(Closed) Terrified to ttc & having another c section (long)

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not me, but a girl in my office just had her second baby.  since the first one was a c-section, she was told the 2nd one had to be a c-section as well.  everything went smoothly and the mother and baby are doing well.  they emailed a picture around the office.


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Eeep, that does sound intense. I don’t have kids, so I could be wrong, but wouldn’t it be different this time since it will be a *planned* c-section? Maybe you should think about talking to your doctor about your options with a planned one, and the ways in which it will differ?

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I haven’t been in this situation myself, but I know several people who had emergency c-sections that went on to have more children via planned c-section and everything went fine. The woman on the blog Young House Love had a placental abruption (scary!) and she just recently had another baby via planned c-section too. Maybe talking with your doctor would help ease your anxiety about it?

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I am so sorry that the birth of your first child was so traumatic. I completely can see why you would be nervous about a second child.

I have spent a number of years in the mothering community and have heard similar stories– the best thing is that many people are completely able to go on to have a complication-free vaginal birth with thier second. The key is to find a physician who is supportive in your desire to do so. that is the biggest hurdle!

Another thing is that every pregnancy and birth is different in every mother. You’re more likely to have a different experience this time than with your first.

Even if you do have to have a c-section again, this time you will have much more control over the experience.


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For some reason there are a lot of doctors that decide if you’ve had one C-section than you will have to have the rest the same way. This has been proven to not be true.

As for having a hysterectomy due to loss of blood, I’m curious as to why those two things have been related together. I hemorrhaged 5 days after my youngest was born. They were sending me to critical care but got it stopped in time but I still spent some time in hospital. They said if I were to have another they would have to keep an eye on it but it shouldn’t be a problem.

It sucks that you missed out on your baby’s first cries…but there is so much more after that that makes up for it!

I also missed out on the labour part of birth. I have 3 children, went overdue for all of them and had to be induced every time. My OB/GYN believes I don’t produce enough hormones to go into labour naturally. It can be disconcerting being induced and it’s easy to worry…but in the end, it is worth it!

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Hello…I am in my mid 40s and have had 2 children c-section.  My story is a lot like yours.  I went into labour with a breach baby, he went into distress and started inhaling his feces and amnionic fluid. 

I was rushed into surgery where I lost a lot of blood, had a mini-stroke and was given a general on top of the epidural I had already had during my (up to that point) 3 hour labour as well.  Like you, my husband was not allowed in and I remember disctinctively them screaming at him to make a decision as to wether or not they were to save me or the baby.  Of course both the baby and I survived and 6 short months later I was pregnant again

After my 1st c-section, I was told I would have to have a c-section for each additional pregnancy because I was missing the uteran wall muscles on my right side so labour would never produce the the contrations forcing the child downward. But even back then I knew if I didn’t have that issue I could have had my 2nd son vaginally.

My main reason to tell you my story was that even if you do have a 2nd c-section it is a million times easier than the 1st.  Because your muscles and nerve endings never repair completely you do lose some of the feeling so the 2nd time around isn’t that bad.  Also..just because you had to have a general the 1st time doesn’t mean you need it the 2nd.

Because the doctors knew I was going to have to have a c-section everytime and also knew the stress my body would go through, everything was well planned..I was able to be awake the whole time..and like I sad, recovery was so much easier the 2nd time.  The other plus was there was no weeks on end bleeding.  Because they completely clean you out during the c-section as you know..there was no residual bleeding for weeks after.  

If you have some specific questions that I didn’t not answer, please feel free to PM me.



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Winterbride_England:  If they had to do a hysterectomy to save your life then it would be worth it…but if they had to, what would be the chances of you ever having any more children anyways? I’m not trying to upset you just pointing it out.

Honestly, my recommendation would be to forgot your GP and talk to a specialist about your concerns. GPs are great for ‘normal’ deliveries but not so much for more difficult ones. I also find that GPs tend to stick to the ‘once a C-section always a C-section’ route and would be more likely to do an unnecessary hysterectomy. They just don’t have the specialized knowledge needed to deal with the extra difficulties. I love my GP but he sends me off to my OB/GYN at about 5 months or for anything else more serious related to ‘woman’s’ issues.

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It sounds like what you went through was an emergency c-section because you had major complications.  A planned c-section would not be like that at all.  You would be awake, wouldn’t feel anything from the waist down, and could immediately hold your baby once they got him/her out and cleaned up.  It sounds like you’re legitimately concerned about your health.  Why not talk to a Doctor about it?  They can confirm what your second birth experience would be like more than us.  Whatever you decide to do, I hope that your husband will support it.  It’s your body and ultimately your decision whether or not to carry another pregnancy.  Good luck!

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