(Closed) Terrified of getting pregnant after wrong info from doctor’s office

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Sugar bee

I don’t want to contradict your Dr. but I was on Ortho Lo some years ago and my Dr. told me that I could skip a period by taking the pills straight through. However, stopping and starting, I would not trust the pill for at least a month. Is the nuva ring an option? I heard that it is more likely to be effictive earlier as there is a reduced risk of user error and the hormones go directly into y<our body.

You say you are not an experienced condom user, why not practice on a banana? It sounds stupid but I bet it will give you more confidence. Just don’t try to use 2 condoms as that increases your chances of breaking them.

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Blushing bee
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The Bee ate my post! 🙁

I am not a doctor, but have always been told you can take both monocyclic and tricyclic pills in succession. The period you have while you are on the pill is not a natural one anyway! I have never ever heard that taking tricyclic pills without a break will make them ineffective!
Honestly, I would recommend taking your pills as usual. Stopping and starting is bound to cause more ineffectiveness than continuing to take them as it is.
If you can, absolutely get a second opinion from another doctor! Go to a sexual health clinic if you can – they deal with birth control day in and day out! There is also a dosage of pills you can take that will stop your period if it is due to come (it’s basically a very high strength birth control pill, and a lot of girls take it when they have an important holiday coming up). Another option worth speaking to your doctor about.

Just in case, I would get in as much practice as you can with condoms – even if it’s on a banana! Research as many instructional diagrams you can find that show you how to put them on correctly. You will be totally fine! Condoms are only ineffective if they are put on incorrectly, are the wrong size, or if they are out of date. Make sure you get the right fit for your man, practice lots, and make sure it’s a brand new box (just to be extra sure!). You will be absolutely fine sweetheart 🙂 If it ticks all those boxes, there is no way it can ‘magically’ not work!
If you do have an accident or something happens, there is always the plan B pill. I know you’re against abortion but depending on how strong your views are, you may not be against it like you would be against a traditional termination. If you take it early enough, it stops the implantation (i.e. if your egg was fertilised it will not be able to attach).  
Best of luck though! And if you can, please please please get a second opinion before your OBGYN potentially screws your cycle up even more!

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Helper bee

I stopped taking BC after we got married in November, so I’ve been off for around 8 months now. My husband and I use condoms because we’re not ready for a baby yet, and we haven’t had any problems. Like all forms of BC, condoms have a risk, but it’s pretty low if you use them correctly. @Peacheslea had good recommendations about using them. Please don’t worry, and don’t let something like this spoil your first time.

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Helper bee

I’m fairly sure that you are still protected if you skip your period on a multiphasic pill, the difference is that you’re more likely to get breakthrough bleeding when skipping on a multi (due to the changing levels of progesterone throughout the cycle) compared to a monophasic.

I prefer monophasic pills myself, because the changing hormone levels throughout the month of multiphasic pills don’t suit me, but I did some googling just now for you, and this site has a nice breakdown of how to skip periods using ortho tri cyclen http://thewelltimedperiod.blogspot.com/2004/07/skip-period-with-triphasic-pills-you.html

The progesterone in Ortho Tri Cyclen (the hormone which prevents ovulation) is norgestimate, and across the 3 different dose phases of the cycle it goes from 180 mcg, to 215 mcg, and then 250 mcg. It gets higher to mimic the natural menstrual cycle throughout the month, but presumably, if 180 mcg is the lowest dose in the pack, then 180 mcg is enough to inhibit ovulation… which means that if you skip the sugar pills and go from 250 mcg to 180 mcg, you should still have a high enough progesterone level to be preventing ovulation (I should say here that I’m not 100% about this, but I’m a scientist, and it seems like logical reasoning to me… right??).

I agree that if you are very worried, ask another doctor. Also, I suggest from my own experience, that if you are going to skip periods regularly it’s much easier to do so on a monophasic pill, so it may be worth asking about changing to something else.

If you use a condom as well to feel more on the safe side, then I think you will be fine.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I would find a different doctor because I have always been told that I could skip my sugar pills to prevent a period if I wanted to and I’m on Ortho Lo as well. I think maybe you misunderstood her or she is somehow misinformed? Regardless… get thee to another doctor! Regarding using just condoms…. as the after school commercials say…. the only 100% method of birth control is abstinence. If you have sex there is always a chance you could get pregnant. However that chance is really very low and worrying about it is not going to help matters at all– its just going to make you not have a good time. Maybe find a planned parenthood near you and see if you can get some counseling on some alternative bc methods? Like condoms + spermacide or something?

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Buzzing bee
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ditto PPs.. skipping your period on a triphasic is fine and does not decrease the effectiveness.  your doc sounds like he/she is full of it.  keep taking your pills as directed by the package insert, use a condom as back-up, and you’ll be fine.  worst case, if a condom breaks, you pick up a Plan B and take that, too.  good luck!

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Bee Keeper
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So.. maybe its time to switch doctors because I’m on Orth Tri-Cyclen Lo and I’ve been told by 2 different doctors its ok to skip the sugar pills. I’ve done it maybe 4 or 5 times without issue. I’d stop by planned parenthood to get more info.

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Bumble bee
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My Dr has always told me to just skip the sugar pill and go directly to the hormonal pills to avoid getting my period for vacations. 5 years and never gotten pregnant. I agree, I would not agree with your DR and may be time to find a new one? Good Luck and Congrats!!

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Helper bee

Sorry to bang on, but I’ve been doing some reading just now (I find this stuff quite fascinating), and I found a review article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology which says at norgestimate inhibits ovulation at 0.2 mg (200 mcg)/day (and these pharmacology articles tend to err on the side of caution).

Based on my above ramblings, the lowest you’re going to be at is 180 and it’s probably not that low if you’re switching from high dose to low dose directly because it will take a few days for the serum level to drop, so again.. I think you’re ok.

Rivera R. Yacobson I. Grimes D.
American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. 181(5 Pt 1):1263-9, 1999 Nov.
[Journal Article. Research Support, U.S. Gov’t, Non-P.H.S.. Review]
PS. Not a doctor, just a nerd with too much time on my hands and some insomnia. ie. I probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so don’t sue me xx

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Busy bee
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I can’t speak to the birth control issues, but I can reassure you about condoms. Never mind the effectiveness rates you’ll see– that takes human error into account, and one thing I like a lot about condoms is that if you have an error, you KNOW. (One thing that not all the instructions will think to tell you: if you start to put it on and find you’ve got it the wrong way, i.e. it won’t roll down, don’t flip it over and try it the other way, grab a new one instead.)

Pick up a Plan B just to have in case. You’ll be fine.

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Blushing bee
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See, totally nothing to worry about! You are going to have a fan-freaking-tastic time on your honeymoon. I completely sympathise with you for feeling so angry and betrayed by your doctor. There is nothing worse than having an authority figure you should be able to trust and rely on, completely belittle you and make you feel like an idiot!

I come from a very good background, and my family are the typical ‘wholesome, religious’ type. So it came as a total shock when we found out our GP cornered and seriously accused my uncle of snorting cocaine when he came in to see her about a constant stuffy nose … he had a deviated septum. She also cornered and accused my father of sexually molesting me when he took me in to ask about a weird rash on the inside of my legs … I was having an allergic reaction to the diapers my mom was using! It’s absolutely sickening that people like this are allowed to abuse their position of authority. All I can say is get out before she makes a more serious mistake that could put you at risk!   

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Even after stopping BC most women don’t start ovulating immediate.  It usually takes a while for a couple who is trying to conceive to get pregnant.  I wouldn’t use charting as a birth control method myself, but between taking the pill (even if it’s not giving you the same amount of protection against pregnancy as normal) plus condoms should be enough!

I understand being paranoid, I’m unable to trust my pills on their own, but between the pills and right now condoms (I may switch to something else) I’m not worried.

Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon!!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Use spermicidal films or foam as a backup, or a condom plus the sponge plus the spermicide. I definitely would not rely on just condoms, especially if you are not used to using them.

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