? I’m not ready for it to be over yet!

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    Inspired by the new scary story thread I dredged this one back up to satisfy my need for creepy stories! Awesome!

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    Okay I’m glad I found this because I absolutely love paranormal stories AND Iam even happier that people have been reviving this, because otherwise I would have just to share my story!

    I have always wanted to believe in the paranormal, and been fascinated by it, so when this happened, it pretty much confirmed it for me. This was several years ago when I was 18, right after graduating high school. Of course we tend to try to justify things, but to this day I have no explanation and two other witnesses. My best girlfriends family had recently moved into an old farmhouse in the country, and all the bedrooms were upstairs. She had never felt comfortable sleeping alone in her room unless she had the tv on. She just ALWAYS had a weird feeling there. I and another friend were staying the night and we were all up late in her room, probably close to 1am talking. All the sudden, someone knocks, very distinctly…and I wish I could say I had this confused, but it truly did come from the WALL of her second story bedroom, near the window. uh yeah. It was like three clear knocks. Of course we all freeze, look at each other, and of course in your mind if somebody knocks , it’s supposed to be at the door, so we are all justifying this in our minds and expecting someone to be at the door. Our other friend is going, “answer it!!” I think we were all just so taken aback and frozen, she was trying to bring some normalcy to it and assume it was one of her parents at the door. Still, none of us knew why the hell it WOULD be one of them at that time.

    To this day, my friend swears she thought she heard someone say “Britt?” Almost like it was her mom talking to her…but of course when she opened the door, nobody there. She was so freaked out she went to her parents room…mom was asleep in bed, dad was just waking up…weirdest part that she didn’t find out until later, he woke up because he thought he heard something too and just had an overall weird feeling. He literally got a flashlight and even looked around outside at the side of the house…of course finding nothing. He offered us a theory about it just being the pipes or something, which of course we find out later was just to calm us down, because both her parents were totally convinced that house was haunted and both experienced other creepy things there before and after that.. clanking noises in the old basement which stopped after her dad yelled stop, footsteps almost like a child running around upstairs which got VERY active as they were moving out, etc.

    I have not experienced anything like this since, so that’s my one big paranormal story. I have no other explanation!

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    Okay, I just remembered another weird story/stories whuch I can’t believe I forgot, so forgive me for a double post haha… I have no idea if this is actually paranormal or what it is, but it’s just strange and has never been figured out… alright, so my parents house where I spent most of my growing up years we moved into in 1994, and seriously the majority of those years nothing weird ever happened, but within the last few years I, my mom, and one of my younger sisters have all, at different times, thought we heard our names being called from another room in the house. Enough to make us say “yeah??” Like actually replying to it, but nobody will be there. It has only happened to the three of us, and just once each. The time it happened to me, I was in college and busy writing a paper, and my mom and younest sister were the only other ones home and left to gosomewhere…maybe ten minutes later, I didn’t hear a door or anything but seriously thought my little sister had come back into the house and called out my name from the othe end of the house, by the door to the garage where they would have left from. I paused, called out in response, and nothing. seriously, no other history of paranormal in my parents house up to that point, and nothing since.  

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