(Closed) The 6 Months+ Club – Part 14! COME ON BFP's!

posted 6 years ago in TTC
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    @ChuckNorris:  good idea, Chuck – sorry for not doing my part in holding up the thread, but my little break has been really good for me mentally. I dealt with this latest failed cycle better than any since we started out. But these boards were really important to me in getting through the reeeeeaaaaaally difficult months (6-9 for me) so I’ll try to check in a bit more often πŸ™‚


    Cycles trying/timeline: pulled the goalie October 2011 (6 weeks before wedding – yep, was prepared for morning sickness on wedding day, which shows my commitment I think!!), so in month 14 now. Had a CP in month 12, which was our first sign that we were in with a chance!

    CD/DPO: CD6 – AF just clearing out in time for anniversary today πŸ™‚

    Methods used: Charting, CM and a sex schedule of EOD due to male factors (put hubby in charge of the sex schedule a couple of months ago, which makes him feel in more control and less ‘used’)

    Supplements/Medications: Herbal Mix from Naturo (including liquid Vitex), Naturo-prescribed Pre-natal with good B complex, Fish Oil tablets, CoQ10. No meds yet, but OBGYN told me to research Clomid before our next appointment. Keen to keep trying natural approach for two more cycles though. Naturo made some significant diet changes too – limiting dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol, having warm foods rather than cold.

    Plans going forward: two more cycles of natural approach, then may try Clomid (although charts and blood tests seem to suggest I O on my own, just irregularly). Then a few cycles of that before further testing.

    Any known issues: I have cycles ranging from 28-47 days, with O on CD18-33. GP ruled our PCOS after internal U/S, but OBGYN has put it back in the mix, and is following up with more blood tests. And no pregnancy within 12 months of unprotected sex. Hubby had low Morphology and Motility when tested 4 or so months ago, but he’d had a bad cold with fever which may have affected it – he finally went for a follow-up test last week so waiting on results.

    Upcoming appointments: Naturo this week or next, OBGYN followup November 18th, Hubby’s GP appointment for SA results later this week.

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/hamikay (haven’t temped for a couple of days, will start again tomorrow)

    Favourite dessert: Tooo hard! I love baking, and my most popular cakes are my lumberjack, chocolate raspberry pudding cake and pumpkin cake…. Mmmm!


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    After a BFN last week I officially qualify for this group. Bummer. So here’s where I’m at…. 

    Cycles trying/timeline: pulled the goalie around the end of May so first official month ttc was June. 

    CD/DPO: CD4. Starting fresh with a shiny new cycle. This is gonna be our month!! (I say that every month)

    Methods used: So far I’ve just been tracking my cycle days and trying to up the BD’ing frequency. I tried one month of temping back in June but it’s not for me. I am gonna try OPKs for the first time this cycle. 

    Supplements/Medications: Folic acid

    Plans going forward: I had a pre-conception appointment back in August and the OB-Gyn said she expected me to be pregnant within 6 months. If I’m not pregnant by February/March I guess I’ll be going back for further investigation! 

    Any known issues: I had an ectopic back in 2006. My tube ruptured and was repaired. There is obviously scar tissue in that tube now. I am concerned that may be an issue with allowing the egg to pass through that tube. Because I have had an ectopic that puts me at a slightly higher risk than usual of having another one. My biggest concern is having an ectopic in my “healthy” tube and damaging the one good tube I have πŸ™

    Upcoming appointments: Nothing scheduled but I will follow-up with my gyno if I’m not pregnant by Feb/March

    Link to chart: I am not cut out for temping! 

    Favourite dessert: I’m not really big on desserts, but DH’s grandma makes these insanely delicious Italian lemon cookie things that I could eat all day. When she sends us a batch I try to put them straight into the freezer so I am not tempted to eat them all in one sitting!


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    i am pulling for all of you to be graduates!

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    Hi ladies!! Thanks Chuck for starting this!!! I am so so happy that I have a new place to share and encourage others!!

    Cycles Trying/Timeline: we are going on cycle 9 however due to previous health issues (pulmonary embolisms, 1 MC and 1 chemical pregnancy we have already seen an RE.

    CD/DPO: CD4 2nd day of clomidSmile

    Methods used: re has me on 50 mg of clomid on days 3-7, progesterone 3 times a day as soon as i get a positve OPK. If this cycle doesnt result in a BFP i think i will do a trigger shot next month and 100mg of clomid. Im hoping we are one of those lucky ones that it works on the first cycle!

    Supplements/Medications: Clomid 50mg, progesterome (endictorine sp??) prenantal vitamin and lovenox to stop any blood clotting.

    Plans going forward: well i think we will do 3..maybe 4 cycle of clomid, but if that fails then on to IUI… we will not do IVF though due to the cost… adoption will be our last choice.

    Any known issues: i was diagnoised with unexplained infertility. Darling Husband has an amazing sperm count, no PCOS, no endo, I had a tube blockage that was cleared a few months ago. I dont ovulate every month on my own, and my cycles are long and irregular after our MC. 

    Upcoming appointments: we are doing this first clomid cycle unmonitiored. once again taking clomid on days 3-7 followed by progesterone 3 times a day as soon as i get a positive OPK. so no appointments until i get a BFP or BFN.

    Link to chart: no charting for me… we sleep with 3 fans on and i wake up at differnt times every day lol.

    Favourite dessert: Chilis chocalate molten!










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    @ChuckNorris:  Thank you for starting this! I’m sorry that this month was not it fo ryou guys  but i hope your RE lets you guys do one more month of clomid. I have heard alot of women say that the first month is the trial month and there ar SO many 2nd month clomid sucess stories


    @MrsMoksha:  Sorry about your BFN but You seem so hopeful for the future! how have you been tracking your O’s? are you using OPKs?


    @wifegoodman:  Congrats to you pumpkin!!! i have been stalking following your story for so long!!I Literally cried tears of joy when i read about your BFP!! have a happy and healthy 9mth!

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    so happy to be apart of this group!!

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    @ChuckNorris:  Thanks for reviving the thread!! I’ll admit, I shamelessly stopped posting. The darn chatty cathys on the POAS got the best of me. So I’ve been posting there, 1+, and charters. I can multi task four threads, right!??

    @MrsMoksha: @MrsStrawberry24:  Welcome! Sorry you have to be here, but this is a great group of women. Hoping your stay is short and sweet!


    Cycles Trying/Timeline: Pulled the goalie May 2009. Really started TTC by tracking Sept. 2011. So we are on our 14th month TTC and cycle lucky #13.

    CD/DPO: CD23 – Still NO O!! : (

    Methods used: I finished my 3rd round of Clomid last cycle with no success. However, I was O’ing, but I was also O’ing before the Clomid. The third round I had my first delayed O since TTC in Sept with O at CD 44. Not quite sure what’s going on but it has something to do with my right ovary.

    I chart, OPK, and BD every day around O time. Well now it’s coming down to every other day because of the delay O. I also started acupuncture at the end of October. Oh, and lots of prayers!!

    Supplements/Medications: Prenatals, Vit D (I have deficiency), Vit C, B-complex, Mucinex

    Plans going forward: I think I might try one more round of Clomid next cycle. After that, we were planning on going to the fertility clinic in January, but I’m still undecided.

    Any known issues: Diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago for irregular cycles and weight gain. I also have suspected endo. I just did an HSG on the 6th of this month so I’m really hoping for some success from that.

    Upcoming appointments: None! I’m praying my next appointment is to confirm pregnancy!!

    Link to chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/yellowclover

    Favourite dessert: I think I’m going to have to say pumpkin cheesecake. It’s Thanksgiving! : )

    Good luck to all you wonderful ladies!! Here’s hoping to some upcoming good luck with the new thread!

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    Cycles Trying/Timeline: Pulled the goalie in June 2012. Pregnancy confirmed 10/7, mc 1 week later

    CD/DPO:  CD7

    Methods Used For TTC (BBT, CM, CP, OPK, EOD, Creighton, SMEP, etc.)? OPKs

    Supplements/Medications (include specifics in herbs if you know them!)?: Prenatals only  

    Plan Going Forward: No plans as of yet

    Any Known Issues? None

    Upcoming Appointments: None yet.

    Just For Fun…Favorite Dessert?  ANYTHING, I don’t discriminate

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    Thanks for starting a new thread Chuck!!!  Hopefully we get some graduates on this thread!

    Cycles Trying/Timeline: Have been actively TTC since January 2012

    CD/DPO:  CD29/15DPIUI.  I got a BFN yesterday so now I am waiting on AF to come so that we can go on with round 2 of IUI πŸ™ 

    Methods Used For TTC (BBT, CM, CP, OPK, EOD, Creighton, SMEP, etc.)? OPKs.  Tried SMEP once, but that didn’t work for us.

    Supplements/Medications (include specifics in herbs if you know them!)?: Prenatals, Vitamin D (I’m insufficient but not deficient), DHA, Fish Oil, Folgard (a prescrption B complex), Metformin, Femara, HGC trigger shot, and progesterone.  I take a lot of pills each day! 

    Plan Going Forward:  Waiting for AF so that we can do IUI round two.  I have to call my doctor today and see if we are going to do anything different with round 2 and to get a refill on the Femara and trigger shot.

    Any Known Issues? Darling Husband has low motility.  I have a short LP.

    Upcoming Appointments: IUI after I O which we won’t know until I get a positive OPK.

    Just For Fun…Favorite Dessert?  Since it is Thanksgiving I have pumpkin on my mind….pumpkin cheesecake!

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    @Yellow.Clover:  oh BOOOO to another long cycle – do you think Clomid is mucking you up, rather than helping?? I know you’ll have told me elsewhere, but why was it prescribed if you were Oing regularly before?? I thought it was really just for those who don’t O or who are very irregular…?? But I’ve only JUST started researching, so could be all wrong πŸ™‚


    Hi new ladies!! So sorry you have to be here, but at least it’s a nice place to be πŸ™‚ Hoping we get some graduates soon!

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    Hi Ladies old and new.  Chuck, thanks for starting a new thread!

    Cycles Trying/Timeline: Have been actively TTC since January 2012

    CD/DPO:  CD6.  We’re not trying this month because Darling Husband is out of town and I’m having a hysteroscopy. 

    Methods Used For TTC (BBT, CM, CP, OPK, EOD, Creighton, SMEP, etc.)? I chart — using BBT and CM, as well as OPK’s. 

    Supplements/Medications (include specifics in herbs if you know them!)?: I take a Flinstone chewable plus extra folic acid as my “prenatal” (okayed by my doc).  I also take a B-complex vitamin to try to lengthen my LP.  I have fish oil and L-arginine in my cabinet but haven’t started taking them yet (I don’t really like taking vitamins).  I have also been adding ground flaxseed to things lately…a friend of mine said it helped regulate estrogen, which may or may not be true! (though she is an OB/GYN).

    Plan Going Forward:  I’m having a hysteroscopy and removal of a possible uterine septum in one week.  Right now the plan is to attempt our first IVF in January.

    Any Known Issues? Darling Husband has horrible sperm — low count, very low motility, not great morphology.  He had a varicocele repaired in August and we’re waiting to see if that made any difference, but doubt it will.  As for me, I have a short LP (usually start spotting on day 8-10 and whole LP lasts 10-12 days) for unknown reasons…my progesterone levels were fine.  After an abnormal saline sonogram I’m going to have a hysteroscopy next week to see if there is a septum or polyp or something that may be an issue.

    Upcoming Appointments: Hysteroscopy next week. Not thrilled about the idea of general anesthesia, but should be a good excuse to stay home and watch movies all day afterwards!

    Just For Fun…Favorite Dessert?  Oooh…I love all desserts, really.  Anything that involves gelato and/or hot fudge may be my favorite but I’ll take ’em all!

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    @hamikay:  TBH – I’m not 100% sure if the Clomid helped me any at all? I was having regular cycles and O’ing on my own before the Clomid but my doctor had me test my progesterone before starting Clomid and it was really low, but at that time I was only 2 or 3 dpo, so the test was not accurate. So in other words, she said I was O’ing, just without enough “pizzazz.” 

    The first two rounds of the Clomid worked fine and I O’d at CD 21 with both. First cycle progesterone was 12 and my second cycle it was 14. 3rd cycle I O’d at CD 44 with progesterone of 15.6!

    But, here’s the thing. I started acupuncture right after finishing the 3rd round of Clomid so probably five days before I should’ve O’d. With the acupuncture, he also does chiropractic work on me as well. During the chiropractic exam he did x-rays that showed I have a lower disk that was pressing on a nerve that leads to my reproductive organs. He flat out told me it didn’t surprise him we were having problems TTC. So, what I’m thinking is, he relieved pressure off that nerve, which has revived my right ovary. This past year, I’ve only been O’ing from my left ovary. Last cycle (long cycle) I O’d from my right. I think this cycle again, I’m going to be O’ing from my right. So, I think my right ovary is just “slow.”

    I think for next cycle, I might try just one more round of Clomid before taking the next steps again after testing this non-medicated cycle’s progesterone level at 7dpo this time.

    Sorry for the long explanation, and I hope I haven’t discouraged you from using Clomid. It does different things for everyone. I think for you, since you ovulate on your own, I would have them do a progesterone draw this cycle at 7dpo. Do not let them talk you into the CD21, because as we all know, not everyone O’s at CD 14! Anything over 10 non-medicated is enough “pizzazz” for pregnancy. And then trust your gut. I think you are progressing amazingly with your naturopath.

    @nyckitten:  Good luck with your hysteroscopy!

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    @Yellow.Clover:  Did you use anything while taking clomid for CM? PreSeed, robitussin or anything like that? I heard that Clomid can make your CM harsh… I have never had a problem with CM so i hope clomid doesnt causeme to have an issue!

    This thread is DEAD girls! Let’s Liven it up!!!

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    @Yellow.Clover:  thank you for the long explanation!! that’s really interesting. I’ve had one 7DPO (nope, not CD21!!) draw a few months ago, and my prog. was 24.7 (sounds good, right?), and I had a follow up done last week and will get results at my next Gyn appointment.

    i guess the thing that confuses me is that my gyn gave me a website that she trusts because it’s always based on research, peer-reviewed and kept up to date, and it only seems to suggest Clomiphene (Clomid or other) if cycles are really long or irregular – and I’m not sure what to do if mine are sometimes fine and sometimes long. but i guess i can follow that up with her anyway. This is the website if you’re interested, also good for lots of other health questions/concerns. I’m just dreaming that I won’t have to do any medicine/surgical intervention for the moment – haha.

    What does your chiro/acupuncturist think about your longer cycles??

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