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i’ve been lucky to not experience poor customer service yet over the holidays.

I will say that when Fiance finally got furniture for our apartment at a Memorial Day weekend sale from Ashley Furniture, that was an obnoxious experience. They said it would take 2 to 3 weeks. When we got to 3 weeks… nothing. I called and they said that one part of our order was out of stock so they were backordering our ENTIRE order. I was furious because we were having guests come in from out of town in two weeks and we were sitting on beach chairs in our apartment. I told them this and asked if the could at least bring the part of our order that is in stock.they said they’d try and call back.

Three days later my fiance called to see if they were splitting the order and they said the whole thing would be in at the end of that week. Thanks for the call guys!

Thankfully we were the first order on their delivery that Saturday so we had our furniture in time for our guests.

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This is why I hate working in retail over the holidays. Seems like everywhere I go the customer service is ridiculous, but you have to think about how hard some of the people are working in retail right now! I have to bite my tongue a lot when someone simply can’t figure something out for me. 

I have yet to have anyone blow up in my face *knocks on wood* at my job. I try so hard to do the best I can, but I’m sometimes at work, behind the counter and on the phone on my feet the entire time for 12 hours or more! It’s exhausting. I totally get it if you “ORDER” something and the yahoos can’t get it to your address or send you the wrong item. I mean, that’s a no-brainer I would think. But oh, for us retail gals who get screamed at over the phone because we don’t carry an item in store (online only or whatever) that they need RIGHT THAT SECOND, RIGHT NOW, well…maybe they should have checked sooner than right that second! 


Yesterday I had a woman call me and complain that we didn’t carry a full line (literally) of a specific NFL team that isn’t even in our STATE! She complained that we should have all of the NFL teams because people that “used to live in other states now live in my state.” What? We were SWAMPED and she asked me if I could take down her number and call every other store in a 50 mile radius to see if they carried the items either. Last time I checked, I was a cashier…not a secretary! So, I checked around and talked to two of my managers before I called her back (she told me to call her back in 5 minutes or less…pfft) …and she hung up on me twice. It made me mad so I called her again, told her that we’d be happy to order the item to her house if she would not like to do an online order and she goes, “well, if you can’t do anything for me that i can’t do for myself, then just forget it!” *click* At least I laughed about it. People are insane! 

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I was at a shoe store about 3 weeks ago and the display shoe was the last one in my size- so I asked them to get the matching one so I could buy the pair.  The sales girl couldn’t find the match and tried to tell me that someone must have bought it.  REALLY?  Someone bought ONE shoe?  I was infuriated at the time, but now it seems kind of funny.

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This isn’t holiday shopping related but it fits the thread. A few weeks ago my friend was sending me some tickets via UPS. I told her to send them to my office because I don’t live in a doorman building so UPS couldn’t deliver to my address. She forgot to put the Suite Number of my office on the address. I checked the status with the tracking number and it said something about it undeliverable and I figured that was why. So I call up UPS customer service with tracking number and all pertinent information in hand, just wanting them to add the suite number to the address they had in their system and for whatever reason they couldn’t just add it in. I spoke to three different people and nothing. It is beyond me why, if I have the tracking number and all info, they just couldn’t adjust the shipping address to something that was marked undeliverable and on hold in the UPS near my office. My friend had to call the UPS she sent it from, give them the info and have them contact UPS here. Ridiculous and SO STUPID. It took days and about 6 people to add ONE LINE OF TEXT to a shipping address.

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A few years ago, I had a running in with Best Buy.  There’s no way I can elaborate it here without taking up pages and pages and pages, so let’s just say that I don’t shop there anymore.  I was met with lies, rudeness, and hey! more lies.  I ended up going to the BBB over them,and I STILL had trouble getting good service.  Of course this all happened while I was in school (a computer engineer without a computer?  That’s me!), and what do they do for my troubles?  “oh here is a gift card”.  Because a gift card is going to flat out fix everything.  “Oh, here is another gift card.”  Right, I’m telling you that I HATE YOUUUU and never EVER want to shop at your stores EVER again, and you are giving me gift cards.  *twitch*

So I bought a backpack for my laptop, a phone, and ???  I gave the rest of my giftcard monies (5 or 6 hundred) to my mom.

To top all of this off, after I FINALLY got them to do what they said they would do, when I went to order the computer, their website tells me that my address doesn’t exist!  So I call them yet again (I’m really surprised my ear had not grown onto the phone by this point), and they tell me that there’s nothing they can do about it, UPS says blahblahblah… except I had received a package from UPS that day, and would receive one the day after or so…

Then!  I had it shipped to my friend’s apartment, AND UPS COULDN’T FIND IT.  THRICE.  So I called them to change the address.  Which I did… thrice?  UPS claims that the address hadn’t been changed, so eventually I said I will meet UPS man.  They call me back and ask if I can be on the other side of town in 10 minutes.  No?  I have no car…  Ok, how about the local Wendy’s?  It was a stretch, but I made it there as UPS man was finishing his lunch.

I refuse to even set foot in their stores.  My friends will say “oh, hey, let’s go to BB to buy a cheap mouse”, and I will go in the store next door. Or they will joke about going to The Great Evil, just to watch me twitch. 

Boyfriend or Best Friend, he says, “Let’s go to TGE to look at TVs!  Doesn’t it make you feel good we’d be wasting their time?”  No, because they’re all useless anyway!  I think the next time he makes such a preposterous proposal, I may have to break it off… 

I’m gonna go have some tea, I’m twitching in anger again.  

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most recently: a VW dealership let me drive a car out of their service department that was deemed unsafe to drive 1 hour later.  I had asked if I needed a tow, and they said it was safe.  it’s ridonk.

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Me and UPS are not good friends right now.  Everytime they have a package to deliver to me, I sign the slip and put it back downstairs.  Then the next day, when they call the intercom downstairs for me (the intercom goes to my cell phone). I talk to them and open the door so they can leave the package.  Except the NEVER LEAVE THE F*ING PACKAGE!!!!!  I thought UPS was a DELIVERY service!  Not a drive 30 miles to their warehouse and pick it up service!

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I think the worst feeling in the world is when you’re being lied to by these people — I’d so much rather someone be honest and say, “you know, Company X f’ed up.  We’re really sorry and we’re trying to fix it.”  Instead they just give you the runaround.  I had movers do this to me (USA MOVING: BE WARNED — Do NOT book with them!!) they told me, in no particular order that my driver quit, that the truck was in about 5 different states, that it had blown a tire and was delayed, and that it was so high up in the mountains of WVA that they couldn’t radio it because it was out of signal range.  …the hell??  After two days of this nonsense, I told them I was canceling, I wanted my deposit back and I was hiring different people.  It took two months, angry phone calls and a letter to the BBB before I got my deposit $$ back.  So aggravating! 

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I want to slap Fed Ex right now.  I had a formal event on Friday and my dress for it was being delivered.  Well, no one was home and we don’t have a doorman, so not only did they NOT leave the dress, they didn’t even leave notice that they had stopped by!  I had to find out via the internet that they had even made an attempt!

When I called to find out when the truck was coming back, the Fed Ex guy told me MONDAY!  EXCUSE ME FED EX, but I did NOT PAY $30 FOR NEXT DAY AIR to have my item come four days later!!! 


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HA! this is such a *perfect* thread for me today — i’ve been crabby for weeks over some silly customer service experiences and i feel bad complaining to the same people all the time!  so here goes…

* my doctor’s office: i really like the doctor and the front desk staff are very nice, but, they are soooooooooo inefficient.  i have to have blood tests ordered on a regular basis for a medical weight loss plan (which they referred me to!) so at first i tried calling in and leaving a message for the nurse. would never hear back, so i started going there in person. they’d take a message and tell me someone would get back to me. a week later, i’d go by again, and they couldn’t find it/forgot to write it/wrote my last name wrong so didn’t know who to call (mind you, my first name is very unusual and i can guarantee i am the only person with that name in this practice; plus my birthdate is listed right on there!).  after a few times of this run around i decided maybe writing a letter would be best. nope, didn’t help – when i finally came in (again) they definitely had seen my letter, but just had not done anything about it for 2 weeks. grrrr.

* my other doctor’s office: i also see an osteopathic doctor for back pain. every single time i have been there, i have waited at least 90 minutes to see the doctor for about 5 minutes.  the first time i was there someone was having a stroke in the next room and had to be transported to the hospital so it seemed totally justified. but this has happened 3 time now!  i definitely understand the doctor is busy, but, when your appt. is for 8 am and you are still waiting to be seen at 10 am, something is up with your scheduling system!!

* one of the things i was most excited about in our new place was a wood-burning fireplace — fires are just so cozy! so about a month ago we enthusiastically ordered a delivery of a full cord of firewood from a local company that came highly recommended.  my husband spent about 3 hours moving the wood from the driveway and stacking it up in our storage room.  we were so excited to make our first fires, but just struggled and struggled to get the wood to light.  finally we called the company to complain, and the owner tells me they must have delivered stove wood rather than fireplace wood. great, and he’s willing to replace it and even restack it for us. score!  i’m super excited about this until last night when i try again to make a fire — once again, it won’t light!!! i went through like 8 firestarter squares/sticks/logs etc, and it is just the crummy wood!  i want to ask for a refund!!!!!

* finally, the most frustrating one: a few weeks ago i attended a conference in a hotel banquet center and tore my pants on an exposed nail sticking out of one of their chairs (in such a way that it can’t really be fixed without looking ridiculous).  Since these were nice and pricey work pants – and one of only two pairs that fit at the moment – i was really upset.  the banquet manager told me i could file a claim with their insurance company and sat down with me to fill out the form, saying they would call me.  i asked for the company’s name just for reference.  3 weeks pass and i have not heard anything, so i call the hotel again.  the woman i speak with says, in passing, oh yeah, we never filed this claim b/c it doesn’t fit our criteria (or something).  so lady, you have my name, email, address, phone number — everything you need to contact me and let me know this or offer me your own compensation.  did you think i would just let it go? i’m in the process of writing a letter to her and copying their corporate headquarters, just sketchy. 


(phew, feeling a bit better 🙂  thanks for starting this thread!)


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Ok, so here’s my rant…also posted in rings! I’m angry!



Okie dokie, so I don’t know how many of you know, if any at all. But Jared really really just chuncked the heck out of my platinum head when they set my diamond. I took it back the next day, got it sized, and asked for them to buff out as much as they could. It STILL looked like crap….but hey, I was newly engaged and I tried to let it be. I couldn’t…everytime I looked at it, I got angry. I know how hard Fiance worked to get it for me, and heck, the cost of the head alone was as much as a car payment! It should be perfect…right? Yes. 

Then I took it to another Jared in an affluent neighborhood about a week later. They “did the best they could” buffing it out, but since it is a platinum head, as opposed to white gold like the rest of my ring, the scratches couldn’t be “filled.” Ok, fine. It was tolerable. For a week or two…

The more I looked at the prongs, the more I was dissatisfied. I took it back today and told them it wasn’t good enough. So, they took it back to the repair shop and again, “did the best they could,” which *gasp* was even better than the FIRST “best they could.” At this point, I got several people involved. I was upset because the prongs had been cut too far into the metal, so the diamond stopped before the cut into the prong did. (Does that make sense?) Plus, where the super deep awful cut had been on one of the prongs (It looked like the original guy who set the ring “slipped” and just said “oh well!”) the metal looked warped. At this 2nd location, they said that it would always look like that because that it the way the metal looks when you set a diamond. UM, NO…it only looks like that where they attempted to buff out the scratch! So I said, “I just want it reset. I want a new head.” The manager acted really surprised, I guess, because I am young and definitely in charge of what I want and what I think needs to be done. And then he attempted to tell me that since it was past 30 days, I had to pay for it! WHAT?!

We have the extended service plan, and I didn’t even cut up the head to begin with! The ESP covers all metal work, forever. Until I am dead in the ground. Plus, the “store” warranty even covers if I LOSE MY FREAKING DIAMONDS – EVERY ONE OF THEM! I don’t know why this has been such a fiasco. Plus, they are making me wait until tomorrow to pick it up. (I think because they have tagged me as a Bridezilla!) Oh, customer service…it has gone out the window!

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Just gotta say that I hate Sears customer service more than anything.  I won’t go into the details because it will take all day (and honestly I’ve blocked most of them out), but when we bought a refrigerator from them, it took us 6 months to get a working ice maker installed!  And the website made it seem like the fridge came with one.  Just thinking about it makes me frustrated all over again!

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Oh please! Don’t even get me started on UPS!!

Very long story short, a few years back I bought a decanter from Tiffany’s for a friend’s wedding & they wouldn’t let me do a store pick up because I was having it monogrammed. You HAVE to go through their shipping dept. I had no choice. I tell my friend this so he doesn’t think I skipped out on a present. 3 weeks later, nothing. I call Tiffany’s, track the package & find out that it was signed for by his neighbor. His neighbor, whose son STOLE it! WHY UPS would leave a package in NYC with anyone but the guy whose name is on it, or a doorman is beyond me. So we get a replacement, which gets lost in shipping. I finally ask them to have a replacement sent to my parents house, no messing around there – it never arrives.

The good news is that my friends finally got the decanter. Although it arrived at his old address (which I never gave UPS or Tiffany’s, so I have no idea how they got it) and luckily his old roommate still lived there.

The better news? Customer service at Tiffany’s is impeccable. They took care of the police report, UPS and sent 3 replacements until my friend got his present.

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Like firemanslady, I work in retail while I am going to school.  Also like her, I have lots of stories of rude and demanding customers, (not saying you ladies are!). 

Eeniebeans, in defense of the girl in the shoe department, although it’s unlikely someone bought ONE shoe, sometimes, especially if the display shoe’s mate is on the sales floor, it ends up going home with another shoe, (which is why cashiers are supposed to check your box of shoes – to make sure there’s a right and a left and they’re the same size).  Or, yes, they could have simply misplaced it in the stockroom.

Just remember in your retail dealings to be polite to us peons. If you’re upset about something, that’s what managers are for! 🙂

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