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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

In my experience the only way I ever felt as a guest that the wedding “sucked” was the one I attended with an outdoor July ceremony with the sun cooking us alive. After the ceremony the seats were all collected and taken away and no water or shelter provided for the two hours the bride and groom took photos around the ceremony space. All of the guests stood around waiting to be directed somewhere but the reception doors would not open until a certain point so we were all left to stand until it was time. This was especially sad for the older guests at the wedding who not only were out in the blazing sun for hours but didn’t even have a place to sit. Common courtesy (food, beverage, a seat) go a long way in making guests happy!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

Out of all the wedding that  I have attended, weddings that I considered sucks considered the following elements:

1) poorly organized, at one point, I can tell the bridemaid was not even close to the bride. She was spacing out when it was her turn to give the ring to the couple. She was just standing there…. whoever host the ceremony has to remind her 

2) It’s ok that the couple is on budget but … I remember the bride just use a piece of pink paper poorly wrap a piece of chocolate as wedding favor. If it’s not within budget, then please do not include wedding favor.  Not so much about the chocolate but I felt that it was a last minute job and they just rush to wrap it… imagine grabbing a piece of paper and put th echocolate in


3) The bride was wearing a pair of runner (the same bride that use pink tissue paper wrap the chocolate) sat in the middle of the dance floor with two legs widely open… whinning that it is not worth it to have the wedding, it just a big show after all (i think we all know it but dun have to non stop saying that DURING your big day….) 

4) another wedding I have attend was rank #1 worst wedding, the MC (groom’s best friend) make inappropriate jokes… at one point, he asked guest to come up to the stage and teach the couple how to have sexy time……..argh, so nobody want to go exvcept one guy show them how to do it doggy style with his girlfriend in front of ALL senior relatives… then of course, the MC has to invite the bride’s mom and boyfriend up on the stage. Asked the boyfriend demonstrate how to do breast feeding in front of all guests………. like WTF!??!  by the time the MC done all these jokes, all guests just wonder to the balcony and complain about it 


5) My BFF wedding, they rushed to get married and the whole wedding reflect that.  Again, it was the bridemaid fault.  Bridemaid was NOT helping the bride at all. When I arrived the reception, the poor bride was carring her dress around while the bridemaids were busy taking selfies, fixing their makeup/hair…. so I just grab her gown and help her carry the trian….. In the middle of the reception, my friend was doing the speech in English on behalf of his in laws.  I was so mad at the bride, because she was insulting him basically (I dunno why my friend took it fine).  The entire speech from the bride was how her parents suffered so much to raised her in China, how they were living in the warehouse. How she turned a boy into a man and that from now on, the groom has to listen to all her instruction and order. If she tell him to do something, he must obey.  If she tells him to turn right, he better don’t turn left.(wtf right?)  When it comes to the groom’s family making speech (again, it show how they rushed to get married, they engaged after dating for 6 month and married within a year), the groom’s mom, grandparents, brother keep compliment that the bride is such an awesome cook and nothing about her personality etc.  it was so awkward………. to listen the whole speech 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2014

  • Bad Food
  • Cookie cutter – announced entrance, first dance, cake cutting
  • Insanely drunk family of both bride and groom.

My friend’s wedding in Long Island sucked.  I’m sure they dropped lots of cash on it but it was a thumping bore.  For some reason, a wedding that includes all of the new-age traditions, I don’t like.  They feel so impersonal and boring.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2015

I wouldnt say the wedding sucked but we went to one that rough elements recently. 

1. Pastor relied on every old gender stereotype possible in the ceremony. The wife is always right, gee women love to shop, men are simple just give him some. He caled the groom ‘a big dumb animal’ at one point.  Wtf. 

2. Reception venue was overpacked so our tables were RIGHT next to the DJ’s speakers and there were zero seats available elsewhere. It was a huge space so whenever anyone spoke into the mic the volume was painful even if you had your hands over your ears. We took our food and ate in the lobby. 

3. Favors were clear glass ornaments but were just set on the tables. Hard to see in a low light setting. They kept getting shattered so there was broken glass everywhere. Had to break down tables for the dance floor and took the tablecloths off with the favors still on, more broken glass. A relative decided to round up the leftover favors and put them on a table by the door. being round they kept rolling off the table and shattering on the foor so you had to exit across even more broken glass. I feared for the women in ballet flats. 

4. The reception ran long so at the end of the night the bride and her family were running around trying to breakdown the reception while dancing was still going on. It was really awkward because the bride kept refusing our offers of help. I know she wanted to keep the fun going but it is hard to have fun when the bride is struggling to clean up around you In her lovely dress.  I helped where I could but physical work is limited in evening clothes. Just end your reception when you planned and have a realistic plan for cleanup. If she had asked me ahead of time I would have happily brought jeans and sneakers to change into. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2014 - Prague

Bad or not enough food is a killer, but no alcohol just exacerbates the bad. I’m not saying there has to be alcohol, only that if other things suck– weird music or not knowing many people or other randomness– can all be totally excellent with a couple glasses of wine!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

The one wedding I really REALLY did not enjoy had the following issues: it was in late fall and pretty cold already, but there was no heat in the reception hall and it must have been in the low 60s indoors, so most people had coats on. There was not enough food for everyone and the food that was there was cold. They ran out of drinks (punch) fast, even water – and I mean, they were out of drinks within an hour. The music they played was targeted towards extremely conservative grandparents, and no one danced, we all just sat there for a few hours, bored, cold, and hungry/thirsty. It was also a dry wedding. We ended up sneaking out into the parking lot to hang out with a couple who snuck in a flask, and left as soon as we could without seeming overly rude.


I don’t care much about the alcoholic drinks and dancing, but at least feed your guests and provide some water/iced tea/lemonade, dammit. If you can’t afford to feed everyone you invited, a) invite fewer people, or b) have a cake and punch or cocktail reception.


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

Not enough food sucks! 

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Bumble bee

-When food is a total after thought. I recently went to a wedding where they didn’t give anyone the choice of dinner they just served some not so yummy chicken. Their cocktail hour was just cheese and crackers, so I left pretty hungry.

-Super long ceremonies. I just want them to get to the point sometimes!

-When it seems like they just went to a typical venue and ordered the typical wedding, and didn’t really put any thought into making anything unique. 

-When the DJ is insane. Both weddings I’ve been to recently have had super creepy DJs that played really dumb music and made negative comments all night. It didn’t help that the one guy was older and was trying to crack really stupid “dad” jokes! LOL

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

The only wedding I’ve been to that I did NOT enjoy was actually the one that was the most expensive and the bride’s mother is a wedding coordinator – so it just goes to show that how much you spend does not necessarily reflect how enjoyable your wedding will be. The decor was over the top and gorgeous but that was really all I can say that was good.

The meal was 4 plated courses, and each course was 1.5 HOURS apart. There was no dancing or anything going on in between, so there was nothing to do but stand around and drink. They had an open bar, which was appreciated, but with so little food so spaced apart, there were a lot of drunk guests. The final, main course was served between 11:30pm and midnight, so by that time, everyone was so fed up that they just ate and left –  many others didn’t even wait to get the rest of the meal and had already left early.

When the courses did come, they were tiny portions. There were no choices for the meal (which is fine) but there was also no other food, and the reception was in a banquet hall outside of town, so there wasn’t any way to get more to eat.

At one point during the reception, the bride’s uncle went around to all the tables to tell everyone that he was going to come back after the dinner was over with a hat to collect money for the bride and groom before their first dance, which was going to be after midnight. After reading the ‘bee, I get that dollar dances and similar things are common in some regions, but it is completely unheard of here so everyone at my table (and I would assume everyone else there) was pretty appalled at the rudeness.

My fiancé and I travelled 5 hours to get to the wedding, because we are friends with the groom, but we had met the bride a couple of times. The bride did not acknowledge me or my fiancé in any way, even when she was standing directly beside the groom who was chatting with us. That wedding was 7 months ago, and we still have not received a thank you card. We went because we wanted to celebrate with our friend, not because we wanted kudos for going, but still, they were so ungracious about the whole thing that it’s changed my opinion of them a bit.

(Also, a petty thing that irks me is that afterwards, the bride added my fiancé to Facebook but not me – I don’t know why, I don’t even like Facebook, but that just gets to me haha)

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

I would say the one wedding that I definitely didn’t enjoy was one where the ceremony was long (they had a full Catholic mass), and the reception involved over an hour of extremely dry and dull speeches given by everyone from second cousins to ex-roommates. They wouldn’t serve the food until the speeches were over and it was a “dry” wedding, so there was no alcohol being served whatsoever. We basically had to sit through what felt like a lifetime’s worth of toasts sipping on nothing but water. Also, the wedding was out of town, so knowing I had a full day’s drive ahead of me the next morning made it that much worse.  

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

I already posted once buy I was on the phone with my husband and he reminded of these 2 weddings.

Wedding number one. The entire family flew to France because the Groom wanted his 3 close friends there and they could not afford a ticket Naturally 100 of us flew to France for the Wedding because OHHH it is family.

The disasters starts when the bride and groom invited us to the garden where the reception was going to be held. We thought oHHH how nice a few drinks before the wedding drama tomorrow. NOOOOOO SIR we had been invited to clean the garden; I had to clean the POOP in the grass wearing a cute summer dress and Louis vuittons then we decorated the garden and we set the chairs and tables……

Disaster 2. Next day the garden looks lovely we are all very happy to be there it is a wedding….

The bride asked me not to eat. Because they did not have enough plates for everyone. So I obliged. So other more important guests could have their meal.

By 10 30 I was soooooooo drunk I hit on a senior citizen. I made a fool of myself and I fell asleep in the car before midnight. If only  I had been given a meal.


Then Wedding Number 2

the Wedding was Hors d Oeuvres and dessert not a bad Idea, if you are on a low budget there was wine and drinks it was fun but…the DJ worst DJ in the history of dj History.

Then for the Piece de resitance The MOB got really drunk took of  her shoes sat on a table and touched her feet and then on went to touch my face and told me how beautiful I am ……. and then the father of the Bride got soooo drunk he farted all night and laughed like a donkey. OMG



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Worker bee

@kellyk1214:  Omg…that is hands down the worst I’ve heard. How terrible! I can’t imagine going on with a wedding after a DEATH.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

@LD333:  The worst wedding I went to served only lemonade and water, didn’t have enough servers, so the passed apps came out 6 at a time with 10 minutes lulls in between. They also had TOO MANY dances where people had to awkwardly watch. First dance, father-daughter, mother-son, a dance for the sister who helped pay for the wedding.. they went on and on. It was horrible. The DJ was also young and inexperienced and only played 90s music off of CDs. The cake also took a REALLY long time to be cut. We had to wait for an hour before we finally got a slice, and after the limited and meat-heavy “buffet” (we are vegetarian), it was a long time to wait for dessert.

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