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I hate when people bring their little dogs into the all dog area and get upset that there are bigger dogs in there (like my 45 lbs dog–not even that big!). Those small dogs start a lot of s**t with the bigger dogs but their owners act like their little bratty dogs are perfect angels and so fragile.

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My biggest pet peeve is unsupervised kids at the dog park. I don’t mind kids that are just hanging back watching with their parents, but one time I was at ours and this family (with an infant!!!) brought out a PICNIC and ate it! Seriously?

My poor dog is obsessed by food LOL! I had to keep dragging her away from them, because she kept going over to them and putting her paws on them. They were nice about it, which was better than yelling, but jeez, why would you bring food to a dog park!

The other thing that annoys me are when people have a dog that’s obviously irritating another one and don’t do anything about it. My dog was playing with this basset hound once (not too much bigger than her, but heavier), and was having a blast until he started barking at her. She got tired of that quick, and kept trying to get away. I know you can’t control everything your dog does but his owner didn’t even correct him! I would have at least sternly told my dog NO! or something like that. 

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@mrsSonthebeach:  Thaaaaaaaank you!!!! Omg!!!! I hate, and I mean HATE when people bring “fluffy” (I say “fluffy” because i am literally remembering an isolated incident…this is NO offense to owners with small dogs) to the larger side of the dog park, hang off of MY dog’s ears, and when he’s swinging her around (he’s a huge, playful boxer), then the owner has the audacity to get crazy with me. “Your dog sees my dog as prey!”—-What?! I do not have the patience like a lot of very nice ‘bees here, so yes, I did let her know about herself, made her aware of which side of the dog park her precious dog was on as opposed to where she SHOULD be, and told her if she doesn’t want anyone to play with fluffy—take her ass home! 




I also don’t like the people who wear really, really, really nice clothes to the dog park and complain that another friendly dog jumped on their white Hollister pants. Ummm….not everyone trains their dogs NOT to jump on people (mine learn RIGHT away), so please come dressed accordingly. I’m not saying to look like the bag lady or anything, but don’t bring your Michael Kors handbag with your True Religion jeans. You might get knocked over by a mastiff (happened to me last week…it was funny). 




I can’t stand the people who eat in the middle of the dog park, either. Lord have mercy… I won’t even get into why THAT’S not a good idea.




I just don’t like overly-sensitive dog owners at dog parks. If you don’t want your dog to run, interact with other dogs, interact with humans, or anything SOCIAL…then MAYBE you should leave your dog in the backyard. I can understand wanting people to have manners, but if it boils down to the furbaby needing to be rolled around the dog park in a diamond-coated bubble—go home.




Overall, my dog park is pretty damn cool. Most people there are pretty cool and understand it is a DOG PARK, so I don’t have too many incidents. If a dog wants to wrestle my dog all day and their owners are cool with it—-so am I. If I can tell it’s going to be a sensitive day—I take them to run in an open field. I’m pretty down for whatever and my dogs LOVE it.








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We don’t go to the park anymore bc my black lab/border collie mix is SO embarassing. He is handicapped so he cannot keep up with other dogs, but he’s a real d*ck about it. When someone throws a tennis ball for their dog my lab runs after them growling for the other dog to leave the ball for him. ( Our other dog will allow him to get the ball if he does this to her, so he thinks EVERY dog should.) Then, we have the second dog….she tries to herd dogs the entire time and gets upset if they chase her or sniff her butt. Plus, no one ever picks up their dogs poo, and im tired of stepping in it constantly.

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I once witness a chihuahua attack a silky terrier and its owner and bit both of them out of no where. The owner was just softly saying, “No, no, no sweetie, don’t do that!” She was going to let her dog stay too. The other lady demanded that they leave. It was a busy Saturday too.

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What I hate the most at dog parks are people that are too sensitive about their dogs (NOT saying that any of you are like this!).  When I can tell very well that his/her dog is playing with mine, like wrestling and making noises (not growling, just talking) and they FREAK OUT like the dogs are attacking.  A nervous owner makes a nervous dog, and then they are more likely to act defensively even when they were playing in the first place!

We also had a creepy guy incident at the park.  DH and I brought our corgi and my sister with her weenie dog to the park and this single guy approached my sister and started asking her if she was into “donkey parties”  UM WAY CREEPY!  She never came back with us again :-/

I mostly take our pup during my weekday days off (yay retail..) and there are a lot less people there so it is typically a better experience.  I hate when people don’t pay attention to their own dogs though.  My dog is 24lbs so i switch between the big and small side, but on the big side if more than one dog gain up on him he tends to get defensive so I have to scoop him out of the situation and people glare at me!  Its not my fault he is short and their dogs looming over him freak him out.  He is very socialized he is just a wuss…

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I had a rude dog park moment! I have a small dog who LOVES big dogs. This was our first trip to the dog park and didn’t realize how untrained and aggressive some bigger dogs are. None of the dogs bothered mine, but this couple sent their son over to us to yell at us to leave the dog park (we were on our way to the small dog park — nice parenting!) as we were leaving the wife yelled “yeah leave you stupid morons”. Okay?? This was our first experience, our small dog only socializes with big dogs…

every time we return we just keep her with the small dogs for safety reasons! Never making that mistake again…

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