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1stRosie:  UGH aren’t people sometimes just the worst? 

We went to my FI’s family for a post-Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday, and they ragged on us for “being late” (we were half an hour late, and it was because I had an appointment to buy a wedding dress, which I made weeks before we got their invitation, and they all already knew about it!). Then dinner was four. hours. late. I mean, come on. I made orange cranberry sauce for the dinner, and when I gave it to my Future Mother-In-Law, she looked at my Fiance and said “I thought I said to buy the canned kind.” Awesome. 

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1stRosie:  Stepmom sounds like she makes holidays super fun. I just love those kind people. My husband is 17 years my senior. We were going to have a baby when I was 32 and he was 49. He didn’t feel too old at all. The baby wasn’t meant to be in our case though. 

My daghter’s father makes every holiday about him and how everyone in the world has wronged him. Instead of putting in an effort to come see his kid, he guilt tripped her about me not being able to bring her to him. Uhm, she is only 17. You are 43 and the adult. The world does NOT revolve around you and your needs. If I have to work the holiday, you need to make the trip to get her! It isn’t her fault you are such a loser! Go ahead and be pissed at me, but don’t make her feel bad about it!

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This is a pretty long reply but it’s fine, just a little vent (btw, I bit*h about them but they are family and I will love them whether they acknowledge me or not) : 

So my Future Brother-In-Law has been an alcoholic for about 10 years. He’s done the rehab thing, his wife left him to try and get him to realize his problems, they’ve been through counciling etc… 

Well, about 2 weeks ago Future Brother-In-Law went to Future Mother-In-Law and told her that he’s been having some health problems that are a result of his excesive drinking (I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for him when he could have prevented it. He did this to himself. Oh! and he knows he’s an alcoholic. It runs in the family. Yes, I know it’s a disease but I also know if he had the motivation, he could overcome it). My engagement became official the Monday before Thanksgiving and instead of Future Brother-In-Law and Future Mother-In-Law being excited for us, the whole focus was on his already present health problems. So Thanksgiving wasn’t about the happy things, but about his drinking and the drama surrounding it. 

This all may sound harsh, but Fiance agrees with me. We’re done with the drama. We had good news, and instead of celebrating it with us Future Mother-In-Law made it all about her and the problems Future Brother-In-Law are having and how it’s all her fault and she needs to make sure that she’s there for him even though he’s never been there for her when she was in the hospital. 

FMIL’s boyfriend handed me a drink at that point and said ‘Welcome to the family’ lol 

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Went by my Mother-In-Law house on thanksgiving. I am newly pregnant and we havent told many people. She does know and thought thanksgiving would be a convientent time to say the following

Mother-In-Law: “So y’all finally having a baby it took y’all long enough (married less than 90 days). Well you beeta hope that baby comes out looking like my son or else we’ll be getting a DNA TEST!


I am STILL too stunned to reply



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My thanksgiving was great- my brother even made the 2-3 hr drive to come up to see me & my hubby at our new cabin with a bunch of friends… Or at least it was great until said brother keeps us up all night bc he was sick as a dog (no-one else was sick & we ate & drank way more than him). Our cabin is pretty tiny and has a wood stove for heat so hubby & I sleep in the living room and gave him the upstairs bedroom- but there is only 1 bathroom right next to our bed downstairs.. He was running up & down the stairs puking/shitting and we could hear & smell it ALL… So gross! We were so pooped that we didn’t even think to ask what he was puking into upstairs until the next morning… He puked out our second story window… onto the front porch, and all down the sides of the house, all over our trash bags and recycling! YUCK yuck yuck… He tried to clean it up but it was getting dark by the time he felt good enough to get out of bed so he didn’t get it all and something came in the middle of the night & drug the trash/puke mix allover the yard….

This is the second turkey day he has spent at our home and the first time he got so sick we took him to the hopsital. I tried to be a nice sister and bring him medicine, drinks and care for him when he was feeling bad the next day, but man that is soo hard bc I was fuming about the puke everywhere!!! 

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absolutely_tati:  whaaaaa the fucking fuck to that! lol jesus

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I had to have another talk with Darling Husband about Mother-In-Law this weekend.  Mother-In-Law doesn’t like to actually say what she wants, so instead goes “Misswho wants XYZ,” when she really means “I want XYZ.”  This weekend Darling Husband, Father-In-Law and SIL were watching and discussing a football game I really didn’t care about.  I was curled up on a corner of the couch messing with a game on my phone as I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation and keeping half an eye on SIL’s three kids with Brother-In-Law.  Mother-In-Law was getting ready for everyone to go home.   So instead of saying “Its getting late, I’m getting tired, why don’t we wrap this up,” she goes over to Darling Husband and says “Misswho looks tired, you should bring her home.”  Ummm, nope, not tired, not wanting to break up the party, just don’t have anything to add to the conversation.  I am an adult, fully capable of speaking up for myself.  And if I don’t feel like speaking, Darling Husband knows me well enough to read my queues of when I’m ready to go home without Mother-In-Law steping in. 

The look I gave Darling Husband at that moment must have said it all because at least he said “She’s fine.  Her team isn’t playing, so she doesn’t care.  Nephew, do you want to play with Aunt Who?”  Mother-In-Law didn’t look pleased.  We talked about it on the way home, and Darling Husband is going to have another talk with his mom about not doing that.  His excuse was that Mother-In-Law knows that the family can be a bit hard to contain.  I don’t care.  I still don’t like it. 

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Amerie27:  We both sat there for second slack jawed! I mean who says that! But this from the woman who announced at the wedding that I was getting too much attention. 

We left shortly after the comment was made. No need to really stick around after that.

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