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@LadyBlackheart:  Not much of a horror story, but my aunt is always late, and we always have Thanksgiving at noon, but we tell her 11:00 so she has an extra hour. She only had one block to walk and is never in charge of cooking, so we don’t undertstand.

Quite a few years ago she didn’t show up until 3:00. We WAITED for her. We called her. We even went up there and knocked, rang the door bell, everything. She answered the phone ONE time at 1:30 and said to give her 10 minutes. She was almost ready.

By the time she came, she was all jolly and happy. We were pissed off. Everything was either cold or overcooked, we were all in a bad mood from being hungry and trying to stagger our eating so we didn’t eat too much in case she was finally coming. My other uncle and dad were so mad and physically sick from being hungry that they refused to eat and my other uncle and aunt went home.

Since then, we still tell her 11:00 and plan for 12, but if she isn’t there, we eat without her.

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@LadyBlackheart:  I don’t know that I would call it a horror story. More just awkward. And rude.

I hosted thanksgiving last year for close family. It was my immediate family and some cousins that usually join me for holidays. One of these cousins had broken up with her long time boyfriend earlier in the year and she was already dating someone else and he was at our thanksgiving celebration since they got serious really quickly. Her ex is good friends with our other cousin and still is to this day. this particular cousin, we will cal him A, is a total mooch. And he can eat like there is no tomorrow lol. So he unexpectedly showed up to our thanksgiving dinner well after dinner ahd been served so he could “make a plate”. He brought my cousins ex along with him so he could “make a plate” too. I was annoyed but figured why be greedy on thanksgiving ya know? it was rude but I just shut up and let them take a plate each. So there we all are in my basement with my cousin and her new man, and my other cousin and her ex are sitting eating while everyone awkwardly sits around waiting for them to finish up. No one wanted to talk to much or do much of anythign while they were there. it was just bad. They finally finished their plates AND took plates and left. I found out that their immediate family had run out of food and that’s why they came by us to eat. It sucks because that part of the family is really cheap and they dont like to contribute when we do things like this, so a few years back we separated and they do their own holiday meals. Obviously nothing has changed since they didn’t even makebring enough food to feed themselves. And of course A didn’t contribute anything to his family’s celebration and not only did he eat over there, he ate at my house and took food home!!! I was so irritated. And my poor cousin and her guy were just so awkward.

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This isn’t my personal story, but it happened to my husband’s family. One Thanksgiving my Mother-In-Law was making a pumpkin pie.. now I know she was a big drinker back in the day (she has since passed away).. so maybe that was the reason, but I don’t know for sure. Instead of putting in a can of evaporated milk she put in a can of chicken noodle soup!! I don’t care how drunk you are, do you not notice noodles floating around in your pie?! Anyway she baked it & served it, my husband had one bite and said he almost puked all over the table.

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One year I went to with my ex to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents (who are seriously the nicest people in the world).  His mom made this huge spread and we were about to sit down to eat when we heard a loud pop (it sounded like a gun shot) from the kitchen.  Turns out his mom had put a glass casserole dish on the stove to make room in the oven, but didn’t realize that the burner was on low.  The glass casserole dish exploded, sending little glass shards all over the kitchen.  We had turkey (still safe in the oven) and take-out that year.

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My BFF is Asian (born in New York though) and my grandma, well grandma is just… grandma.

Anyway, we were sitting there eating our Thanksgiving meal, and of course BFF was there as well.  Grandma started complaining about the people who own the gas station up the road because they don’t speak English (she is also hard of hearing, their English is fine but they have thick accents).

She said something about “those damn non-English speaking foreign people” and I cleared my throat loudly and told her that she was being rude and that at one point in our own ancestry WE were the foreigners.  She said “I don’t mean it like that, I mean those little brown people!”


Everyone stopped and stared, mom nearly choked on a piece of ham, I dropped my fork, and my grandmother was sitting directly across from my Asian BFF just as casually said “Oh, I don’t mean her, she’s just like family!”


I seriously.just.can’t.even.  Grandma has absolutely NO filter what-so-ever.

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@LadyBlackheart:  My parents, brother, and I would drive down to the Macy’s parade in NYC almost every Thanksgiving since I was in 6th grade. It was about a 3-4 hour drive. Back in 2003, we were on I84 in the right lane when I look left (was in backseat behind driver) to see a huge tractor trailer headlight coming at me. The huge truck hit the back of our car and we spun across the entire freeway landing on the far left shoulder (started off in the right lane). It was a MIRACLE that no other cars hit us while we spun as it was Thanksgiving Eve. We screamed our heads off, and I was so shook up (my legs were SHAKING when I was calling 911), but no one was hurt – my legs were just sore the next day. I am pretty agnostic re: God, but someone was definitely looking out for us that day.

Our car looked bad but wasn’t totaled, and we were actually able to seal up parts of it with duct tape and went on down to the parade as if nothing happened.

Needless to say, that was our last year going to the Macy’s parade for Thanksgiving. :/

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My Grandfather broke a wine glass in the gravy boat and didn’t tell anyone…I was last to get it after him, and as I took a bite of turkey, and heard that horrible crunch and realized it was full of glass shards….I spit everything out, jumped up from the table and ran into the bathroom where my tongue, lips and gums were bleeding from being stabbed…not our finest moment as a family.

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That wooden carving board with the turkey on it… it just caught fire in the oven.

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Non-relative guest at Thanksgiving dinner twice my age tried groping me from under the table.  Lets just say that I wasn’t hungry after that.

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When I cooked all day for my then boyfriend’s (now husband) family. I even made the turkey, I was exhausted… apparently Darling Husband told her that he was going to propose soon and she got really really drunk and became inconsolable. (it’s a family pact to get her to avoid wine at family functions, yet somehow SIL always gives her a bottle)

I was watching her grandson (because whenever my BIL&SIL are over they refuse to watch their kids) and he ran up their steep stairs, I went to grab him and at the top of the stairs is his mother and my Darling Husband. She was bawling and begging him not to propose to me. I just looked like a deer in headlights and tried to act like I didn’t notice…Regardless of her issues, I took it very personally. I also cannot stand being around drunken people who cannot control themselves. I also cannot stand being around someone who is crying guilt trip tears… I just can’t… I then had to go clean the kitchen which was miserable because she doesn’t have a dishwasher or much tupperware…


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Some friends of our family have very strict religious beliefs – they didn’t let their kids watch tv growing up, only religious themed radio stations allowed, women don’t wear pants, etc.


Well, the year the Federal Marriage Ammendment was up for vote, I made the mistake of making an off-hand comment about people being allowed to marry whomever they like (note, I was NOT instigating an argument. It had to do with something else.) As soon as the family friends heard me say that, they lost it. The husband and wife spent the rest of the day LITERALLY chasing me from room to room, screaming scripture at me and telling me I was going to Hell. At Thanksgiving.

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I had an uncle start preaching what I like to call the “Gospil of Glen Beck” at Thanksgiving.  Somehow with in three sentances, we got from “How is your son?” to “Glen Beck.”  Still not sure how that happened, but my Fiance has asked not to be left alone with him. 

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