Term for both sets of grandparents

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Grandparents usually pick their own terms as there are a bunch of different options and it’s technically their ‘name’ (I’m from Australia).

My sister recently had a child and my mother & step-dad went with Oma and Nonno (German and Italian). I believe the other side is using Poppy and Nan. My mum was tossing up between Oma to match her heritage or Nonna to match her husband 😛


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I prefer everyone to have a unique name.  I let them pick their names.  My parents are Grammy and Grampy.  My in-laws are Nana and Grandpa.  (My MIL wanted Nana/Papa and my FIL wanted Grandma/Grandpa, and they never agreed, so we ended up with Nana/Grandpa lol)

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In my family, we have a unique set of names for my dad’s parents and for my mum’s parents. This wasn’t really by design, it was just that the names my grandparents preferred to be called were different. But in my DH’s family, he refers to both sets of grandparents the same.

My MIL and FIL wanted to go by Gran and Grandad, which is what my nephews call them and what all future grandchildren will call them. None of my siblings have children yet – we expect that we will be the first and, when the time comes, will ask my parents what they would like to be called. I imagine my mum will want to be Nana, as this is what we called her mother, or Ma (short for Grandma), as this is what she called her grandmother. My dad will probably go by Pop/Poppy, which is what we call his father. We are also open to my step mother having a grandmother type name – but only if she is comfortable with this.

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My son followed what his cousins called my parents so they are Meme and Bapa. We kind of followed social customs for his father’s parents but they call grandmothers Mamie here but that’s what he calls me so we had to call her something else and he settled on what he already knew so she became Meme as well. Pepe is what he calls his grandfather.

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crumbledoreos :  My family is Mexican (both sides) but I called mom’s parents Nana & Tata (in Spanish) and dad’s parents Grandma & Grandpa (English obviously). My husband’s family calls ALL old people Lola & Lolo (the first O is actually a U sound), which essentially means Grandma & Grandpa, but like… once your aunt hits “grandma age” they call her Lola Betty or whatever. As a result, everyone calls my MIL Lola- including her own kids. Since I met her once she was already a grandma, that’s all I’ve ever called her. It’s weird because she’s in a nursing home now and there they call her Nanay, which is like Mama and seems more like what I should be calling her. The caregivers are always confused and think I might be her granddaughter. 

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Growing up we always just called all my grandparents Grandma/Grandpa Firstname. I have a son now and my in laws are nana and papa, my dad is poppy, my mom is grandma and stepdad papa (both he and my FIL were both already papa with other grandkids so oh well). My dad has a wife but I’m not sure what she wants to be called. She’s younger than my parents ages so I think she feels too young for a grandparent name. 

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Growing up we had gran and grandad for one set and nana and grandpa for the other. When I have kids, my parents will have free choice of the English options and FI’s will either have a French or local language term. 

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Growing up, we called our maternal grandparents “granny” and “grandfather” (he actually would jokingly request “beautiful grandfather,” so we called him that sometimes 😂) and paternal grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa.

DH and I don’t have kids yet, but my niece and nephew call my parents Granny and Grandman (because we call our dad  our ‘man’ instead of dad).  I hope that’s what my children will call them too.  Although my parents aren’t that old, since my niece was born, the whole family started calling my mom Granny, including all of her sons in law. 

I’m not sure what DH’s parents will want to be called. His family is more formal than mine, so I’m guessing Grandma or maybe even Grandmother and probably Granddad. 

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Helper bee

In my language, there are even terms for the parents/grandparents of one side to call the parents/grandparents of the other side, which is completely missing in English!

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My inlaws we will continue to use what they are called by our nephew. With my parents, they’ll pick what we they want. It will probably be different names as my inlaws aren’t using the English standard names of grandma/nan/grandad/grandpa. I also think my step mum will have a different name to my mum to avoid offending her (not that mum would be offended).

Both sets of grandparents are just grandma and grandad for me. I actually had some great-grandparents still alive until I was a teenager so I had four grandmas, three grandads and a nan. Talking about my grandparents we would use their name to distinguish between them but other than that I just called them grandma/grandad. I didn’t find it confusing. I actually found it more confusing when people had grandpas/nanny/grans/grannies because I thought grandma/grandad was the universal name, a bit like mum/dad.

My maternal grandfathers first name is actually my paternal grandfather’s surname. I would refer to both grandad by their first names, my maternal one the shortened version of his first name. But people would ask me how grandad maternal grandfather’s full first name/paternal grandfathers surname was. Even then it wasn’t confusing because you could usually work out who they meant based on who they were and the other questions they asked.

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I always grew up calling grandparents, grandma/grandpa whatever their last name was.  So that’s what we wanted to continue in our family.  But it got to the point where I just don’t refer to my MIL as anything but the other grandma (she wanted a ridiculous name) and my mom as grandma.

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my maternal grandma, was grandma until she went through various stages of wanting to be called nana, bubbles, etc.

i wasn’t close with my paternal grandparents or stepparents and just called them grandpa [firstname], grandma [firstname]

my mom is the only living grandparent for my son.  right now she is grandma because she couldn’t come up with what she wanted to be called, but we figured, he’d come up with his own name or some version of grandma.  DH’s grandfather is still alive and he’s always been called Pop.


bubbe means grandma in yiddish.  DH’s cousins call their grandma bubbe and her husband grampie.  so my son will probably call them bubbe and grampie too since that’s what he’ll hear mostly.  though i refer to them as Aunt [firstname] and Uncle [firstname] to him.  so we will see when he starts talking.

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I called my maternal grandparents, who I spent a lot of time with, Nana and Grandpa (though I’m the only one who calls him that, all my cousins call him Papa). My paternal grandparents, who I rarely saw, were Grammie “Last Name” and Grandpa “Last Name”. We don’t have kids yet, but it’s likely that they will have different names, my husband is from east Tennessee and they call grandparents “Mamaw” and “Papaw”, wheras I think my parents will be “Grandma” and “Grandpa”. “Nana” is more traditional for my side, but I don’t think my mom likes it, she already refers to herself and Grandma to our dogs, lol. 

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My grandpa on my mom’s side just went by grandpa, since the one on my dad’s side was gone before I was born. 

My grandma on my dad’s side went by Grandma Ruth (her first name), and my grandma on my mom’s side goes by Betty Boop (her name is Elizabeth and goes by Betty sometimes).  It’s really strange, but my sister called her that when she was 3 and I guess it stuck.

When we have kids, we will probably go the Grandma/Grandpa First Name route.

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