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Recently an older man had a seizure in the grocery store I was at.

There was a lady screaming “SOMEONE PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!”  and saying “Oh no please no. Oh God no.”

Everyone in the store had the bystander complex and just sat there. I didn’t have my phone so I quickly walked over to the pharmacy (it was right there next to me) and I calmly interrupted the pharm techs and told them that someone right there in the produce was having a possible heart attack or stroke and please call 911. 

Then everyone standing around gawking started getting out their phones to call 911. The man lived and I’m guessing it was probably a seizure from what I saw of him on the ground and also how he looked sitting up after paramedics got there.

I didn’t find it scary, but it was definitely surreal. I thought the man was honestly going to die, judging by the lady’s hysterics, and I thought I was witnessing a person dying, which I think would be a life altering experience.

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When I was a senior in high school, I was an office aide.  I spent an hour every day running hall passes, phone calls, etc. One day I took a note to a 9th grade history class in the middle of a boy having a heart attack – I walked in as it was already happening and the paramedics were already called.  It was terrible…he was bleeding from his mouth and nose, and he ended up on life support for a week before his parents chose to pull the plug.

It was the absolute worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

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@SweetRose2011: OMG that’s so scary!! I hope he’s okay!

Last year we were out at a nice restaurant for our anniversary dinner. There was a couple two tables down from us eating and minding their own business when all of a sudden we hear wheezing/groaning/gargling/coughing and realize that the woman is choking on a piece of food. She tried to cough it out but after about 15 seconds she was starting to turn red, then purple, in the face, and was clearly not going to cough it up herself. Her gurgles/gags/coughs/moans got louder and the entire restaurant went quiet at that point. Her husband stood her up to try to Heimlich her, it didn’t work and for a good 60 seconds she was just making these awful, helpless moan/gurgle/gagging noises, totally unable to breathe. It was literally completely silent except for the sound of her struggling. I seriously thought I was going to watch a woman die right there. Finally he Heimliched her so hard that she vomited and I guess that dislodged whatever was in her throat, she let out this awful wail/gag and collapsed into a chair, bawling. Her husband knelt next to her and hugged her and they both were crying. The restaurant manager brought her some water, comped their meals, and they went home.

Omg just typing that all out again gives me the chills and this was over a year ago! So scary to watch stuff like that happen.

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@Linz1231: Oh my gosh that is so scary! Words fail me. I can’t even imagine. Holy crap.

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Freshman year college  math class this girl who sat next to me looked like she was bending down to grab a pen but she actually was having a seizure and fell on the floor and had a very big seizure. luckily we had an EMT student int our class. Super scary!

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@SweetRose2011: I’m not attacking you at all, but next time in this position, if you honestly know what you are doing feel free to shove people aside and do what needs to be done!! Paramedics have to. You could end up saving someone’s life! Then you would be HeroRose2011.  🙂

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A situation like that is a perfect example of why everyone should take a first aid course.

Seizures can be scary but the first aid is simple- roll them on their side and remove anything they might injure themselves on while seizing.

All parents shoul also take an infant and children’s first aid course. You will never forgive yourself if something happens to your child and you couldn’t be bothered to take a first aid or CPR course.

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A friend and I were going to carpool home from work, but I got off an hour before she did, so I decided to walk to the store across the parking lot to do a little shopping and kill some time.  In our parking lot, past the employee parking area was a car that was parked sideways between two stalls.  The car was running and there was a man in the driver’s seat of the car.  At first I thought he was waiting for someone to get off of work, but then I realized he was either sleeping or unconcious.  

I was going to go knock on the window, but I decided against it since I was a female alone.  So then I thought I would let someone know if he was still there when I got back to our store.  But that would be about half an hour later, and if he was having a heart attack or something, he’d be dead by the time I got back.  I walked back to our store and got one of our male managers to go the parking lot with me.  I continued on to the neighboring store while he checked things out.  

When I was returned a short while later there was an ambulance in the parking lot.  I talked to the manager and he said that when he’d gotten to the car, the guy didn’t respond at all when he pounded on the window.  There was also an empty bottle of vodka on the seat next to him, so the manager called 911.  I guess he was suffering from pretty severe alcohol poisoning and the paramedics said he would likely have died if he had not received medical help.  Never found out what happened to him after he went to the hospital, but I sure hope he got help for his drinking problem.

Oh yeah…I nearly forgot I almost saw my grandma die.  We were gardening, and it was pretty hot out, but she and my mom were sitting in the shade and she’d only been outside for about five or ten minutes when my mom started saying, “Mom?  Mom?!  MOM!!!”  My dad called 911 and we all thought we were going to watch my grandma die in our backyard.  It was the first of one of many mini-strokes that my grandma had…she pretty much would black out and we’d have to call the paramedics to help bring her back around.

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Wow! That’s scary! I hope that man is ok. Yesterday on our way home from church my SO and I saw a cyclist get hit by a car. We were waiting to turn left and were first in the turning lane. It felt as if it happened in slow motion. The car and the cyclist were both going straight and one of the two no sure which bumped into the other. We just saw the cyclist’s foot be d funny and he went down. The car noticed it and stopped about 10th after. It seemed like he was on the ground forever and no one from the other cars showed movement. I told my SO to put on his hazard lights and call 911. By the time I opened my car door, the man stress to get up. He said he was ok and he seemed to be shakened up and mad that his bike was damaged. He got across the street to where the other driver was and they exchanged info. I felt like I had swallowed my heart.

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Super scary!  I luckily haven’t seen anything like this outside of the hospital yet.  

I just wanted to point out in case you do see another seizure to not hold them down, clear anything out of their vicinity like @julies1949 said, but don’t roll them or turn their head until after the seizure.  The risk of vomiting when they’re post-ictal, so it’s best just to let them go ahead and seize while making the environment as safe as possible before trying to move them.

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