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  • Wedding: July 2012

@LD333:  Are you just worried that your guests might not have a great time? I think the fact that you’re concerned at all about their welfare means that your wedding will be an enjoyable one. Smile

Most of the things that make people sorry they attended a wedding have to do with actions of an inconsiderate host. Waiting too long for not enough food, bride and groom ignore guests, speeches/slideshows last an hour and prevent people from actually enjoying themselves, etc.

Lack of alchohol, “bad” decorations, or no wedding favors are all really shallow excuses to dislike a wedding, and I don’t know any (sane) people who would say a wedding “sucks” because of any of those reasons.

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  • Wedding: August 2013

I went to a wedding that, I wouldn’t say sucked, but there were definitely some very negative things that colour my memory of the day.


First of all, there wasn’t enough food.  There were some appetizers passed around during cocktail hour, though I think I only got one. Dinner started with a wonton soup or something which consisted of one wonton thing in some broth, then there was a tiny salad consisting of a few pieces of lettuce and a slice of tomato, next was a paper-thin sliver of smoked salmon, and then a small piece of lamb. It was all very nice food, but it just didn’t add up to a full meal. We were hungry by the time we got home, and if we had stayed for dancing I’m sure we would have been starving.


The venue was also crowded. Theya even announced during dinner that the venue had never seated so many people in that room before. Dinner was held on long Hogwarts-style tables that were close together. God help you if you had to get up to go to the bathroom. Dancing was held in a separate room, and it was so crowded that we couldn’t see the first dance andwhere wasn’t any room for us to dance either. Even the ceremony at the church was crowded, I had to sit and stand at an angle because there were so many people in our pew.

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  • Wedding: June 2013

I was in a bridal party recently and there was nowhere for us to sit and eat our meal. Obviously we arrived last because we stayed behind at the church taking pictures, but you would think there would have been some seating reserved for us. The meal was buffet-style and I had to eat standing up. Absolutely awful.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

@UpstateCait:  Nope Baltimore, MD but freakishly alike! The bizarro world wedding from hell! 

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  • Wedding: July 2012 - Baltimore Museum of Industry

I’ve never been to a wedding that “sucked,” but I have been to a reception that wasn’t fun.

I was invited solo (wasn’t dating anyone at the time), and I was put at a couples table. I had met one of the girls at the table twice before, but I wasn’t sitting next to her, so I really didn’t have anyone to talk to…the couples kept to themselves. And NO one danced- the music was good, but the B&G never danced, so no one else was going to get up.

There was another wedding at the venue, and I was talking to some of those guests in the hallway- they invited me to “crash” theirs, but even though I was bored, I think that would have been really rude to my friend.

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  • Wedding: July 2015

At one wedding I went to, the officiant seemed totally unprepared. She was rambling and just making up random stuff to say about the couple. She inserted a joke about the bride’s supposed love for making lists of everything… later, I heard the bride’s brother ask another family member, “When has she ever made a list in her life?”

ETA: At the same wedding, the Best Man’s speech was epicly hilarious and got a standing ovation. The Maid of Honor’s speech was heartfelt but dull, made worse by a couple of lame jokes she threw in. Had she given her speech first, it wouldn’t have been as awkward, but the Best Man was a hard act to follow.

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I’ve only been to one wedding that I didn’t enjoy bc:

  • There weren’t enough seats for all the guests. People were literally sitting in any available area. Some people even stole other people’s chairs when they stood up to go to the restroom or buffet line.
  • The buffet line was ridiculously long due to the fact the plates were the size of teacup saucers.
  • During the reception, the bride ordered the buffet line shut down bc she thought people in line weren’t paying attention to her enough during the first dance which I didn’t mind but it made the lines even longer when the buffet reopened.
  • The couple’s family passed a money bag, and passed it again, and passed it again. =/

It wasn’t a horrible wedding, just not what I expected from the couple.

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  • Wedding: August 2013 - The Liberty House

One I just went to wasn’t great and here’s why:

we had to wait over an hour for the ceremony to start

they did a receiving line out of the church (40ish minutes)

the “cupcake reception” was outdoors in 90 degree heat with no shade whatsoever, and no place to put down a plate. All the guests (especially the ones in heels) were struggling a lot to unwrap/ eat a cupcake while juggling a plate and a drink, while not getting melting icing on their clothes.

They had a tiered reception, which about 20% of the guests were not invited to, that they left for after about half an hour.

I think people will not fully enjoy anything that makes them feel second rate (if i’m not important enough to have at your reception, why invite me at all? I know it was a money thing, but they were not serving expensive food and were having it outside- what would a few extra tables have really cost them?)

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  • Wedding: June 2011

I don’t think your budget/style of wedding is what will make it suck or not suck. These are the things that really made me think “this sucks!” at the weddings I’ve attended:

-Outside ceremony then no A/C in the indoor area when the temperature is 85+. I know this is sort of a personal dislike for me b/c I hate the heat, but I don’t know anyone who likes to get hot and sweaty while dressed up.

-No alcohol, dancing, or entertainment during the reception even though it went on for hours. What are guests supposed to do for fun? 

-Timelines that don’t take the guests into consideration, which include long gaps without food/entertainment, waiting until very late to do important things (like cut the cake) when some guests have a long way to drive home, etc.

-Not having enough food. If you have an event at meal time, serve a meal. The quickest way to make me dislike an event I would have otherwise enjoyed is to not feed me/prevent me from eating when I’m hungry. 

As you can see, all my peeves have do with not taking care of one’s guests. I’ve genuinely never thought a wedding sucked b/c of the style, decorations, etc. even if they weren’t my personal taste.

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  • Wedding: February 2012

Two weddings that stick out to me where I left and said, “That sucked.”

1. The wedding was in January, my husband and I were getting married about a month after. My fiance wasn’t invited and so I went with a friend. The ceremony only had seats for about 1/2 the people, so myself and most of my friends had to stand. Then the cocktail hour went on for two hours. There were no chairs at the cocktail hour so most of us ended up sitting on the edge of this stage that was in the room. Plus, my other friend that was engaged go to bring her fiance and I felt it was a little unfair and I was not having any fun at the actual event itself. Then, after we all transferred into the ballroom we still had to wait for the bride and groom and then dancing before the entree was served. I’ll be honest, I left early because I wanted to go see my fiance and I had to wake up at 6 for work the next morning. By 11:00 you expect a wedding to be winding down, not just getting started, especially when the ceremony was over by 7:30.

2. One of my bridesmaids got married a few weeks ago. She invited around 400 people. It was just too many. The food was awful and there were not enough choices. Most of the wedding felt like a show, where the guests were all the audience, and personally I don’t like that feel at a wedding. We had to wait in the beginning for the wedding to get started. Then wait and wait and wait for the ceremony to start. (We have something in our religion that comes before the ceremony so it’s even more waiting, not just for the ceremony!) Then wait hours after the ceremony for the bride and groom to come dance. We didn’t get served our entree until 11:30 and the ceremony was at 7:30 (although it did start late). It was hard to dance because there were so many people on the floor, we couldn’t even move. The wedding didn’t even get a chance to really turn into a fun party because by the time people ate they were just ready to leave. And we did because my husband had a job interview in the morning and it was already midnight. (Btw, he got the job!) 

Basically, care about your guests’ experience more than the flowers on the table and your guests will have a great time. When I planned my wedding I was SO conscientous of the timeline and that’s why I made certain planning decisions in the day that I did. My wedding had a great flow and nobody sat around bored for most of the night. People danced and danced into the night and the band did many sets, and I credit that to my planning. We were also complimented on the great food (though I can’t take credit because we didn’t cook it) and we were complimented on the intimate feel (we had 150 people, so it wasn’t even THAT small). 

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  • Wedding: August 2011

The worst wedding I’ve been to was where the couple requested that no rock music be played.  You never realize how many songs are “rock” songs until you can’t play any of them.  To make matters worse the DJ left about 30 minutes after the dancing started and left his wife in charge.  She had no idea how to run the setup, blew out one of the speakers and we (well the groom’s frat brothers and their gfs) had to help her pick out the playlist for the rest of the evening.  We didn’t even have fun doing the Cha Cha Slide becasue the version of it just repeated “slide to the left” “slide to the right” on continuous loop for 5 minutes.  I think it might have helped too if any of the bridal party had stayed past dinner too… I felt really bad for the couple in that respect – they are really sweet people, I have no idea why their bridal party did that to them.

Speaking of dancing (kind of) at the next wedding we attended after that one the DJ got out on the floor and taught everyone some alternative dance steps to the Cupid Shuffle…probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a wedding DJ do.  Two years later I’m still teaching people what I learned from him, lol. 


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  • Wedding: September 2012

I have only been to 3 weddings in my life, well, I’ll say 2 1/2…

There was only 1 thing that I really didn’t care for at one of the “2” weddings and that was a slide show that seemed to last forever. Honestly I think I saw pictures of every year of the bride and grooms’ lives from birth to their 23rd year, which was the current age….seriously tooooooo long!!!

The wedding I call the 1/2 I have to say was something else. This was also my brother’s wedding. He knew the bride for about 2 months and was shipping off to boot camp for the Army so they decided to get married in 2 weeks. I understand there was really no time for planning but with that being said, they also could have done A LOT better. The ceremony itself lasted 10 minutes and was basically a minister they never met before asking their names right before he asked the “will you take ______ to be your wife/husband” parts. Really? They couldn’t have introduced themselves to him BEFORE the ceremony actually started?? Then came the reception…in the church’s basement. I’m not talking a banquet room that was below the main level…I am talking storage boxes and lots of dust, bare light bulbs that 2 of which were more yellow glow than actual light. They had 3 long tables placed in a square “U” shape, which I had the priviledge of sitting in one of the inner corners where there was a seat at the adjoining table and we were literally leaning on each other if we wanted to sit at the same time. Talk about no elbow room!! The DJ was a cousin of the bride and played the Limbo song 5 times (in 2 hours) since there were a bunch of children and the rest of the time played “Who let the dogs out” over and over and over and over and over…can you say that I wanted to smash the stereo they were using into itty bitty pieces? I had fantasies about it!! lol

Since this was a church, no alcohol, which is fine, but we actually had paper dixie cups that we were filling up at the water fountain in the hallway next to the restrooms for something to drink…

Yea…let’s just say that when I left, the words “this freaking sucked” did run through my mind. So just avoid the dixie cups and playing the same song over and over for 2 hours straight and you’re guests should have a blast at your wedding!! hahaha

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  • Wedding: June 2012

I went to a wedding last summer where all the guests were seated in direct sunlight for an hour in 95 degree geat. While the bride and groom were under the shaded part of the yard. It was miserable and the rest of the wedding was so slow and nothing was happenings. They had a dry wedding and a 3 hour cocktail hour. Then later in the night they didn’t cut the cake until midnight when dinner was at 6. We left right after they cut the cake.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

@lisaelanna: I literally laughed out loud at the thought of “slide to the left, slide to the right” on repeat. OMG. Intense.

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