Terrible day at work- just wanting to vent a little bit

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Honey Beekeeper
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reeves729 :  Listen to your manager. Everybody has made a mistake at work and some of them have serious outcomes (think doctor, nurse, dentist etc).

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Sugar bee
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Everyone makes mistakes! I worked at a cosmetics counter for a department store once and due to a pin pad error the customer was charged three times for her transaction despite showing me on my end that the payment only went through once. She called back a little upset but was fortunately very understanding that mistakes happen and our manager was able to contact her credit company directly to get the issue sorted out but it was a huge headache for everyone involved. 

There’s no point beating yourself up about it now that the issue is taken care of. 

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Bumble bee

Are you in retail? I worked retail for nearly 10 years, once upon on time. I had customers wanting me fired at least once a week, so you’re lucky! Ironically, I was most frequently “employee of the month”, LOL. Customers will just be like that. They don’t understand that we’re humans and not perfect robots. If you plan to work at such a place for longer, it’s something you have to get used to. You won’t be perfect, you’ll make mistakes, and most customers will be unforgiving. 

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Busy bee
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Everyone makes mistakes. You reacted appropriately. You also have a good manager. Listen to her. Be kind to yourself. Let it go!

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reeves729 :  It’s great that you have such a good manager who sees the situation for exactly what it is – a minor mistake with no real harm done except for an over-reaction from an unpleasant customer. If the customer had been understanding and made no issue about it, would you still feel this bad? Don’t let someone else’s bad reaction ruin your night. 

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Blushing bee

Don’t worry, bee. Mistakes happen and like your manager said, you owned it and did what you could to fix the situation.

Speaking from experience, customer service sucks. I used to be a front end manager for a large retail store and have stories for days. I once had a customer come in straight out cursing and screaming at my guest service employee, so I asked her to lower her voice and explain the issue to me so I could try to fix it. Despite solving her problem and sending her on her merry way, she ended up filling out one of those receipt surveys complaining that I was rude, told her to shut up, and cursed her out. And the kicker? We had audio and visual surveillance proving that never happened, but I still got reprimanded for it. -____- Customers can be jerks.

You’re only human, mistakes will happen, but you have an understanding manager who knows you’re a good employee. It’ll be okay. 🙂

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Retail suckssss!!!! I worked in retail at a pharmacy store and people were assholes even if you were kind or admitted to mistakes. I had a lady yell at me for not being able to speak spanish and she told me, “you shouldn’t look like that if you can’t speak Spanish. People expect that you do. Did your parents teach you anything.” LITERALLY because she walked up to me and started speaking in Spanish and I politely told her “I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish.” Then she starts yelling at me in ENGLISH. Like wtf!? Some people are cray cray and their first defense is, “they need to be fired.” You shouldn’t be. It was a mistake and it is so small compared to worse things that can happen. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

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Busy bee
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It was an honest mistake and you owned up to it immediately and took all the right steps. It sounds like your manager supported you too. Try not to dwell on it, everyone makes mistakes.

Ps. If i was the manager I certainly would not habe someone yell at me for half an hour!!! That is unacceptable and should have been shut down.

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reeves729 :  if you manager isn’t mad then please do not worry! Sounds like you sorted it ASAP. I know how we can all beat ourselves up about things but don’t let it make you feel like you don’t want to go to work.

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Bumble bee

I will say that I was the customer in this situation once before, and I understand the woman’s frustration.  She may have had to pay bills or make other large purchases and her funds/credit was tied up because of your mistake. It may not sound like a lot of money to some, but its incredibly frustrating having money that is yours but technically you cannot use bc the bank’s system hasn’t refreshed itself.

I will also say that you and your manager went beyond what the store in my situation did for me. They just kept telling me the charge will fall off my pending charges eventually and never formally voided it. I had to then argue with my credit card company to remove the pending charge sooner than the 30 days it would take to eventually fall off.

During all that, I never demanded anyone get fired though. That to me is never appropriate.

Your manager handled it well, so don’t let yourself get upset. We’re all human.

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