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Busy bee
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I wish we had dog parks where I live!! We have literally just got back from walkies, its a nice evening, people are out having BBQs, kids are out on bikes and scooters.. But this means I can’t let my pup off the lead! The parks are officially ‘dogs on lead’-a rule which isn’t normally required for the ‘regular’ dog walkers who are out rain or shine, but on days like today everyone  has to be ‘by the book’ which frustrates the dogs and walkies is a lot less fun 🙁

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Busy bee
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@cooperlove:  I hate all that stuff!! i especially hate when people come in the communal area whith theri dog still on the leash.. There are so many safety reasons why ur not supposed to come in with the dog on the leash, and i cant understand why people just ignore that!

Please if youre taking ur dog to the dog park, remove his or her leash! 

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Sugar bee

OMG I hate irresponsible dog owners at the park.  Two weeks ago, an older man brought his dog to the park and his dog constantly wanted to wrestle with our dog.  It was ok for a while because my dog likes to wrestle and these two were similar in size, but this dog eventually kept getting his jaws around our dog’s neck and pinning her to the ground.  It was at the point where our dog would yelp every time he did this and we’d have to break them up because the other dog wouldn’t stop.  And the whole time, the owner would say “Yeah he’s just showing that he’s in charge.  Your dog needs to get in his face too if she wants him to back off”

Um, no.  My dog gives plenty of signals for others to back off, including in this case.  Perhaps it’s your dog that is the problem.  Eventually we convinced him to move his dog to the separate area for dogs who prefer to be alone or who don’t get along with other dogs. 

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@cooperlove:  I experienced all of these and more! I once had a guy kick my dog becuase she got to close to his and he wanted to avoid a dog fight since his dog was not friendly with other dogs!! I have had families even tell me to remove my dog from the park since their kids are playing with their dog, under 6 years but the rules say they have to be 16 to enter the gates.

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There’s a dog walker that comes to our dog park with at LEAST 5-6 dogs (totally against the rules).  He proceeds to ingore them and spends his time chatting up the other owners.  Then there was the dominant humping dog who wouldn’t leave my dog alone.  Owner MIA as I had to reprimand the dog.  Needless to say I don’t go to the dog park anymore!

ETA – there are AWESOME owners too – like the one that comes with a squirt bottle of water to diffuse dogs when they get too excited.  And the ones that pick up their dog’s poop!  … don’t get me started on the ones that don’t! 






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@cooperlove:  She was fine thankfully, but I now have resuced another and I worry if it happened again he wouldnt be so lucky as I dont know the new dogs history. I almost wanted to hurt him myself for it. I have a very large dog so people dont normally even approach her in general.

His dog is terribly aggressive toward people and other dogs, he takes it their because its his right and he says its under control but thats only by multiple shock collars. There have been many complaints against him and last thing I heard someone called the police while he was at the park to have him and the dog removed. 

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People have basically ruined dog parks for me and my dog.  From the guy who screamed obscenities at me because I leashed my dog to get him away from his crazy unneutered humping jack russel, to the guy who brings his obviously miserable, mostly paralyzed GSD to the park b/c “she loves company” ( news flash, your dog is miserable) to the people who bring their small children or even babies in strollers or front carriers…there’s just so much stupidity and potential for danger, I can’t even.

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Yup we cant go to the park here either. Theres always big dogs in both big and small sections, the owners dont pay attention, theres poop EVERYWHERE, aggressive dogs… Its a mess. And its very sad because we watched it get built, contributed to it, and we were so excited when it finally opened. And stupid people just besmirch it. 

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I don’t have a dog but visited a dog park once with a friend and her yorkie.  We were in the small dog enclosure hanging out, when all of a sudden across the fence in the large dog enclosure, a pit bull attacked a golden retriever.  His jaw latched on to the golden and it took a few minutes for the pit bull to let go.  It was so scary. And the owner of the pit barely apologized to the owner of the golden retriever.  I’m not sure what is customary in a dog park, as I don’t go to them, nor own a dog, but that pissed me off.  I know not all pit bulls are mean, but this one definitely had some aggression issues, and in my opinion shouldn’t have been allowed to run loose in the dog park. What if the pit had bit a human?  Just seems like too much of a liability.  Then again, maybe this was an isolated incident, and the dog is actually really awesome.  Who knows…

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@cooperlove:   I can’t agree with you more on point #1.

I have two small dogs (13 pounds and 9 pounds) and frankly I got sick of the big dogs being in the small dog area and stopped going to the local dog park. As stated I don’t care if your 100 pound German Shepherd is the sweetest dog around stay on YOUR side. It makes me incredibly nervous and an overall unpleasant experience.

I also get really frustrated when people turn their dogs loose and then decide to completely remain oblivious to what is going on. Their little or big dogs can be running around being aggressive and a holy terror and they just tune it out (much like parents and their screaming babies at restaurants).

I got tired of stepping in poop (pick it up people!) and constantly worrying about their safety so my pups no longer go.

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