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My dog got mites at a local dog park.  Never again.

He gets to enjoy the local lake and a few dog friendly restaurants instead.  He’s happier and I don’t have to deal with agressive dogs or additional pests.

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Oh man. So our dog park has the small enclouse to leash/unleash with gates on each sides to get in but a larg back gate for mowers/maintenance to get through. Well for a long time it wasn’t locked and people would use the back gate to get out. After continued use it started to get to where dogs could just push it open and one time my dogs did get out.. Got them back but scary! So if I was there I would take a plastic bag and just tie it together. ….Its a dog park! Not a place for dogs to get out.

ANYWAYS one day I went to tie the bag on and this redneck jerk with a pitbull comes up and says “Im going to cut that off and go out that way”. I said something like “My dogs get out, could you please use the other gate as this isn’t suppose to be an exit anyways”. He said he didn’t care and was going out that way to which I replied “Thats rather rude.” Well that set him off and he started calling me a c***, b****, etc. And yelling how I’m a bad dog owner if I can’t keep my dogs under control, all this ridiculous stuff.” At that point I just walked away but he cornered my DH (fiance at the time) and told him he needed to “keep me under control” and all these other things while very suggestively shaking a stick in his hand. Other people were really concerned too and we just decided to leave. That night we wrote an email to our city asking if this gate was suppose to be locked as it was opening by being pushed. Next day there was a padlock on it. I just wish I could have seen that dbag’s face when he saw the lock. Never saw him at the park before or after that incident either. I never went to the park alone again and a few months later we moved into a house with a yard so we didn’t need to deal with people like him again. Really ruined the experience for me.

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@lovemygsp:  did we meet the same guy at the dog park?!  Jack Russel dude was using those same choice words…scared EVERYONE out of the park, not just me!  Unbelievable what some people will say/do in public…

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Our park has double gates so that you can walk in, close one gate, then open the one that lets you into the park. This is so no dogs accidentally escape when you’re coming in. Well, my first time there I was so overwhelmed with all the dogs that I walked in and kept the door open behind me for another person that was coming in, and a dog accidentally ran out. Luckily, he was quickly caught by his owner, but I was mortified! The owner started yelling about me to anyone who would listen about irresponsible people who let dogs get loose and how people like me shouldn’t even go to dog parks. I almost started crying it was awful! 

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There is a guy who has two hybrid dogs – part dog, part wolf.  He brings them both into the small dog section, which I’m all fine with if it’s EMPTY, but he doesn’t leave when smaller dogs come.  His dogs don’t play very nice and they bark at EVERYTHING, which throws my dogs into a tizzy, especially my puppy who isn’t exactly 100% comfortable around tons of dogs just yet.  That’s my biggest pet peeve.  Otherwise, or dog park is pretty groovy. 🙂

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Cannot stand dog parks for the reasons listed above – plus many more!

Enclosed dog parks are not really natural settings for dogs, especially ones that do not know each other.  We’ve tried them a couple of times with our Vizsla, and it’s never ended up good.

Since he’s so high energy – he needs to spend time off leash running.  We spend an hour a day at a local field where there are a bunch of different distractions (runners, bikers, other dogs being walked) which helps with his training.  We socialize him on the weekends by going hiking and meeting other dogs/people, but only in passing.  With dog parks, he just chases other dogs, gets humped & pinned, picks up bad habits and god knows what else(?!), and in general does not listen.  No thanks – love my dog too much!

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@Kandiss16:  I don’t hang out at dog parks, so need help with thi–why aren’t people supposed to have their dogs on a leash? Is it because leashed dogs are more anxious?

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We take our dogs (11 year mini poodle and 1 year lab/pit ) every week. For the patients part we love going, but it’s the volunteers who ruin it for us. The rules state the small side is for small dogs only, but you can bring small dogs on the large side at owner’s risk. The poodle doesn’t really play, just sniffs everything,  marks every blade of grass, then curls up on the table. But three different volunteers have told me to leave. because he didn’t belong. One threatened to call the police, another threatened to let her dog attack mine if I didn’t leave. Another volunteer told me to stand up next to the fence because “fat people standing around is killing the grass”.


As for children in the park, city ordinance prohibits it and the cops have been cracking down. It’s a $500 fine, so if I see someone with obviously too young kids I’ll warn them to keep an eye out.


The one that kills me is people who bring in lunch and then have a fit when the dogs come begging.  That’s when I conveniently don’t notice my dog in the middle. If they’re too stupid to bring hamburgers into a dog park, I’m not calling my dog off for jumping in for a treat.


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@cooperlove:  We stopped going to the dog parks because of all the problems. We had kind of the opposite problem.  Owners bringing their small dogs into the big dog section and then getting mad when my 100 lb shepherd chasing a ball runs right over them, there’s a small dog section for a reason people.  And the kids always make me nervous.  There used to be a couple kids that would come and ride their bikes in the dog park, made me really nervous for the dogs and the kids and it really scared some of the dogs.  There also used to be a few aggressive/dominant dogs every time we went and the owners would never do anything but say “oh they’re just playing” as they have my dog pinned to the ground or cowering in a corner.  But I think the final straw was that every time we went to the dog park our dogs ended up with fleas and then eventually worms, which cost us a fortune in vet costs for flea meds for the dogs and cats (because the indoor only cats got fleas from the dogs) and then having to have all the animals de-wormed a couple times, just not worth it.

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@redhead46:  I agree – when I had Penny (a mutt/germa sheppard mix), my biggest pet peeve was small dogs in the “big dog” section!!  I find smaller dogs are generally MUCH more agressive than large dogs, and I hated it when the tiny dogs would start sh*t with the big dogs….in the big dog section!   And then the tiny dog owners would give me a dirty look and make comments about me not controlling my dog!  WTF?!?  It is a dog park , people- a place to let the dogs run and just have fun!   And Penny was a very friendly dog, but she WAS a big, energetic dog – and plays much better with other big dogs!  (Which is why I never took her into the small dog section…)

Keep the small dogs in the small dog section!

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