Ten things your SO does that makes you LOVE them

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  • Wedding: May 2010

Just got married and have been so eagar to brag on my new husband!!

1.  Gets up with me at 330AM to make my breakfast (and packs my lunch too)!

2.  Kisses me before I leave the house AND each time that I return.

3.  Oftens holds my hand as we drift off to sleep. 

4.  Is a fabulous Dad to our kids (from my prev marriage).  Gets them off too school, and knows their likes and dislikes. 

5.  Is a wonderful Papa (grandpa) to our two granddaughters.  Insanely patient and changes diapers with no fuss at all.  Learning so many Nick Jr characters!! 

6.  Really great to take trips with (Seven of us just got back from a 3-day car trip to a waterpark–that would be us, 3 kids and 2 grandkids–ages 1 & 2 yrs).

7.  Cooks for me ALL the time (and I used to be the cook in the family–we like to cook together too).

8.  The MOST generous man that I have ever known (or ever heard of).  Generous with his time, money; everything.  

9.  Made the sunroom into a diningroom because it was important to me.  ๐Ÿ™‚

10.  Really wonderful to just BE with; nice company and great problem solver.  Makes me not take life too seriously.

11.  Helped make our back deck wedding & bbq happen in a terrific way!  He didn’t understand all the cool DIY details, but admired them and played along! 



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only ten?? reading this has made me add to the list!!

1) He’s my best friend and loves me. He will say anything about anyone to make me feel better. Especially when my so-called best friends ditch out on me over and over.

2)  He makes sure I always have what I need whether its food in my stomach, gas in my car or just something I really want like a new book, magazine or outfit. He also helps take care of my family if needed whether its loaning my sister money when she is in a tough spot, selling her his dad’s car for cheap after he passed even though it was really hard, getting my parents some groceries just to help out that month

3) Treats our cats like their our children, a few funny examples: Our first cat we adopted, Midori, her nicknames from him are princess midori and midorals. Our second cat we’ve had since she was 7 weeks, Melissa, is our baby. He holds her like one, gives her kisses, always cuddling with her and me (Midori isnt a cuddler) and will point out he’s with his babies or says ‘our little family. The BEST BEST THING: He had a dream he was dancing with our daughter on her wedding day – the kicker- it was a 5 foot tall version of Melissa!!!! (almost pee’d my pants laughing)

4) He ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH. He will act like a child sometimes and I cant help but laugh and think how cute he is. He will channel his childhood and talk with his speech impediment or just say funny things like “can I take a bubble bath and play with my ships?”

5) He will cook for any of my friends that comes over (whether he likes them or not and its usually so he looks good) and its delicious.

6) He is a History/Science/Movie/Music Buff!

7) He loves my nieces and nephews. He has been there since the day one of my nieces was born and we have been like a second set of parents to her. He would do anything for them or get them anything. Way before we got engaged, he asked me if we ever split up if he could still see them. (I told him we were a packaged deal haha)

8) He lets me do my thing. Go out with the girls, Go away for a few days to visit friends (of course he calls me every night before bed and tells me he misses me and he is looking at my picture, haha)

9) He plays guitar and he is so good! and its sexy! He will play me something to help me fall asleep and after hearing some country songs I loved he went straight home and started working on writing me a song. aww

10) He is just so caring! He was almost done with school and becoming a police officer when he took a first responders class. That was when he decided he really wanted to help people and switched over to nursing (which set his schooling back 3-4 years).

something extra:

11) He tickles my back! haha not often but he does. When I was a baby, my mother would tickle my back to get me to fall asleep and did this throughout my toddler years. It has forever stuck with me and I love having someone do this. He thinks it weird and whether he wants to or not, he will do it without me asking. If Im just laying in bed or we are cuddling watching a movie, he just does it.

I LOVE MY Fiance

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What a great thread!

I could go on and on but here’s the quick list!

  1. Unlimited hugs & kisses
  2. Drives me to the bus stop every day
  3. Picks me up from the bus stop every day :o)
  4. Lets me vent about anything and everything and listens
  5. Appreciates what I do for him
  6. Along with me looks forward to the day we have children
  7. Is generous to a fault with his time, energy and yes even his money
  8. Is as happy to see me after we’ve been apart as I am to see him
  9. Does his best to show me how much he loves me in little unexpected ways and in bigger grand ways
  10. Is so hard working, smart and genuine

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  • Wedding: July 2011

  1. He gave up drinking and smoking because of how much it bothered me (I have emotional scars that make it very difficult to be around people drinking and also have asthma)
  2. If I say I’m feeling baking, he will go to kitchen to see if we need anything and if so, will find his keys so we can run to HEB (at 11 at night)
  3. He constantly tries to improve my self image because his has been so low and he doesn’t want me to ever be like that.
  4. He thinks logically! It sounds silly but after dating guys who never discovered a love of logic puzzles it’s so nice. Also works wonderfully if we’re having a problem in the relationship.
  5. He is willing, and usually the first to initiate talks if we’re having a problem.
  6. He will suffer through Swan Princess- once in a great while (I’ve only known one other guy to watch it, and he was forced into it by the 6 girls he was driving).
  7. He respects my “me” time and encourages me to hang out with friends even if that means he’s home alone
  8. He loves Sci-Fi
  9. He knows exactly what he believes, and why.
  10. Even though my “horror stories” of falling off, crashing into fences, being laid out for two days, etc terrify him, he still supports my horse-y ambitions

10 is especially important now that I just got two new project ponies to play with Laughing

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Great thread!!!

1) He is so understanding about my working and going to school, and how it affects my ability and motivation to do errands and chores and stuff.

2) He tries to make sure that I eat healthy foods at all times, but has become much better about not giving me too much crap about eating…. crap. ๐Ÿ™‚

3) He’s so handy with cars!

4) He always manages to sleep as close to me as he can, even when his back is turned to me in bed, and I’ll often wake up with his hand on my shoulder or hip, or his arm wrapped around me.

5) The little things are amazing, like making lunch for me for work.

6) He actually talks things through with me and listens to me (and vice versa), so it’s very rare that we get into fights.

7) His loyalty and integrity are evident in everything he does, and it means the world to me.

8) He’s incredibly supportive of me.

9) He is sweet when he needs to be, but gives me a kick in the butt when I need it, too.

10) He’s just the whole package. I couldn’t ask for anything more than what he already is. ๐Ÿ™‚


Well… if I could get him to wear his seatbelt, I couldn’t ask for anything more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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