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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

The food wasn’t that great, the dance floor was pretty empty, way more old people than young people, couple was kind of quiet and awkward so that’s how the night sort of went……

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

4 hour gap between ceremony and reception, cash bar, awful DJ – only my brother and I danced and that’s because we would have danced no matter what, groom sat in his truck for most of the night alone, guests left early (like 90% of them), no flow, bad food. 

Generally not a great wedding. I had fun, but only because my brother and I always have fun when we get together and we went with the attitude that we were having fun no matter what.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2015

@LD333:  disorganized, out in BFE, rude waitstaff, rude guests (ie, expecting me to switch seats for THEIR convenience), terrible food, no bar, no nice hotel option, no plus one if I knew no one else And really bad communication without heat during a chilly spring day. 

Unfortunately, I’m no longer friends with that couple — her event execution and inability to deal with bm drama at her wedding after I traveled 7 hours to be there meant that I just stopped respecting her. she just couldn’t think beyond her unfortunately limited frame of reference and refused help when it was offered. 

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Busy bee

The worst wedding ever could have been better if they’d had a back up plan for if it rained. It was still outside and it was cold, muddy and miserable. Awful.

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Bumble bee

@Blue Eyes by the Sea:  I don’t mind informality, but it felt less like a wedding and more like the cafeteria at school. Everyone who knew each other sat together, so those who didn’t know anyone apart from the bride or groom were stuck at tables alone. It was awkward. Combine that with the no alcohol and no dancing, there was no incentive for people to get up and interact with each other. It actually lead to a lot of the guests who weren’t family leaving pretty early

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2000

I’m not sure why anyone thought that guests being held captive on a Saturday night without alcohol was a good idea. There wasn’t even anyplace I could walk to to buy a beer. I flew across multiple states to get to that family wedding.

And then, the next family wedding–same damn thing. Only this one didn’t go on quite so long, the meal was late afternoon/early evening. If people stayed to dance, without alcohol, and all night–more power to them. Also traveled out of state for this affair.

What I learned that year was DH’s family weddings are not for me, he can attend with my blessing, but I will not go.

One of our nephews got married a few years earlier in an afternoon wedding with a late lunch. No alcohol (of course!) but that’s fine, it was the afternoon. And then he hosted a beer and brauts cookout for his friends that night which we could have attended if we were inclined. I thought that this event made perfect sense, see, I am reasonable.

I. just. need. alcohol. On a Saturday night for godsake.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

The only wedding I’ve really disliked was a lunch wedding. Ugh. Sorry but I think it’s a waste of time.

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The worst one I went to was an outdoor wedding in the mountains of Virgina at the end of October and it was absolutely freezing out! The bride (my cousin) and groom decided not to have the outdoor heaters turned on because it would have cost extra! I couldn’t eat any of the food, which wasn’t really their fault (it was BBQ and I’m a vegan) and there was no alcohol, except a couple kegs that were tapped out within 20 minutes. I left shortly after dinner because I was cold and bored!


The worst part (I’m a little bitter if you can’t tell) is that I spent 1,000 dollars on plane and hotel tickets for my fiance and I to get there and gave them a $100 cash gift as well. After all I did for her, she isn’t coming to my wedding next month because she “doesn’t have the money.” And she hasn’t even had the decency to tell me herself, I have heard it only through the family grapevine! She never even sent me her response card back 🙁

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

@LD333:  Only wedding I’ve been to that I did not enjoy (I would never say it ‘sucked’) was an afternoon affair, very small (30ish people), all family and mostly elderly. Dry wedding. If the event was tailored around those things it would have been fine but the bride had a DJ where they still wanted to do dancing and bouquet tosses, etc. Pretty much everyone was married except for me and there was no way I was going out there alone. It was awkward and the bride danced by herself with little children for awhile before people starting looking for excuses to leave.

An afternoon wedding can be beautiful and intimate but this one was done wrong.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

@LD333:  Bad food, no space (cramming 100 people into a tiny room with no room to move is bad), a dj ipod without quality speakers, and lack of organization–  guests had to be moving tables and chairs for the dance floor since the facility staff had ONE person in charge of it. 

Those are things that make a wedding low quality. Nothing to do with giftbags, and glam.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2014 - Our Backyard/Steakhouse

cash bars, big gaps, bad food, poor organization.


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

I went to FI’s cousin’s wedding with him, it was nice, but, there was too much STUFF.


Dollar dance, anniversary kissing, anniversary dancing, and some other things. We got there about 4:30, left at 9:30, and the party hadn’t even started because of all these things. PICK ONE. not 5.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: January 2004

A friend from college invited DH and I to her wedding. They were very Christian, so DH, I and another couple (friends of mine), were the only 4 that didn’t belong to the church. We were treated horribly! People were talking about us, and we were the last table to be dismissed for food (it was all home cooked), and we ended up getting the scraps (1/4 piece of chicken, 3 french fries, no condiments, no other food, to share with DH). I’ve never felt more disrespected. Plus there was no DJ, no dancing…It was borning and we left starving. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

It’s the huge,unfilled abyss of time between events that have marked out the relatively few less than successful weddings I’ve attended.

My niece, who is lovely and normally a very thoughtful host managed not to communicate the fact that while her wedding was at 1.30pm, the evening reception wouldn’t start until 6. Which would have been OK if we (or any of the other out of town guests!) had known in advance. Even allowing for the Catholic Mass that accompanied the ceremony and the photographs afterwards, an awful lot of us were still facing 3 hours of absolutely nothing to do in a town that was a long way from home. Not that we knew it would be as long as 3 hours when we were first directed downtown to the reception hotel. A destination that had precisely nothing laid on for us. Although we did manage, at some considerable expense, to order trays of tea and biscuits. Since we were looking after my frail and elderly Mother-In-Law, we couldn’t explore the town either. Not that we’d have fancied much sight-seeing all gussied up for a wedding. Now the local guests did the sensible thing and went home. The rest of us just hung around like displaced people at an exceedingly smart refugee camp.

The other “memorable for all the wrong reasons” wedding was that of a co-worker of a previous partner. We were invited to the evening reception which took place in the function room of a pub some 15 miles from home. When we got there we discovered a small room plunged into semi-darkness yet full of people sat around the edges in uncomfortable chairs. All of whom had been stunned into complete silence by the ear-splitting volume of the disco, controlled by a DJ who had clearly ignored any instructions when he played a series of thrash metal numbers interspersed with the most explicit of hip hop. I watched several elderly relatives wince as they were encouraged to “Smack Up Their Big Booty Hoes” and worse!! The bride and groom attempted a first dance to something by Marilyn Manson and then retired, defeated. Meanwhile, plates of curly sandwiches, under-cooked but cold chicken wings and tired sausage rolls happily grew a fine culture of E.Coli since they’d been put out very much earlier in the afternoon. 

I honestly think the bride and groom had hoped for a jolly evening where they could mingle with their guests and hold conversations with perhaps a slightly cheesy disco to get everyone dancing. Instead they had something quite tortuous to witness.

I’m not a wedding snob either. I’m as happy with a backyard BBQ as I am with a black tie, silver service event. But please, think of your guests and their comfort in whatever you plan! 

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Sugar bee

@Steampunkbride:  Oh my god! I got laughing so hard, at visualizing the scene in the pub, I almost fell off my chair.

I’m not a snob, either, but I like to know what’s in store, before I get gussied up for a barbeque, or skip lunch, expecting a big meal.

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