That's not how abortion works, Trump. (big ol' vent)

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milena :  Thank you! I’ll check it out (and probably cry).

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Sorry but I disagree! Waiting 36 weeks to have an abortion is wrong, by that point it is a baby. I can understand termination for medical reasons or for something terrible like rape but if there is going to be a problem with the baby you know this way before 36 weeks. My babies were born at 38 weeks. I die inside thinking about anyone hurting such a being. Babies can survive outside of the womb from 26 weeks. They *can* feel pain, they are not just tissue. I am sorry but up to 24 weeks to have an abortion is plenty enough time and even then I am not sure how accepting of it I am. 36 weeks is a baby. It is killing a baby. 

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ladyfreya :  I won’t preach science and medicine, but I will say this… you cannot take away the women’s right to choose entirely without taking away the right to terminate in the event of rape or medical necessity.  You cannot have both.

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 Women aren’t waiting 36 weeks to have an abortion for fun.  Almost all late term abortions are done for medical reasons.  Heart breaking, gut renching, terrible reasons that make me hope I will never, ever be put in those people’s shoes.  To be told your baby’s life will be short and awful, or you and your baby will die during child birth, or that your baby is all but dead inside you but you still have to carry it while you can feel it in its death throes inside of you.  

And then you get told because someone, somewhere, who doesn’t know you, who isn’t a doctor, or has any medical degree has dictated that you have to keep going forward with your pregnancy despite how awful, how emotionally broken, dealing for extra days or weeks of feeling that baby move and struggle to eventually feel it do nothing and know that it died inside you.  To give birth to a baby who chokes, and dies minutes after he is born which you knew would happen.  What special hell are we visiting on these women by taking their choices away. 

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ladyfreya : “but if there is going to be a problem with the baby you know this way before 36 weeks.” I’m sorry but that’s just not always true. 

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The scariest part were the people nodding their heads in agreement of that sick fuq.

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When he said that I thought “da faq is he talking about?!” And then Hillary came out a dished some logic, I was about to cry! I have never been so proud or happy to see a woman speak with such passion about women’s health rights. Its like for years we have been listening to men preach about our bodies and finally a woman is able to stand up on an national stage and say “no, you’re wrong.”

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I am having issues right now on Facebook with my SIL who is posting constant pro life pictures and articles. We just had a bit of an argument on Facebook because she believes that abortion is wrong 100% of the time even in cases of rape or danger to the mothers life. Her reasoning is, “God is the only one who gets to make that decision.”


I am just disgusted. Where was God when the rape was occurring or the mother was going to die if she didn’t end the pregnancy? 

Off topic mini rant over. Sorry. I just cannot wrap my mind around that viewpoint. I would hope people who condemn others for these choices never find themselves in these situations because they might have to choose between their faith and their life.

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CakeSniffer :  I found pretty much everything he said completely terrifying (I find what many from the GOP say scary for equality). It was interesting to watch him unravel last night. At first, I was shocked to see a calmer Trump, but the minute things began to intensify, there were the incredibly weak and immature debating (I use that term loosely with him) tactics. I was incredibly impressed with Clinton. She was prepared per the usual, but we did see real emotion from her and her passion for women and families. She completely obliterated him after his comment that he wouldn’t share whether he would accept the outcome of the election. 

Oh-and not related to the late-term abortion comments (which everyone else has already covered), but I for one loved her comment regarding the Second Amendment and how upholding it in a responsible way was nowhere near the same thing as getting rid of it. 

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I seriously FUCKING HATE him.

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I literally just read that article on Jezebel a few minutes ago and am just sitting here crying.

No one LIKES abortion. I don’t know how people can be so cruel. Terminating a pregnancy is heartbreaking and their words are just twisting the knife.

I was reading comments on a similar article, and people were saying that if the mother really loved the baby, she would have carried her to term to ‘let nature/God take its course’. I, just, really? Do these people think they’re so superior by theoretically making a choice to carry a dead/dying baby inside their body for weeks, risking their own life in the mean time — and sometimes having to FEEL the baby pass away? As if they can really say they know what they’d do in that situation. I guess it makes them feel better, but no one wins in late term abortions, or abortions at any stage.

If you read the comments on the Jezebel article, they posted the mailing address to send donations to Dr. Hern’s office. Bless him for providing women a safe place to do what sadly sometimes needs to be done.

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spearmint :  No one knows what they would do or what it feels like unless they have actually been there.

I often wonder how adamant about these things people are. This tends not to be so controversial, but what about in cases of ectopic pregnancy? By some pro-life definitions, the blob of cells is a person already, but the pregnancy is clearly not going to go anywhere because it didn’t implant in the right place and can only cause the mother harm.

Personally, I think if some higher being had designed us and intended for all pregnancies to be fully viable, then they would be. It is estimated that the spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) rate is 50% due to abnormalities in the embryo. That’s why the congenital abnormality rates tend to be pretty low overall.

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ladyfreya :  Late term abortions are almost always performed out of medical necessity. You can’t just decide at 36 weeks that you want an abortion, they are performed because either the baby, mother or both lives are at risk, there are also limited states that will even perform late term abortions, and they cost tens of thousands of dollars. Literally nobody is nonchalantly having them performed.As someone who gave birth to a child at 38 weeks, I would think you would have some empathy for someone who lost their child in the third trimester. I’m 35 weeks now and the thought of it is absolutely terrifying. No, you don’t always “know there is going to be a problem with the baby way before 36 weeks”.

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I was beyond disgusted with, as Hillary Clinton called it, Donald Trump’s “scare rhetoric.” Because sure enough, you have people who are screaming their heads off about “36-week abortions” and killing babies “three days before they were supposed to be born.” Um, no you don’t. A 36-week old baby is delivered, not ripped from the mother, not aborted–delivered. Also, women do not have abortions for the fucking joy of the process. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who can a) afford an abortion (last I checked they were $500+ a pop) and b) stomach the process enough to do so on a regular basis. Like Hillary Clinton eloquently stated last night, women who decide to have an abortion are facing the most painful and heartbreaking decision of their lives–and for whatever reasons those chose to be. NO ONE has the right to judge a woman for choosing to have an abortion. You can disagree with it, I suppose, but your personal beliefs NEVER get to trump her bodily autonomy–and I will literally fight you on that. 

For what it’s worth, DH’s brother and SIL were put in a terrible position like this several years ago. Over four months into the pregnancy they learned their child’s heart had developed on the wrong side of it’s chest. From there, several weeks worth of tests occurred. They were given a small sliver of hope, statistics they could live with and then they found out that it was not only on the wrong side, but only half the heart had actually developed. From there, prognosis went from grim to devestating. My SIL could not bear to carry their child inside of her for another three months knowing that the baby would die minutes after delivery. She couldn’t stomach the thought of it. They opted to deliver at twenty-four weeks. This was not done lightly. This was not done flippantly. This was done after weeks of tears and anguish. And for anyone to try and say that my SIL should have carried the baby to term, should have ignored her own well-being just for the sake of delivering to term doesn’t just make me sick, it makes me angry down to my very core. 

I have literally never been so angry in my entire life as I was last night. I was so disgusted I wish I could reached through the screen and shook Donald Trump. How dare he try to incite such stupidity and outrage over something that isn’t true. We already have politicians attempting to repeal Roe v. Wade. We have a potential vice President who is literally chomping at the bits to get rid of it. We have people who vote against Planned Parenthood and other resources for women who are desperately looking for help. 

There is already such a terrible stigma attached to abortion that we do not need Donald Trump churning more upset into the already tumultuous waters of this topic. If you bought into anything he said last night, I sincerly hope you take some time to do independent research from respected sources and not to take to heart all of the bullshit he spewed last night. Listening to Donald Trump discuss abortion for two minutes was the sleaziest moment of my life. As women, we cannot let someone who clearly doesn’t even know how a fucking uterus works become our President. We just can’t.

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