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@LD333:  a recent wedding i went to, i would say was not my favorite.  it was mainly older people, and just a small table of people my age 22-28.  the music was geared towards an older audience, and the bar was only wine or beer.  Also, i paid probably $750 to attend this wedding, so an out of town bag would have been nice.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2015

I’ve only been to a wedding reception and it sucked. It was my Dads and instead of seating his kids with him or even near him he shoves us of the side with family we barely know. He and his new wife barely said anything to us that night. Obviously the bride and groom can’t get around to everyone but to snub his own children is downright rude and just odd.

Plus he let my older cousin invite her boyfriend and didn’t let me despite the fact I had been dating mine longer.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

The wedding was lovely for what the bride and groom could afford. But it wasn’t well organized at all and lots of people ended up complaining.

It was late May in Florida, so it was hot and humid. The wedding was on a pier at a retirement community’s neighborhood association clubhouse at sunset with the guests’ faces directly in the sun. They had about 150 people there, but only chairs for about half of that number outside. The bride was my ex’s sister, which was fine because she’s a lovely woman… That being said, it was a bit of a clusterf*ck. 

The bride’s “honored guest” (ie: an old friend from back home she didn’t put in the wedding party because the woman is a trainwreck, but whom she still wanted present) decided she was going to act as wedding coordinator. And then proceeded to disappear during the four hours of set up I and two other bridesmaids did. We later found out that her disappearance (and later on the night of the wedding) was actually her and the best man getting down and dirty at the bride and groom’s house. In their bedroom. Classy. He later tested positive for herpes because she hadn’t mentioned her little problem and he decided he didn’t need protection.

The bride’s stepfather drove from Louisiana to Florida overnight with food from the bride’s favorite restaurant back home but instead of keeping it refrigerated, he kept it in hot bags so it would “still taste nice and not like it had to be reheated”. The groom and I flipped out when we found out and demanded he toss it out, fearing food poisoning, but that wasn’t until after a dozen people had already started eating it, most of whom got sick from it. 

After the ceremony, everyone had to bring their chairs inside so they could sit at the tables (some chairs were already in there so there was seating for everyone after all) but no one knew this. So I ended up carrying most of the chairs inside on my own and handing them out to confused elerly relatives.

Then I spent most of the reception in the kitchen area where the food was being warmed up in the oven by… absolutely no one. Because the makeshift coordinator was trashed from the booze supply she brought for herself because it was a dry wedding. When someone finally realized what was happening, the groom’s cousin and his girlfriend came to help out.

They played only country and gospel music and maybe one or two pop-y line dances.

Ever see a ridiculously drunk and trashy 20-something girl try and bump-n-grind on the groom’s 14 year old cousin? Poor kid would’ve thought it was his lucky day if he hadn’t been terrified out of his mind. 

Then my then boyfriend got pissy because I had disappeared for most of the reception and he thought I was supposed to sit with him and keep him company. Which ended up being an ugly argument.

The bride knew none of this until days later, thankfully. I had left the reception early with my ex to go to their honeymoon suite at a hotel half an hour away to put roses everywhere (I broke out in hives because I’m horribly allergic to roses and my ex said helping do anything was “girl stuff” so he just turned on a bunch of electric tea lights and stood impatiently by the door).

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2013

@LD333:  bad music…bad food…cash bar…if i have to travel far.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

Son of a friend of my mothers was probably the least enjoyable wedding I’ve been to.  There was no seating plan and my mother and I were at a table for 6 all by ourselves.  We didn’t know anyone other than the parents of the groom, the groom and his brother.  Mom felt like leaving immediately when we got to the reception but we stayed until the first dance anyways.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013 - Dalhousie Castle

Just to put in my two cents based on my experiences:

1. Long gap between ceremony and food time with not enough nibbles and chairs. Everyones feet were sore after standing for three hours. 

2. Speeches before dinner. It makes it hard to enjoy them when your stomach’s rumbling. 

3. Disorganised buffet where you have to wait ages to get your crappy food and it’s cold by the time you get it. 🙁 

4. When some guests get out of control drunk. I’ve been to one wedding where their were drunk girls screaming at each other and crying. One had to be physically carried out by her BF because she couldn’t walk. It just dragged the whole thing down.

5. Asking guests to help with tear down because you didn’t plan to get out of the venue on time. It kind of ruins the magic of the night to see the bride tearing off seat covers and frantically stuffing decor into boxes at the stroke of midnight or whatever. 

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2014

Running out of food, not having enough food, or having food that is nasty.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013 - Dalhousie Castle

@Chelsea7:  This is the worst one on here. If I had to wait for someone to turn in a glass before I could get water I think I would probably have left…. and taken my present with me. Lols! 

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Sugar bee

When I wore earplugs the whole time and the band was so loud, I still thought my head would implode. The entire room was vibrating. And I’m talking unsafe levels of noise, for anyone.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

@LD333:  So I went to a Wedding the ceremony was at 12 then we had to drive for an hour to the location for a coktail that started at 2


Then we where giving snacks and drinks in a inforgiving sun and really hot weather…. we moved to the party at 7 then we ate like 4 plates separated by half an hour intervals food was gross…then the music started worst DJ in the history of music DJ


then they stopped the party because the Bride and Groom s friends had prepared a little Number and song…they sand and danced wearing……80s clothes ….then they sang a song they wrote on their own…. no music talent whatsoever.


Then we started dancing again the same song 5 times.


Then they stopped the dancing for going outside and cutting the cake. Then we went back inside. Then we danced then guess what the friends did one more Number then we danced again to bad music….Party finished at 3 am everyone was tired and it was just the Worst Wedding I had ever been too.


I also have to add I have never ever seen so much polyester in my life.


The bride liked it.


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Worker bee

I went to a wedding this summer that was not enjoyable for me as a guest.

The venue was beautiful and there were close to 300 people at this wedding. However, the catering was terrible. Everything was served “french style” and we each only got about 2oz of meat because there was not enough food to go around! Also the sides all ran out and alot of the vegetables were uncooked and frozen in the middle. Also the bar ran out of alcohol and they had to keep running out for more. A cater running our of food and alcohol is about the worst thing I think can happen at a wedding! 

Also, it was in a rural location and it had rained all week. They tried to put hay down to soak up some of the water but it created these huge piles of muddy hay throughout the venue. The bride’s dress was mud to her knees. Also, the dance floor wasn’t stable because it was on muddy grown. It rocked back and forth and was slick with mud! We couldn’t eat, drink, or dance at this wedidng!

I just didn’t feel taken care of as a guest. I thought maybe they had sacrificed alot of quality to for a very large guest list. But hey it was there wedding! 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

I went to one wedding that I’d say sucked. It was at 3pm on a Sunday. We came from out of town and had to take Monday off so that was a challenge. The DJ was horrible (this was in New Jersey – think Pauly D wanna be). He was all out on the dance floor trying to “get this party going.” At 3pm on a Sunday. A couple of the vendors (DJ and florist) left their cards/ads on all the tables. So tacky. It was all in a cheap hotel off the highway. They forgot to turn off the Muzak during the ceremony so there was really soft pop music going on through the whole thing. Call Me Maybe played during their vows. The food was weird (the appetizers could have worked as a full meal and then the meal itself was skimpy and boring). The drink choices were limited and kinda crappy (cheap beer and wine only). The timing was odd, we ended up getting seated for dinner at about 4:30 because the ceremony started so early. The turnout wasn’t great, a lot of out of town family couldn’t make it. And the bride invited a lot of her skanky friends who were in full Jersey mode being gross on the dance floor. The groom’s family (including us) were totally uncomfortable. We ended up leaving really early.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

The only one I’ve been to that kind of sucked was totally not the couple’s fault. The groom’s grandmother died 2 hours before the wedding, suddenly and at the venue. They went ahead with the wedding, but everyone was crying and it was just awkward for everyone. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2015

I’m a big RSVP decliner. If I get an invite to a wedding where I don’t know the bride and groom very well, I decline. Because of that, I only attend the weddings of friends and family members, and I’m so damn excited that nothing could ruin the day.

I’ve been to ceremonies where it’s under the hot sun and sweltering, or where you can’t hear the couple at all, but I was still happy to be there. I’ve heard a lot of people say a certain friend’s wedding sucked, and I’m always surprised because all I remember is how happy and proud I was all night!  I’ve been to outdoor weddings with no rain plan (and it rained!), and I was like “Whatever! X & Y just got married woohoo!!!!!!”

I was a bridal party member at a wedding where when we arrived at the venue to get ready, we realized their gardening team hadn’t finished yet so we were literally helping to roll sod and had about 15 minutes to shower/get dressed/get ready before the guests arrived. I was still happy with the wedding. I genuinely cannot think of a wedding that I’ve attended and thought, “that sucked.”

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2015

The only wedding I really didn’t enjoy was in July in Georgia in a non-airconditioned barn. The couple took two hours of photos between the ceremony and reception and there was nothing to eat or drink in the meantime. I also didn’t get a plus 1 so I was one of very few people without a date (I’d been with Fiance for 4 years at the time). I ended up leaving early and driving the two hours home


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