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This is our second month TTC. I won’t start temping until next month if we aren’t successful. I really need the peace of mind knowing that I actually ovulated instead of playing the guessing game. 

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I charted as I wanted to maximize my chance of conceiving quickly. You definitely don’t have to chart/OpK etc!!! 

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Don’t feeel stupid. I fell into the temping trap, too. Before we started TTC, I read up on *everything*, downloaded ALL the apps, bough the thermometer, OPKs, Wondfos, etc… I settled on Kindara for the app I liked best and I really do still like the layout of the app. `

To take your BBT, keep a thermometer by your bed and take your temp before you get up or really move, around the same time every morning. Give or take 30 minutes shouldnt matter too much but try to keep it consistent IF you decide to temp. 

That being said, try to wait a few months before you start temping because if you’re type A like me, it’ll just drive you crazy. I temped & charted like crazy during cycle 1, didn’t get pregnant and thought the worst (I know, crazy… just month one!). Month two I decided to just relax, not temp or use OPKs and we got pregnant that month. No, it’s not that easy for everyone and we feel really blessed that we got a positive that fast, but I really believe the not stressing and temping and charting helped quite a bit. 

Good luck! 

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daniellemc :  Fertililty apps can be very inaccurate.  So I wouldn’t bother going by your “fertile time” according to an app (unless it’s fertility friend and you’re charting).  Now, you don’t have to chart/temp either, you can just have regular sex.  If you have sex every other day or every 2-3 days you are pretty much guaranteeing there will always be sperm available.  So then you’ve covered your fertile period whenever it was.  Generally your fertile period will be anywhere from 13-21 days before your period is due (you will probably ovulate anywhere from 8-16 days before AF shows up and add 5 days because sperm can live that long and still fertilize the egg).  Your real fertile window is the 5 days before O plus the 12-24 hours after O occurs.  So if you have a 28 day cycle, you will want to have sex regularly between ~CD 7 through CD 20.  But only temping/charting will show you the real O day.  So you can definitely temp/chart, but you don’t have to.  If you have regular sex then it’s not necessary.

And I prefer fertility friend, it’s the best for charting.  If you’re not charting, it probably doesn’t matter what you use- as all of the “fertile windows” they show can possibly be inaccurate.  They assume a 14 day luteal phase, but not everyone has that.

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Not interested in temping because its only accurate if you do it at the same time every day and i’m not interested in waking up at 6 am on the weekends to do it. I use the clear blue dig OPKS. Those are useful because the apps assume you ovulate on the 14th day but my cycles are shorter than average (24-25 vs. 28 days) and according to the OPKs I Ovulate on day 11-12 instead of 14. Not sure that temping would get me any more information than that, so I dont feel its necessary. 

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daniellemc :  I’m definitely not an expert by any means and I’ve only been temping consistently this month. I also temped for a bit a few months ago just to try it out. That said, I personally feel like it’s stressing me out and possibly causing me to have longer cycles. Obviously, that’s just my own speculation, but the first month I was constantly analyzing every little thing and questioning if my temps were normal, etc. I’m doing the same thing this month and I feel like it’s got me worrying more and more about whether I am even ovulating. I started temping because I don’t have regular cycles.

If your cycles are pretty regular and you tend to get stressed about things, I would probably not temp. for the first few months and just BD often. Then, if nothing is happening you could try and temp.

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Temping isn’t necessary, but its really helpful and informative.

Also, temping is the only way to confirm ovulation. And don’t believe what the Ovia app tells you in terms of your fertile window. They are just making a guess based on the average womans Ovulation date. I would recommend using Fertility Friend instead. They will actually calculate what date you likely O’d (based on temping).

Since you aren’t TTC for another couple of months this would be a good time to learn about your cycle (assuming you are off BC).

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I took a class on it as part of the require marriage prep for our class and it was super helpful (google Couples League and on their website you’ll find online/in person classes though it is a Catholic thing). I

We had a book and 3 months of classes (1x a month for 2 hours each time). It was super helpful to have a couple to lean on who used to acheive/avoid pregnancy. They would look at our charts. We had paper ones but then we also download the app CyclePro Go which costs money but ours was included in our class

There are also drs who specialize in this. 

We found it to be a great thing becuase it involves your partner and you both know what is going on. Additoinally, charting can help you identify and hormone or fertility problems (i.e. short luteal phase which is something I have and we nipped in the bud by seeing dr because it would have caused possible miscarriage)

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Temping is super easy and can be really helpful.  Just coming off of BC you have no idea what your cycles are going to do…and temping will help you track if you ovulated.  Quite a few new bees will come on saying I’m not sure if/when I ovulated…and they usually are not temping.  Even with my erratic sleeping temping still helped me confirm ovulation.  

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I really recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility – it’s super helpful from both trying to conceive and preventing conception angles. It also makes temping and charting a lot less intimidating.

Also – don’t just temp (that only lets you know that you HAVE ovulated – at which point it’s too late), but also chart your cervical fluid/mucus. That let’s you know when exactly you are fertile, and then your BBT will confirm that you have ovulated.

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i use kindara and temp and check CM. my temping isnt that accurate because i wake up about 2 hours earlier 2x a week for a morning workout. 

its been super helpful and almost empowering to figure out what’s goin on in the ‘hoo-ha’ region. i have PCOS so its helped me understand my body. and since we’re TTC, also helps me inform my DH when its GO TIME! hah. i also realized i have a short luteal phase and alerted my dr, and now i’ll be using OPKs this month to time out some bloodwork to see if i have a progesterone deficiency. would have never known if it werent for temping.

you don’t have to be crazy about it, but it wont hurt to get a good understanding of your cycle.

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I never did temping – I never remembered to do it to be honest. I did try OPK’s in March, but never had a positive (we still got pregnant that cycle).

Like others – I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but never quite understood why everyone liked it so much. It just made TTC stressful. It made me think I’d never get pregnant unless I did everything they said in the book. 

It took us 3 months to get pregnant and I have irregular cycles! So to me none of it is neccessary. I’m 22w. 

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daniellemc :  I didn’t temp for the first five cycles. I had an app (Clue) giving me a rough estimate of my fertile window and we would try to get in as much BD as we could both during the fertile window and around it. Sadly I never got a BFP during those five months, so before my sixth cycle I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which led me to temping and tracking my cervical mucus. If you think you’d be stressed out by it, no need to temp at first – a lot of women get pregnant from NTNP. The advice from Kes18 about when to BD is spot on. And also, like MissAmericanPie said, tracking your cervical mucus can be helpful.

Overall, I loved reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility as I was willfully ignorant about my cycle before that (I used to joke with friends that it was Narnia up there). But now I’m less grossed out by it and feel more empowered because I know how my cycle works. I also feel ready to tackle any problems that may come up.

Sending you lots of baby dust!

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