(Closed) That's not how abortion works, Trump. (big ol' vent)

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merighthere :  You don’t have to visit threads that are about him if you don’t want to.

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merighthere :  Because he is one of two viable candidates for one of the most visible, important political offices on our blue, watery planet and because it has historically not ended well when people try to “take the high ground” and ignore figures like Trump?

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cassidyrue :  Wow… way to make Canadians sound like self righteous dicks.

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I’m curious – “pro-choice” people always talk about the horrible medical anomalies as the reason to keep abortion legal.  I do understand that there are extreme cases, and I wouldn’t wish those choices on any mother.  But I believe that there is a difference between an agonizing medical decision made with the guidance of a physician because the 2 choices are 1) horrible and 2) more horrible and abortion used as birth control or just because the person doesn’t feel like having a baby.  

Certainly more abortions are of the “I just don’t want a baby” variety than the “my baby has severe medical issues that he will not survive” variety, right?  I know pro-life opinions are not welcome here, but I’m asking anyway.  

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fredthebasil : First off, we’re talking about late-term abortions, as a PP said.

But, if you want to go there…the reason that the episode of South Park that parodied the WWE and had Cartman playing a character who was addicted to abortions and just kept on having them for the hell of it was meant to be funny was because the idea that is some mass epidemic of women doing just that is ludicrous.

That being said, women don’t have to meet your (or anyone else’s) moral purity test to be judged as “good enough” to get an abortion.  Now this is a good thing, IMO, since the moral standard seems to largely exist to be used against women who have the ‘wrong’ background, as virtually every anti-choicer I know has had someone close to them get an abortion and will engage in all sorts of mental gymnastics to explain why it was OK for them/their friend/their mom/their sister/their daughter.  If a woman needs to get an abortion because she has decided she doesn’t want to have her baby and it’s within the permitted time frame, that’s her choice.  Her safe, legal choice.

As the macros say, DEAL WITH IT.

MrsMeowton : *applauds*

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fredthebasil :  91.9% of abortions happen before twelve weeks. During this time, it is more likely that women are choosing to have an abortion due to circumstances other than life-risking reasons.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you actually have zero idea what it’s like to actually get an abortion. And I’m saying this because expressing the ignorant concern of it being used as “birth control” is ridiuclous. Is there someone out there in the world doing this? I would wager yes. With seven billion people in the world, I can almost promise there is one person who does this. But for the vast majority of the women who seek this option, no, for the LAST TIME–THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN ARE NOT USING ABORTION AS BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! It’s painful. It’s humiliating. Even if you do not want the baby, it can be heartbreaking and traumatizing. It’s expensive–like I said, last I checked it was $500 per procedure. Many states have added extra measures such as forcing a waiting period, forcing the mother to view the ultrasound, performing invasive tests prior to actually having the abortion. The stigma attached to having an abortion (regardless of the reasons–from necessary to selective) is punishing and suffocating. 

I don’t have tangible figures for you, but like I said above, 91.9% of the women who opt for abortion are doing so before twelve weeks, before viability. The other percentage of women who seek late term abortions are those who are at risk, or whose child will die soon after birth, and, I’m assuming, women who were not able to get an abortion before the twelve week cutoff either due to lack of resources or shame. 

I’ll say this one more time for the people in the back: THE LARGE MAJORITY OF WOMEN WHO CHOOSE TO HAVE AN ABORTION ARE NOT DOING SO AS A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL. And as I said above, you will find there are those that do, but they do not reflect the entire demographic of women who choose to seek an abortion and should not be the basis for how the entire group is judged. And, again, you don’t have to be okay with it, but your beliefs do not trump the body autonomy of another person. Never, ever, ever is that acceptable. 

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fredthebasil :  I think “I just don’t want a baby” is an oversimplification of the situations many women go through. Keeping the pregnancy could be dangerous to a woman’s mental health if doing so would cause serious depression/anxiety/etc., or even physically so if, for example, a parent found out about the pregnancy and decided to throw the woman out onto the streets with no resources. The huge majority of women getting abortions are doing so after serious thought about how staying pregnant will affect their lives, but also about how having the abortion would affect them as well.

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fredthebasil :  Yes, there are other reasons, but I feel that if we don’t defend in all cases, we can fall into where a woman has to constantly defend her medical need to people who don’t understand the medical issues of her decision.  If it’s legislated, it will likely come to a list of proscribed problems, and if you fall out of that list, tough to be you.  Or, a grieving mother can be called into a court of law to describe the most awful, private moments of her life and “prove” that she made the choice only because of viability.  

I am pro choice for other reasons, mainly our social safety net sucks.  The case above scares me, though. 

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merighthere :  I would love Trump to go away. I’d love to never mention his name again. But, that’s not our reality. He is one of our presidential nominees, so what he says matters. We HAVE to talk about him and what comes out of his mouth because so much of it is just completely wrong-dangerously wrong. But even more than that, we HAVE to talk about this because too many people listen and worse than that, believe him. We cannot let people accept completely wrong information meant to incite more fear, hatred, and possibly violence. 

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If we’re going to let a bunch of men legislate our medical care, what next? We have to get approval to get back surgery because it could impede our ability to carry a fetus as an agent of procreation for the government? 

Small government my bum. 

The attempt to use morality as cover for control and loss of freedom is getting old. If republicans cared about life,they would not try to defund PP which provides the best way to reduce abortions — birth control. 

And they would feed and give shelter to women having babies they can’t afford. 

Donald Trump gave voice to what Republicans have been doing around this country, much more quietly, but effectively. I’m glad he woke people up. Women are people and our lives matter. Only we get to decide our future and our medical choices, just like men. 



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MarriedToMyWork :   MrsMeowton :  I wasn’t rude or nasty and I didn’t yell at you.  I even said I realized that the pro-life viewpoint isn’t welcome here or many places in today’s world.  

So you don’t need to respond with such vitriol and hate just because you happen to be “anti-life” (if you’re going to call me “anti-choice”).  

I don’t have any idea of your personal circumstances and you have no idea of mine.  What I do know is that neither of you seem to have the capacity to have a civil conversation.

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