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    Have been using NFP as contraception, no pregnancies so far!

    Used NFP, got pregnant when we were trying not to

    We used NFP, then decided to get pregnant, and resumed NFP for contraception after baby.

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    I don’t practice NFP, but have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? It is totally the authority on this stuff, great book. I’m sure there are other resources too but I thought that was a great starting point.

    I will say one of my good friends uses NFP. She got pregnant 10 days after her wedding (and was surprised, which I was kind of like… NFP, didn’t you know?). However, she then was able to successfully prevent pregnancy for a couple of years following that and then get pregnant pretty quickly once they decided to try.

    She did say it’s exhausting and she had to take a break for her mental sanity after awhile. But the stats on it are good when done correctly and as long as you’re open to pregnancy.

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    I used it after going off the pill but for the 4 months or so before we started TTC. We were admittedly not as careful as we could have been, since we knew we would start trying soon anyway, but no unplanned pregnancies for us. I definitely think it works, but it requires you to follow the rules and if you are serious abotu preventing, being more conservative with when you can toss the condoms. I recommend buying and reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Also know that you will need to have a few months of charts under your belt before it’s safe to stop using protection, and especially in the beginning, there will be a lot of days that you need to use condoms or abstain to avoid (if you use condoms, technically it is Fertility Awareness Method, not NFP, but close enough). 

    I felt the same as you at the end before going off the pill– in the beginning I loved it, felt fine on it, but the last few years (around when I turned 30) my moods felt off, I was dry, libido sucked. I went off and that first month was fantastic! Now it settled into what I think is normal and it’s much better. I actually don’t ever want to go back on the pill again, even when we are done with kids. 

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    I charted my BBT to avoid for just under a year, but we always used condoms (the whole time, every time!) and had no ‘wooopsies’.  I stuck with charting when we started TTC and I found it very helpful.

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    I have been using the NFP method sucessfully for the past 3 years. I recently went on Nuvaring as It woudl be a really bad time for me to get PG right now. BIG MISTAKE! Hormonal birth control totally effs with my system so I am back to NFP. I have an app on my phone called Period Tracker (or P Tracker Lite) which I have found a great help. 

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    We used NFP for the 6 months before our wedding.  I charted my temperatures, and on my fertile week, we used condoms.  No pregnancies!

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    I definitely would try NFP. It definitely makes so much sense. As a requirement for getting married in the Catholic church, DH and I went to a couple classes. I also use the P Tracker Android app to get an idea of when my cycles were. Sometimes it’s a little off, but that’s when I would just use CM to judge when my ovulation was. We did not have any scares while we were using it to prevent pregnancy and when we started NTNP, we got pregnant the second month. I definitely would recommend it! Good luck!

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    As PP have said, Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility! Great book and explains how to avoid and concieve very clearly.

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    I hate to hear you are having such issues! I do have to say, though, your story sounds way too familiar… I’ve had almost the exact same experiences with each of the above listed contraceptives (minus the IUD – never tried that). I went off of the pill without really planning on it because I literally could not deal with it any longer. I was not myself at all! We researched the NFP technique and have been doing it since we got married last year. No babies yet! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will say, though, that we are a little more lenient than some people. We never use condoms anymore (did at first around ovulation), but only use the withdrawal method around that time. We are at a place where, while it wouldn’t be the best timing, a baby would be OK. Anyway, I really suggest getting the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and buying a basal thermometer.

    It’s seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Within 5-6 months of going off hormonal BC, I started to feel more like myself (yay), lost some weight (yay), and got my libido back (double yay). Also, it’s free (besides the cost of the book)! I h ighly recommend it since you’ve had such an unfortunate experience. 

    Also, when you do decide it’s time to try to get pregnant, it’s way easier & most women get pregnant right away! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    I plan on praciticing NFP after baby arrives because I refuse to ever take hormonal BC again. It totally messed me up. I really hope NFP works for us and I think if its used correctly and religiously it can work but it really does take some dedication. I’ve even thought about taking some NFP courses.

    I do have to say that I got a huge kick out of the NFP portion of pre-cana – all the couples had like 5+ kids lol.

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    My Mother-In-Law practiced NFP for about her whole marriage to a lot of success. She had 5 planned pregnancies and one unplanned. I haven an IUD, but I’m a bit interested in using it as a back up, and just to keep on top of what is going on with my body. If you have an adroid phone I have this app I loved called Ovuview, that let’s my track my symptoms (temperature, cervical mucus, menstration, cramps etc.) and then predicts when I’m fertile for me (though I am not sure how accurate it is as I don’t really use it for bc. 

    If you’re totally done with hormones but decide against NFP, I can’t recommend a copper IUD highly enough (though the issues with your last one sound like they may have been caused by the IUD itself, in conjunction with the hormones so it might not be for you either). I have no problems with sex, lubrication or libido, and my periods, while still a bit longer/heavier than usual, are going back to normal more every cycle (I’ve had my for about 8 months now I think). They were also originally more crampy, but have now gone back to my normal, few light cramps. 

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    @cowgirlace:  I have a friend who used NFP for 2 years and just delivered her second child when she was trying not to, but wasn’t reeeeally against it. Haha.

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    I use NFP and am religious about tracking my periods  . . . . I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertiliyt — highly recommend it.  So far so good — no unplanned pregnancies.  We are very careful, though, and use two forms of birth control (condom and spermacide) most of the time (i.e., during fertile days and then some extra days, just to be safe).  I love not using hormonal birth control and would rather put up with condoms and be at the point where I can’t wait to put that condom on him so we can get busy. . . . than dealing with the hormonal b/c side effects and possibly low lobido. ๐Ÿ˜‰  

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