(Closed) Terrible, horrible painful PMS – and now it lasts throught the whole period

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Wildstyle, I feel your pain.  I’ve been on 3 different kinds of BC pills, and all of them had a huge impact on my mood and emotions.  I was off it for almost 2 years, but due to irregular periods, had no choice but to go back on BC recently.  However – I’m not doing the pill this time, but using Nuvaring.  So far so good – except for some headaches and light cramping, but I really hope that’s just my body adjusting to it.

I think the best thing you can do is when you are feeling “off” do whatever you can to relax.  A warm bath, an afternoon nap, or maybe a  walk around the block.

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I have read that for bad cramps during periods you can start taking Advil a few days before every 4 hours in order for it to build up in your system so that when your period starts, the cramps aren’t as bad.  I don’t have a lot of advice for the PMS symptoms because I never really had PMS even before I was on BC.

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There’s a tea by Traditional Medicinals called PMS tea.  http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/pmstea

I take it if I’m feeling particularly PMS/crampy, and it seems to work, which is odd, because nothing usually does.  I hear chamomile tea and dandelion tea are also good for menstrual issues, but I think both of those are in the PMST.

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Before I went on the pill I had terrible horrible painful cramps, and my doctor prescribed medical doses of advil or aleve for me.  Basically, I would take over-the-counter pain killers, but in much higher doses than what was listed on the bottle.  Aleve worked better for this b/c it stays in your system for 8 hours or so, so I would take more Aleve every 6 hours, and the pain killers never had a chance to wear off.  If you’re going to do something like this, ask your doctor first, and he/she will tell you the correct dosage for your body weight.  Sadly, this does nothing for the mood swings though, and you might be out of luck finding a non-hormonal treatment for those.

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if your period went from being relatively pain-free to extremely or moderately heavy pain then you need to call your doctor immediately!!!!

It is a sign that something is wrong with your reproductive system and you need to get check for everything from ovarian cysts to endometriosis to diverticulitis to IBS.  Both ovarian cysts and endometriosis can be extemely painful during and around your period and ovulation time.  There are also presription pain medications that are specifically tailored to helping ease extremely painful menstrual cramps.  This is not something you want to chance, women with ovarian cysts and endometriosis have a much lower chance of concieving.

Please take the advice and visit your doctor.  You would much rather be taking the preventive measure than having to treat any repercussions that may arise from complications or have an emergency room visit from an burst ovarian cyst or inflamed colon.


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Hello!  If you’re interested in healing this without going on birth control you might want to check out Five Element Style Accupuncture.  I had a lot of issues with my period and I’ve found that getting treatments has gotten rid of my cramps, tenderness, migraines, and crankiness!  If you want to email me about it feel free to PM me.  If you want to find a great practioner in your area you can look at the alumni guide here: http://www.tai.edu



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@Wildstyle . . . definitely call the doc if you weren’t having cramps before. Also be aware of other pain you’re having that’s not during your period. I convinced my GP I had a kidney stone again and it turned out to be a cyst. I had had one before and the pain was so similar and the nurse told me people do that from time to time, it’s called referred pain or something. In my case (and in most cases) all was well and I (unfortunately) had to go back on the pill for 3 months to make sure it went away (some cysts can be treated this way).

The next thing to look into is PMDD. It’s a very hard core form of PMS. I mean HARD CORE! It sounds SOOO familiar your mood swings and bad periods combined. My mood swings are insane, really really really bad talk to your doctor about PMDD and if they brush you off talk to another one. Here’s why, I was misdiagnosed in my early 20’s with chronic depression. I told my original doctor I wanted to look into the treatments for PMDD before she put me on zoloft and she brushed it off and told me I had chronic depression and put me on zoloft and birth controll pills. I took zoloft for 6 years tried to stop then after a year had to go back on  . . .  needless to say 3 years later I found another doctor who was a saint. I would marry her if I could she has changed my life. When I found my new doctor about 6 months ago I started telling her all the problems I was having (major mood swings, heavy depression during pms, bad cramps – I’ve tried every pill under the sun nothing worked) and she said you my dear have PMDD, no doubt about it. She told me I needed to get off the pill at the end of my cycle it’s not for me and that some people with pmdd just don’t work with the pill (wish my original doc had just listened to me in the first place). She then gave me a perscription for prozac which is taken ONLY during the time you go through pms (pmdd). Depending on your case it can be anywhere from 7 days to 14 (we’re still in the process of adjusting mine). She gave me a very light xanax perscription to take ONLY if I needed it (I get some anxiety issues along with it as well). Once I start my pmdd cycle I usually end up taking a xanax once and sometimes not at all. I will say sometimes the prozac causes me sleep troubles but we’re still playing with when the best time for me to take it is and there are also other options out there for the treatment but it’s so nice to only treat the problem and not have to be on something permenately. I only take it once a month for that week for now but to me it’s better than all the time because thos other drugs mess you up!

She also tested my vitamin D levels which were really super low. Apparently Vitamin D is a hormone and can also make things worse with pms/pmdd issues. Have a doc test you and see where you’re at because they can give you a mega perscription dose. It’s helped my fatigue immensely.

Good luck! Sorry for the length I just thik it’s important for women to be informed because some don’t realize that PMS isn’t always just PMS!

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Chasteberry is a natural herb treatment that is clinically proven (hooray!) to regulate the symptoms of PMS. You can get it at GNC under the name “Vitex” in the women’s section. Other places sell it under the chasteberry plant name. It’s not too expensive and it doesn’t make me nauseaus like some other supplements have.

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