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My grandmother gave me a CZ ring for a birthday one time. It was the first wedding ring she recieved from my grandfather, before she passed down the one she wore most recently (my e-ring). The setting was gold, so I took it to a jewler to get it resized. The jeweler kept saying, “Why are you even bothering to get it resized?” Are you kidding me? 

Jewlery stores/departments need some serious customer service lessons. I think I may open a shop. Seriously.

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Unrelated comment but as far as wierd things happening at JcPenny’s ………….. I was in my JcPenny’s yesterday and I swear could overhear people having sex in the dressing room. Gross. I think it was employee’s too because the noises were coming from a storage closet. Let’s just say I got outta there as fast as I could. WTF is wrong with people!!!!

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I totally understand how that could be annoying, and possibly offensive. 

But also.. I used to work at JCPenney, in the fine jewelry department. I had a customer come in with her husband and her CZ solitaire to have it sized. Long story short, in the process of filling out the paperwork, I mentioned the cz, she said “…Wait, what? ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS ISN’T A DIAMOND” She was seriously irate, and insisted that her husband had been duped into buying what he thought was a diamond. Mmmhm, a diamond with a $49.99 price tag. Not so likely. Anyways, I always made a point after that to tactfully mention to the cz browsing customers the “quality of our swarovski zirconia” ..or anything really just to make sure that they knew.

But yeah, I agree that saying it 5 times and making the customer feel stupid for even considering a non-diamond, not cool.

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@Wanderlusty:  I know EXACTLY how you feel. My Fiance and I also looked at rings at JCPenney, and one of the first things the saleswoman said to me was “Oh…you don’t want a diamond?” From that point on she really made me and my Fiance feel small and talked down to. I’m sure other people have said this (I didn’t read the responses yet), but I think it’s sales peoples’ jobs to get you to buy the most expensive thing (like a diamond) so that’s probably why she was acting like that. I definitely wouldn’t go back to that store if I were you (and I bet you won’t), but don’t let it ruin your whole ring shopping/looking experience! (HUGSSSS!)

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I had the opposite incident occur at Kay’s when my mom and I were just browsing through the mall. I asked to look at a smoky quartz ring. I realized what I was asking to look at, but the sales guy told me what a great bargain this chocolate diamond was for me. He was beyond enthusiastic about what a great deal I would get on this colored diamond. I kind of glared at him to inform him that it was a quartz. He finally corrected himself after a few more attempts to claim it was a diamond, but, needless to say, I won’t be buying from him or their store. (Also, I found a better ring elsewhere!) 🙂

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I once ran into a jewelry store because they had some beautiful pieces in the window. I made a beeline for the sapphires and we asked to see one. SO and I were gushing about how beautiful the color was and he mentioned how beautiful it would look in an engagement ring. She suddenly felt the need to keep reminding us that it wasn’t a diamond. 7 times. Rude.

She also straight up rolled her eyes at me when SO asked me to try on a 3 carat round solitaire and I said I didn’t like it. I almost launched myself over the counter at her.

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I went into Macy’s today with my friends. One of them started staring at some of the diamonds in the case and then we ended up standing there talking. In the middle of our conversation, a friendly sales lady asked us if there was anything we wanted to see. We told her we were looking at settings for a stone, but when we mentioned moissanite, she got this look on her face that was just so rude! We walked away from her because of it and left the store.

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Ooh man, do NOT mention moissanite to a jewelry store salesperson.. they give you the look of death!

I went in to a random jewelry store that was next door to a bakery I went in to get price and cake taste, they offered to clean our rings for free which was nice, spent about 30 minutes looking at rings, bands, and discussing my ring issues and how I wanted a bridal set. 

Then I asked my cousin if she ever head of “moissanite” because I seen a lot of ladies on the bee having them and whewwww that salesman got MAD because I was talking about how pretty the rings were and interruppted me everytime I tried saying something about them haha

I thought it was funny.  I’m a huge customer service person… I am not afraid to let them know they SUCK at helping customers hahaha

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Thanks for this post.  I do not have a diamond ring.  I have a pink stone that I just call a pink sapphire.  I’m pretty sure it said it was a pink sapphire but I doubt it’s real.  I get funny responses all the time.  “Did you want that ring?” “Do you not like diamonds?” “Is it real?”  and so on and on.  And like you said, it does hurt my feelings.  I love my ring.  I picked it out.  1. I knew we could not afford a 5,000 ring or even a 1,000 ring.  I picked one I liked that made me feel happy to look at.  2. I don’t think it’s necessary at all to compare my ring to a diamond and it’s frustrating to have so many people do it, really every person who looks at my ring.  It’s pretty and I love it.  It’s sad that we feel the need to define ourselves by the C’s of diamonds or whatever they call it lol.  Great post!!!

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Wow, I can’t believe how incredibly judgemental and rude people can be sometimes. It makes me sad. Just let people do what makes them happy, as long as it is not hurting someone else! That salesperson was way out of line, but I hope that as a PP said, maybe she kept bringing up the fact they weren’t real diamonds because she’d had some customers in the past get upset when they discovered they had bought a CZ and not a diamond. 

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There is a family jewelry store I go to. They have excellent customer service! Much better than any jewelry chain stores I see out there. It seems like they all have their nose in the air! I had my mom’s ring re-sized and another ring needing a zirconian stone. Every time one of my watches needs a battery, I go there and they change it for me right away, no waiting! I bought my wedding band there, I asked how much it would be to make a matching wedding band to go with the e-ring I got in a pawn shop, and she made out an estimate along with a drawing of the swirl in my e-ring for the “husband/father” to look at the next business day. I was looking in at the display case the next week and the “mother/wife” asked if I needed help. I asked if there were any plain simple wedding bands to go with the e-ring I had on, the estimate for the custom ring was too much for me. She chose a band that was in another display case that was on sale for $49.99! She didn’t try to get me to buy the most expensive thing in the store… she listened to what I WANTED and got it for me. They certainly have me as a repeat customer and I always praise them to others so they get clients because of me!

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I would absolutely complain, that is so rude!!  I’ve tried on the rings in that case myself, just for fun, and the woman there was so sweet about it!  She knew I wouldn’t buy one (even if I’d wanted one, they were all too big so I’d have to order online or wait weeks for resizing) and kept bringing out more to see what they looked like together.  I am one of those annoying people that will call a manager over every single time someone is rude or unproffesional.  I will also call when someone is extremely helpful and nice, too. 

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I could see her wanting let you know from the start.  That’s understandable.  But to keep harping on it is just odd.  

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@KatyElle:  LOVE THIS! HA!

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People and thier opinions…just show the ring and shut up…it would be hard for me not to snap back at her.

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