That's not how abortion works, Trump. (big ol' vent)

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SoonMrsCrocker2 :  Only around 1% of abortions take place after 20 weeks. While technically yes there are 7 states I believe with no regulation on abortion, that doesn’t mean that it’s either easy or affordable to obtain. There’s actually no evidence to suggest anyone is having late term abortions “just because”, has it happened? Probably, but it’s extremely rare. The thing you are forgetting is that just because it’s legal does not mean it’s a service that’s readily available. Very few doctors perform late term abortions and as mentioned before the cost is astronomical. So of the 1% of abortions being late term, an absolutely tiny fraction of that would be “just because”. People are getting away with rape and murder at a higher rate and we are worried about a few people out there legally aborting a fetus in the third trimester?

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molokoa :  this is a somewhat minor point but a small number of  states WILL prosecute women for use of illegal drugs and/or legal scheduled drugs during pregnancy. Many more will prosecute if a baby tests positive after birth. The penalties can include losing custody of all your children and jail time. ACOG and several other medical groups oppose these policies because they discourage women (many of whom are high risk) from getting prenatal care and potentially from seeking treatment for addiction. 

The majority of states also have fetal homicide laws, applicable when a pregnant woman miscarries as a result of being the victim of assault. 

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BalletParker :  I don’t get how anyone could call themself pro-life, when they’ve gone on record about wanting to kill someone who’s opinions they do not like… I’m pro-choice, but I’m also pro “let’s try to make life better for everyone who’s already here” in that I feel that nobody should be hungry, homeless or unable to get medical care.

If that makes me a raging commie and/or hippie, so be it 😉

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WestCoastV :  Yes, I meant there was no federal laws applicable in all 50 states. Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t mean to be confusing.

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picturemeurs :  what country are you from? I’m curious…

molokoa :  I’m sure she had to pay a lot of $ out of pocket for that. I read an article about late term abortion where the woman said it cost her $25k and then she was trying to get her insurance to pay for it because she had a legit medical reason for pursuing it (fetus was incompatible for life), whereas if someone doesn’t have a legit reason I doubt the insurance will pay anything because insurance won’t pay for things that aren’t deemed medically necessary.

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MrsAKSkier :  Who says putting an animal down is compassionate or humane? Surely a baby is more important than a dog or cat. Again, it is somebody else’s body, not yours. Have the child and put him/her up for adoption. I hope you can use these clever semantics when you explain yourself to God some day. And believe me, you will.

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crackerjax : There are 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. How many of those have you adopted? And those are largely healthy, normal children. There’s certainly not a huge demand for the dead or nearly-dead fetuses that are frequently the cause of late term abortions. But I’m sure you’re riding your high horse to the hospital as we speak to adopt all of those babies with triploidy or thanataphoric dysplasia that deserve a chance at life. 

As for the end of that comment… LMAO 😂

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crackerjax :  I found putting down my 15 year old dog (who could no longer get up to take a walk and who was in terrible pain from nose cancer) humane and compassionate, yes. He did not deserve to suffer and we loved him enough to do that. If you wouldn’t do the same for your pet that is your own decision. But like I said, find me all these people lining up to adopt babies that may not survive birth or who will spend their short agonizing lives needing astronomically expensive life support or other medical interventions to briefly prolong their lives. Those are the infants we are discussing here. I don’t anticipate needing to explain myself to any gods or deities upon my death, but if you are referring to your Christian god then I hope he would be more compassionate than forcing women, their families, and their children to suffer for…..what purpose, I’m just can’t fathom. 

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crackerjax :  I really want to tell you to F off with the “you will have to explain yourself to God someday”. Stop trying to push your god or beliefs on everyone else (or using your god as reason for you to judge others). Again, this is the god who was totes okay with murdering babies and ripping apart pregnant women to tear fetuses out as long they were unfortunate enough to be conceived to the wrong parents.

And yes, I have found putting down a beloved pet who is suffering and in tremendous pain very compassionate. It is heartbreaking difficult, but I put the needs of my pet and their comfort above my selfish desire to have them with me “a little longer” when the latter means a painful existence for them; they are dependent on me to make the difficult decisions they have no ability to make.

I am sure there will be adoptive families just lining up to adopt a baby that is going to live hours or days (or may even be stillborn), in horrible pain and suffering. How many babies born without brains, with entire spinal cords exposed, or all their internal organs outside their body in a way that cannot be repaired, or with other horrendously painful conditions – such as Harlequin-type ichthyosis – have you adopted so far?

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Laululintu :  I’m with you girl. I will not accept that “pro-life” identifier any longer. Total crap. And yes, I felt that way before trump because of the same movement’s push to cut off food and shelter for poor living babies. And I was pretty done after they wouldn’t even agree to have a debate in Congress about possibly making it illegal to sell guns to suspected terrorists. 

But now I’m all done. Not even going to listen anymore. “pro life and you support Donald trump”? NOPE.

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crackerjax : Ugh. Just stop. You can be compassionate to both animals AND babies, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. 

It’s ignorant to assume everyone else subscribes to the same belief system you do. That’s not how it works. 

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crackerjax :  lay off the rhetoric. Not everyone believes in your god, which is why in the US we do not base our laws on any religion. If your god says don’t have an abortion, then don’t have one. I won’t tell you what to do with your body and you stay out of what i do with mine.

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crackerjax :  It does not reflect well on your morals when you use your religious rhetoric to threaten and intimidate women who dare to have different beliefs than you.

That’s despicable.

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MrsAKSkier :  Um, obviously if those filthy whores didn’t want to risk the suffering involved in watching their babies die or perhaps dying themselves, they shouldn’t have been sluts [a/k/a had sex].  It is our duty to do everything we can to strip women of choice and control over their sexual and reproductive lives because a) giving them control might lead them to think they’re as entitled to self-determination as men and b) women who don’t have sex under the conditions we establish must live in fear of punishment. (/s obviously)

As for crackerjax, well, as the hymn goes, we’ll know they’re Christians by their “love.”  

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