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That really is awesome that you have lost so much weight!  This is really encouragning for me because I have about 5-10 since the wedding that I need to loose otherwise I need to go buy new clothes!

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I’m on WW, too, and I’ve done it in the past, so I totally know what you’re saying. But you can look at it this way — it’s better than your pants being too small!

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Congrats on your progress! Laughing



A few things though:


Don’t drastically cut fat. Your body fat, if you drastically cut it out, your body actually hangs onto it’s existing fat even more. Dietary fat doesn’t cause body fat.

I eat full-fat everything. Three reasons:1. You absorb more nutrients; many nutrients are fat-soluable. From a glass of skim-milk, your body only absorbs about 5% of the calcium; from a glass of whole-milk, your body absorbs about 50% of the calcium.2. Fat-free versions of food are usually WORSE for you. They load up on sugar or strange chemical flavorings to try to still make it taste good. Sometimes the “low-fat” versions are even higher in calories because of added sugars!3. It tastes better! 🙂

“Eat Fat, Lose Fat” by Mary Enig & Sally Fallon


I know you didn’t mention soda, but no “Diet” soda either. Some studies show that the artificial sugars like aspartame actually increase hunger and cravings because they don’t give you the “full” feeling.


Also be wary of soy. Soy acts an an anti-nutrient and actually blocks your body from absorbing nutrients from other foods. The only soy we should even eat is fermented soy (tempeh, miso). Not tofu or soy milk.

http://www.naturalnews.com/025513_soy_food_soybeans.htmlhttp://www.healthy-eating-politics.com/dangers-of-soy.html http://www.westonaprice.org/Soy-Alert/

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I’m on WW as well…and have lost the first 5% of my weight…and now I’m working on the 10%…it really does work if you follow the plan…it works better if you don’t cheat…but I cheat a little here and there…but if you’re going to “cheat” a little, you HAVE to exercise to counteract…it’s a great plan.

PS – if you like sweets, try and find products from the Butterfly Bakery (www.thebutterflybakery.com).  I find them in Giant Eagle’s bakery section.  I am diabetic, so these products are sugar free and they are so delicious.  For example, you can have 1/4th of an angel food cake for 2 POINTS!!! They also make regular products but made with natural ingredients.  Check out the website because if you don’t live near a store that carries it, they will actually ship it to you.  I LOVE IT!

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Yup I had that problem too…I yo-yo-ed in weight during college…went from a size 4 to a size 2 and back up to a 4 and then back down to a 2…I got rid of my bigger/smaller jeans when they no longer fit, so I ended up having to buy the same pair of jeans twice! Very annoying…and now I no longer throw any clothes out just in case I go up/down in weight again! But congrats on the weight loss!! That’s really great!

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@ MandaMack -I’m not saying load up on everything fatty, I’m saying that you should eat a moderate amount of fat. Fat is healthy.

Real some of the books on diet and nutrition that are out there. Here’s just a few:
“In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan
“Real Food” by Nina Planck
“Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston Price DDS
“Good Calories Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes
“The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith
“The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain PhD
“Cereal Killer” by Alan Waston
“The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson


The government food pyramid and the like (others that follow it, such as AHA) is way off-base from what we should actually be eating. What they tell us to eat is based on business and politics, not on health.

We as a nation, despite many people trying so hard to eat “healthy”, are one of the most unhealthy nations on th planet. Especially in the last several decades since the government has started teaching the food-pyramid.

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“And as for soy, I’ve never seen something that was anti-soy.”

Have you actually ever done any research on it?

You’ve probably never seen something that said saturated fats were good either; but recent studies show they are an essential fat and not a “bad fat” as previously thought. In fact, there was never any research showing them as a “bad fat”! But everyone that hasn’t done their research on fats thinks they are bad simply because that’s what they have been told. Not everything you hear is true, even if it’s on the news or a goverment/health website. Most of that informtion is just hear-say that gets passed along; no new research behind it, often no research period!

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