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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

I’ve never been to a wedding that “sucked”, even if things did not go perfectly I obviously care enough about the couple to be invited to their wedding so I’m at least honored enough on that level. I did go to a wedding last week which could have been a little more organized at the beginning – my friend got married on a boat during the week, and a lot of people had to show up after work. My husband was running late cause he got caught up with work, and I thought the boat would leave right at the time on the invitation. The directions on the invite were not very clear as to the port the boat was at, so we were running around in the rain and our formal wear trying to find this boat. We were a little flustered by the time we did show up, and fortunately the boat hadn’t left. The bride was nearly in tears because the food hadn’t shown up yet and the weather was bad, so I felt for her. Fortunately everything worked out well and the weather cleared up, and it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

I’ve never been to a wedding that I thought sucked. I’ve been to all types of weddings: open bar, cash bar, long wait between ceremony/reception, out of the way, little-to-no dancing, weird food, last minute invite, stupidly hot, lots of guests, busy bride & groom. But none of those situations left me feeling like the wedding wasn’t worth my time. Maybe I’m too sappy; I’m just always overwhelmed with happiness for the bride & groom and what I remember about the weddings is how happy they were. Even weddings where the couple ended up divorced, they were always so happy on their wedding day.

However, I’ve also never been to a wedding where I didn’t know anyone at all & I’ve never felt like the bride/groom didn’t care that I was present. I may feel different under those circumstances, but everything else isnt that important to me.

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  • Wedding: December 2014

I went to a wedding where the decorations were beautiful but during the ceremony it was outside right in sunlight in 90+ degrees, we had to carry our own chairs to the reception tables and then wasn’t enough space for everyone to sit, there wasn’t ice or a fridge for any of the drinks so everything was at room temp, food ran out and then the bride and groom didn’t make rounds to talk to anyone. I went to tell the bride how beautiful she looked and she brushed me off and didn’t want to meet my fiance after complaining for months about it.

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Honey bee

It didn’t totally suck, but I went to a wedding where it was an un-announced cash bar and the drinks were crazy expensive and the line was always 20 minutes long.  The ceremony seemed a tad impersonal and rehearsed a million times by a justice of the peace.

The wait between the ceremony and the dinner was more than 3 hours and there were no food or drinks in the meantime.  Oh, and every single guest had to travel more than 2 hours to get there and the vast majority stayed over at a hotel for the night which wasn’t cheap.

I guess I just felt that they didn’t really care much about their guests’ comfort.  The speeches were great, the slideshow was good, and the food (although everyone automatically got chicken) was tasty (although 3/4 of mine was pink inside and I didn’t eat it).  Meh.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

I wouldnt say this was the worse wedding but the most unorganized wedding Here are the details:

1. It was outside and its not that the chairs werent white that bothered me the two we were sitting on were broken.

2. IT was windy so instead of them eliminating the runner they used duck tap, yes the grey tape and taped the runner down.

3. There was a long line for the guests to find there seats and we were greeted with 2 people fumbling through papers.

4. Too many tables and we were in the back we had no idea what was going on ie we had no clue they cut the cake.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

@lisaelanna:  lol at the Cha Cha slide we have requested for that song not to be played its too darn long lol

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

Yikes!  I hope nobody thought my wedding was horrible.  I don’t think I would say that any weddings that I’ve been to sucked.  However, there were some things that I thought, wow, I don’t want it to be like that when I get married.

1)When the wedding party walked in to the ceremony (including parents), they didn’t smile.  Weren’t they happy for the couple? 

2)Lighting candle,sand, etc ceremonies.  I actually have disliked this at every wedding I’ve been to.  The couple does their thing and then music plays and you watch them stare at each other for an akwardly long time. 

3)The reception where there’s nothing to do.  You wait for the couple to take pics.  Then they arrive.  There’s no music and you eat finger foods and then send the couple off.  At least have something to do.  It’s supposed to be a celebration so set it up like a celebration.  Geesh. 

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  • Wedding: August 2012

The only wedding I’ve been to that “sucked” was in a unincorporated town.  The church was across the street from the reception.  No big deal, but there was a 3 hour break between the ceremony and dinner.  The closest town that had something entertaining to do was about 45 minutes away. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

I’ve never been to a wedding that sucked. While there may have been things I would not have chosen or done, it worked for the couples.

I was invited to a weird reception once. They were friends of FI’s and had a private JOP ceremony. Their reception was in a common building for a trailor park complex (they didn’t live there though!). The room was tiny and hot and there were a lot of people cramped in. It was a potluck style, but they didn’t tell anyone so there wasn’t much food. No music, no toasts, no acknowledgment of guests, nothing. I don’t like this friend at all, as he’s a very selfish, rude, a-hole, so it didn’t surprise me that he didn’t put much thought into guests.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

I haven’t been to a wedding that i disliked, yeah, some have dragged on a bit.  But the wedding is a reflection of the couple, and not everything that they do will be to everyone’s taste, but it’s their day not yours and you should enjoy in their happiness, that’s why they want you there, not to judge their choices.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

I wouldnt say that the weddings I’m going to mention sucked but they did have their bad moments.

-One had the speeches go on for like 20 minutes it got really annoying, and then they only played one style of music so a lot of the guest were sitting down the whole time.

-Another one the music just sounded horrible it was a live band but the microphones kept cutting off and sometimes the volume would sound too loud!

-My cousins wedding, they were giving out whisky in clear bottles instead of in its original bottle so to me that just seemed very tacky and cheap, also they had several tables that had no linens on them (like our table) and the table was just a wooden table that had pieces breaking off already and in front of our table they just had stacks of tables and chairs, that did not seem organized at all!

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Helper bee

I attended a wedding where the Mother of the Groom told everyone that she had spent THOUSANDS of dollars covering the pool in her backyard to turn it into a reception space. But, there was only rice for dinner. THERE WASN’T EVEN WATER. After the wedding & reception, my family went to Spaghetti factory. She also put guests to work during the pre-wedding dinner the night before to help her make food and then clean dishes. Definitely not a fun experience.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

I’ve been to all kinds of weddings, but none of them were terrible. Weddings make me so happy (I’m a hopeless romantic) and I always feel so honored to be invited. I have seen and experienced some not so pleasant things at weddings though.

My best friend did not invite any significant others, I was living with my boyfriend and got really irked by this.

My other best friend through a fit in front of everyone because the first dance song was stalled because of problems with the sound system and the photographer was about to leave.

One wedding had food that made my stomach hurt all night.

One wedding had a 45 minute wait to get food.

It’s whatever. For my own wedding, my husband wanted to greet each table. I was sooooo tired! By the time I got to the last 3 tables, I was just done. I’m sure they’ll remember a tired and rushed bride.  

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

  • The wedding was taped for a TV reality show.  The cameras were everywhere, up in everyone’s faces, and you were told to “avoid the cameras” if you didn’t want to be on TV.  Yeah, “avoid the cameras” is impossible if you want to dance, drink, or the bride sits you directly in the line of sight of the people the cameras are taping.
  • Not enough space/badly laid out. Cocktail hour was in two small rooms for 150 guests, with one bar (and two very dopey bartenders) in one room, food in the other. The food was fan-freakin-tastic, only I didn’t get to each much because I was assigned to stand in line for the bar, not for the food.  And then as we got up to the bar, after the line had taken all of cocktail hour to get through, it shut down and they refused to serve us.
  • Buffet with not enough food- I don’t care what you serve, as long as there’s a variety.  But make sure there’s enough for everyone, especially at a buffet where you know Crazy Uncle Chuck is going to take a plate full of asparagus and nothing else.
  • Games.  Especially games of a slightly risque nature. I went to a wedding with Fiance once for a member of his family, and the DJ had us play this game where the men stand on chairs and the women chase a ping pong ball up one pantleg and down the other.  Fiance couldn’t say no when his family pressured us to participate, and I was absolutely mortified. There were children around, grandmothers around, and the last thing I wanted to be doing was groping around FI’s crotch in public. 
  • Outdoor weddings at times of year you KNOW are uncomfortable. Seriously, August is hot.  Chances are you are not going to get lucky and get the one 75 degree day in August in 50 years.  It’s going to be 95 in the shade, and everyone will be miserable when you have them baking in the sun at 2pm.  Especially if you expect your guests to show up in cocktail attire.  It’s just not fair to force them to bake so you can get some pretty outdoor pics (and no groom looks pretty sweating like a pig in a tuxedo in the summer sun).
  • Cash bar without telling anyone. Look, if there’s a cash bar, I’m not going to be happy about it. Sorry, that’s honest.  But I’ll be a lot less cranky if you at least let me know in advance so I bring cash with me, since when I go to weddings I really only bring $20 or so in small bills to tip the bartenders. 
  • Bad bathroom situations. I went to a wedding a few years ago when I was like four weeks past abdomial surgery. I felt pretty good, I just still couldn’t do stairs real well, and the only bathrooms were down a long flight of stairs. I could’ve taken the ridiculously slow elevator, but either way, I missed half the reception because I peed twice.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do those stairs in heels, either.

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Busy bee

Here are a few things which a definately a turn-off for me:

  • Cash bar
  • HUGE gap between ceremony and reception
  • Bad music/no ambience

But this is not a rule of thumb, every wedding is different.

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