That's not how abortion works, Trump. (big ol' vent)

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Omg I was yelling so loudly at this f-ing moron. 

I was so proud of Clinton last night and grew to have a new respect for her and her compentency, which was never in doubt given her resume, but I could see how much she values women and families. Her real heart was out there fighting this pig for all of us.

And lest anyone think this is in the bag, VOTE. vote downticket. Vote. Vote. Vote. Too many people are thinking they don’t need to vote, but we need to send a signal that this kind of hate and stupidity will not be tolerated.


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Bumble bee

CakeSniffer : I’m not a Trump supporter, and not against late term abortions, but when I see someone use the term “bitch slapped” in a post decrying misogynistic rhetoric… it makes me realize how ingrained this school of thought is in our society. 

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And we thought we had it bad in Australia getting a new Prime Minister every other month. 

I literally thought Trump being a candidate was a joke at first, I’m still kind of waiting to be punk’d 😳

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Supersleuth :  I like most of your post, but the fact is that unwanted pregnancies happen even in the most confident, self-secure of young women and they still choose to get an abortion. Birth control fails and accidents happen. Older women who are already mothers obtain abortions because they can’t support another child. Opining on the emotional health of women who obtain abortions is not helpful. I know for many women it can be a difficult choice, but for some it isn’t. Some women see it as a simple medical procedure and move on with their lives. Either way is totally fine – each woman needs to do what’s best for her. When we talk about getting the government out of our exam rooms we also need to remember to keep ourselves out of other women’s exam rooms. 

However I do agree that having a slimeball like Trump as president isn’t going to do anything to help this country’s rape culture. We definitely need to do a better job of teaching young people to respect themselves and each other – no matter the gender. 

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Yeah so your boss is a 100% doosh. That’s obviously sensitive political talk especially with women and he thinks it’s ok to say that? Disgusting. Pro-life people don’t actually care about life, they don’t care about women or even born children in the slightest.

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I’m also horrified at the staggering number of people that share his beliefs. What fucking planet are we on here?

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llevinso :  Hhahah Yesss! I think I even screamed that at the tv last night! 

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I was so angry that I had to pause the TV to yell at him and calm down. I’m glad Clinton shut him down, and that her performance was so strong last night. Some people say she lacks charisma, but it’s clear to me that she cares deeply about people.

BalletParker :  I live in what many people consider to be a very “blue” state, and I’m telling everyone to vote. Trump has rabid supporters, and as horrifying as it would be to have him elected…it is possible.

Many British people didn’t believe that Brexit could happen, but it did. I was urging my SO to vote on that, but he didn’t figure out how vote by mail in time and thought Brexit could never pass. None of his immediate family members voted either.

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Last nights debate was the first one that I’ve actually watched (I’m Canadian so it’s normally not of huge importance to me to watch them) and the amount of times that Fiance had to tell me to “shhhh” because I was yelling so much at Trump 🙁 I’m still not entirely sure how he is this close to becoming president, and the fact that he still has so much support makes me really worried for the future.

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I’m Canadian and didn’t actually watch the debates last night as I had other things I would rather spend my time doing because I find myself getting mad when I watch. And then I heard about all of this this morning when I checked facebook and watched the news. 

I’m one of those women who had a termination due to medical reasons at 21+6 weeks. And my child was not “ripped from my womb”. He passed peacefully and never felt any pain. He had no chance at life. He would have likely passed during birth stressed and in pain and if he did survive that it would have been moments after birth he would have passed. I birthed him, felt everything, and was able to hold him for as long as I wanted and say my goodbyes. I 100% stand behind my choice and I hate that he took something that in a way was beautiful and special and made it into something ugly. 

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Bumble bee

Ugh, it’s just so sad and disappointing. I’m happily child-free, and am not planning on having children, and even so, if I were to get pregnant, I’m not 100% sure I’d choose to have an abortion, but I sure want the choice. 

Also, I just saw this article floating around:

I sat on my couch and cried. I think it gives a really interesting and eye-opening perspective. I’m proudly pro-choice, but I’ve never had a family member or friend who has shared that they have had an abortion, especially not late term. 

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Sugar bee

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the debate. Seeing Trump’s face and hearing his voice make me turn into a blind rage.

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The most horrifying thing to me was the number of people saying they preferred his views on abortion and the Supreme Court. I often listen to NPR, and the Trump nuts must have been out full-force calling radio programs today. They are so misinformed that they buy what he says hook, line and sinker. It is so dispiriting to see Americans supporting such a misogynist, temper tantrumming, misinformed, LYING SOB. I am VERY disappointed in my country. Even the Republican party was caught by surprise by this clown; they never thought he was a serious contender, either. But the people who support him frighten me. The venom and hate they have for women and the truth puts everyone in a dangerous situation, IMO. It isn’t funny anymore. 

And he won’t accept the results of the election if he doesn’t win? Way to incite violence, Mr. Trump. He is everything this country was supposed to stand against. I have no idea who my neighbors are anymore because the thought that 40% of them support this guy is shocking and disturbing.

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SLOBee :  I don’t watch the debates for that reason. I’ll read the fact check and transcript from NPR in real time, but I can’t watch him or listen to him. It just makes me so upset. 

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hintsofjoy :  If you’re curious about the topic, “After Tiller” is a good (but difficult) documentary to watch.

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